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Abhigya and ishveer life episode 39 and 40 (last episode)

Hi guys this is Monesha. Sorry for my late update. It is bcoz of some problem and my school. This is my last episode dears. I will give thank you note at last. Now coming to the story,

After party all the one went to their respective house. Abhi, Rv, Pragya and ishani went to sleep. In morning Abhi and Rv rushed to rest room and took bath. Ishani and Pragya got ready and went to the her office and her court. Abhi and Rv reached police station and went to vijay locker. They opened the door and went inside. Abhi says tomorrow we are going to court. Rv says in court you have to accept your mistake and want to say who makes you to do this. Vijay says i don’t know what you both are talking. Abhi and Rv looks each other and both gave stern look to vijay.


Vijay says why you both are looking like this you know on that day i told that it is bcoz of ankush but that time no you both only heard so that is problem for you. Abhi and Rv got angry. Rv takes one step to beat him. But abhi stops him. Abhi says Rv we can see him by court. Abhi and Rv went outside. Rv ask case is going to happen in delhi only, want to collect more information. Abhi says ok come we can go to court. Rv says ok. Both went to court. Sakshi and Pragya was there. Abhi and Rv went to Pragya. Pragya says Abhi….. bhai…. what happened. Why you both came here. Abhi says Pragya you have to handle Vijay case.

Sakshi says that is not easy. This is police case so government pleader only can handle this. Abhi and Rv was shocked. Rv says what you mean? Abhi says why you both didn’t say first itself. Sakshi says that is no problem bcoz i am also government pleader. So my Assistant also can take the government case but she have to sign in vakalat. Abhi says thank god now only my soul came back to us. Ok we both going to submit the case. Pragya says ok bye. Abhi and Rv went.

Here Ankush and Uv was roaming in the house. Ankush says do something. Uv ask what can i do? Ankush says your my son only right then why are you like this. Everything i only want to do. Your are nothing. Just go to hell. Uv got angry and shouts i won’t leave you Rabhi………. Days passed….

It was 10.30 in supreme court judicial Magistrate No1 Delhi. (guys i already said that rabhi lives in delhi so only dears) judge enter all the one stood and wishes him. Pragya came and submit the vakalat. Judge saw that. Judge asked to vijay do you want lawyer. Vijay says yes. Judge says urgent after 1 week.

Pragya started to collect information. Ishani, Rv and abhi also helped her. All disappointed bcoz they could not collect information. Ishani says Pragya you can do it we have time. Again all started try to get information. Here Ankush called one lawyer. He came to meet Ankush. Ankush says welcome…. welcome….. Mr. Neil( kkb). Neil says don’t worry about anything. When i am there don’t want to worry about anything. Ankush says thank you so much Neil. Ankush and Neil smile. 1 week passed. Again they went to court. This time Neil submit the vakalat. Judge says urgent after 1 week.

Days passed. Pragya and Neil started to collect information. Ishani started to collect more information and gave to Pragya. Rv and Abhi submitted the chart sheet to the court. Next step Pragya and Neil gathered the information of framing of charges/ issues. 1 week passed. The went to court. Neil, ragini, ishani, sakshi, raman, ishita, kalpi and all the one came.

It was cross examination. Pragya stood up and went to vijay. Pragya ask what is your name? Vijay replied Vijay. Pragya ask do you know sakshi? Vijay replied No. Pragya ask what are you doing? Vijay replied i am working in Ankush company. Pragya ask why you went to city hospital. Vijay says who told. Pragya says every one. Vijay thinks OMG what to do now. Pragya says why you are not telling answer. Vijay says i went bcoz that time i got fever. Pragya ask can you submit the hospital reports. Vijay was hell shocked. He remains silent. All the one smile. Pragya says excuse me i am asking to you only. Neil got up from his place and says My lord here is reports.

Pragya and everyone was shocked. Judge saw that. Judge ask any more questions. Pragya says no my lord. This my examination prays time for further evidence. Judge says urgent after 10 days. All the one went outside. Abhi, Rv and ishani came to Pragya. That time all the one saw Neil. He puts his cooling glass. Pragya looks him with angry. Neil smiles by seeing them and went. Ishani says don’t worry Pragya. We can do it. All the one went to house.

Abhi, Rv, ishani and Pragya gathered into one room. All the one thinks. Ishani says Pragya lets we can do one thing. Abhi, Rv and Pragya saw her. Ishani says i saw his face so we can prove that then we can see about Ankush. Pragya nodded. Here Ankush and Neil was very happy. Ankush ask how you done this. Neil says come on i am criminal lawyer. I will do anything. Ankush says anyway good work. Days passed……..

They all came again to the court. Pragya make ishani stood as evidence. Neil came to ishani. Neil ask did you see him. Ishani says yes she is the one who stab sakshi di. Neil ask how you are telling that Vijay is the one who stab sakshi. Ishani says unbelivable how can you ask this question. I saw his face clearly. Neil says then say how? No one saw his face but you saw his face. Ishani says bcoz i opened his mask and saw then he closed it. Neil says No you didn’t see him bcoz he wear mask. Ishani nodded as no and about to say something. Neil says you may go. Ishani don’t know what to do. She came from there. Neil says my lord i have to talk with sakshi.

Sakshi came. Neil says so you are the one sakshi i am right. Sakshi says yes. Neil ask what are you doing? Sakshi says advocate. Neil says wow. That’s great. Sakshi saw him. Neil ask you are saying that one man stab you right. Sakshi says yes. Neil says but i heard one rumours that no one stab anyone. One piece of glass went inside waist. Sakshi shouts No…. with teary eyes. Neil says relax i told that i heard rumours only. Why you are taking stress. Sakshi says bcoz i losed my child. She started to cry. Neil says this is not emotional place this is court.

Pragya got angry. Ishani also got angry. Rabhi went to peak of anger. Neil says you may go. Judge noticed everything and says urgent to 3 days. All the one gathered again. Kalpi consoles sakshi. Pragya and ishani went to hospital. They collect the camera video of hospital entry. Here Ankush and Neil are celebrating. 3 days passed. Again all came to court. Pragya submitted the video. It prove that Sakshi was stabed by one boy. But his face was not showing in the video.

Neil says My lord this video is not clear. His face was not showing. Judge noticed that. Pragya says My lord i am having doubt on Ankush. Judge gave permission to take Ankush under abhi and Rv. Judge says urgent to 2days. Abhi and Rv took Ankush under police. They both started to ask questions. Ankush didn’t opened his mouth. They gave police treatment but he didn’t utter any word. 2 days passed.

In Morning, all went to court except ishani. Ankush too came to court. Ishani started scooty to go to court. While going she puts break. Uv and his friends surrounded her. Ishani was shocked. Screen shifts to court. Abhi and Rv says he is not opening his mouth. Pragya ask where is ishani? Rabhi says she will come soon. Pragya explained the situation. Neil take it as advantage and says government pleader not doing the case properly from this it is know as Vijay and Ankush is not criminals. Judge write that. Some one says may i speak my lord. It is non other than ishani. Pragya smiles. Ishani came and stood and says Ankush is criminal. It will say by one person. All the one was confused. Uv came. All the one was hell shocked. Ankush was also shocked.

Judge ask what is your name? Uv says yuvaraj. What relationship you have with this case. Uv says bcoz Ankush is my father. Judge ask why are you against your father. Uv says now i didn’t like my father’s illegal activities. Judge noticed that in his writing note. Uv explained everything. Ankush was shocked. Judge says the judgement will be announce after 5 days.

All the one went outside. Pragya came to Uv. He looks her. He too came and ask sorry. Pragya smiles and gave her hand and ask Friends. Uv smiles and gave hand. Rv, ishani and Abhi too reached. Rv ask how it happened? Ishani says
She was block by Uv. She was shocked. Ishani says wh… what a..re you do…ing. Uv says i want to talk with you. Ishani thought for some times and says ok. Uv says i shouts i won’t leave you Rabhi….. i took gun and started to walk but my father pulled me and slaps me. He told that if anything happen to his business by me then he will kill me. I was shattered but i make my mind as not like that. In between the case he got tension and started to shout as money. I want my father who cares me who loves me for that he should go to jail. I will help you. Ishani smiles and says thanks

Abhi says don’t worry it will be alright. Rabhi and Uv again become close friends. Days passed. All went to court again. Judge says according to the evidence and proof it is clear that Vijay is the criminal and Ankush involved illegal activities to threaten Vijay to murder. So Vijay and Ankush are to be in prison for 5 years and Uv will be fined 25,000 for involvement of fraudlent. Abhigya and ishveer felt very happy. All the one was happy.

All makes group hug. In home all the one celebrate by cutting the cake. All the one went to sleep. Abhi pulls Pragya and kissed her lips. Here Rv pinned Ishani towards wall and kissed her. Then all went to sleep. Next day Abhigya and ishveer went to park they started to walk in grass land. Ishani and Pragya was jumping. There some peoples saw them. They started to say Abhigya and ishveer. Rabhi and ishgya. No one can win if they come. Rabhi and ishgya smiles. Abhi lifts Pragya and Rv lifts Ishani by holdings their legs. And twirled them.finally they left them ang shares group hug.


Guys if i mistake something then plz forgive me. I will give my next ff teaser. Characters are same guys but some change will come in character. I will give my teaser soon but i can’t give episode. Soon i will start that dears. Thanks for making my every day by your love. I got many di, choti, bro and friends. Thank you so much.

I will never forget my tina di. We always love you di. Love you a lot my dear pyaari di.

Thanks you so much for duvaraksha, Arshi’s fan, Nandhana, rajesh bro saranya di, trisha di, divya di, DI, prathi di, roli di, Lakshmi di, durga di, suhani 123, surbhi di, akshaya khanna sissy, Maya di, loli sissy, Maya shelly di, Aditiroy, Mukund raj bro, maahi di, Lena(Rv), Asmithaa, riya, Lokha, harisha, Neelam, krish, shriti, karthika, sana, dimple, sharaya, Abhigya, reshma pradeep, varshavenkat, Ammu, Priyanka, vaishali, keerthi, Adhya, nannu, reji, sugan, silent reader 33 kristy, krishnani, honey, sonika, MK, Nirmal, lucky, sandy, pinky, Ayesha, rithu, reena, sameera, sri pragna, radhika, lovely ishveer, fan of shritishabir, julina, sumaya sumi, sri, smile, navigya, elinor, vaishu, yagya, prabhi, rosy, die hard fan of Abhigya, sethidisha 002, rookey rookers for ever lover of ranvi. B.k. maha, RSTHEFF WRITER, tharu, vishu, princess krishna, and ranveer. Really thank you so much guys for your support dears. Love you all….

And silent reader thank you so much for reading my ff. If you can plz broke your silent dears. Love you all…..

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