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A Twinj love story of betrayal , love and obsession (character sketch)


Link : Prologue



Luthra family
Amit luthra – man 1 in the proglogue ; father of that baby in the proglogue ; the biggest businessman in kolkata .

Anita luthra – wife of Amit ; mother of that BABY in the proglgue .

Kunj luthra ; 6 months baby in the proglogue .

Sarna family
Manohar sarna – man 2 in the proglgue ; Amits best frnd ; Amit had given kunj to manohar ; there is a reason behind it . Will be revealed soon !!!!! And always torchers her wife . Think her as a thing . No one knows about it . Even not Amit .

Usha sarna – wife of manohar ; new mother of kunj ; always bear his husband torcher and then also loves him a lot .


Taneja family

Twinkle – Her character is same as the serial .

Raman tanej a- father of twinkle ; the owner of all SBI bank in amritsar ; and so he is very rich ; . And a bl**dy womanizer . Hates all woman in the world except her daughter . Twinkle is her princess .

Leela taneja – wife of raman and mother of twinkle . Doesn’t know about shekhar is a womanizer.


The story will start from 7 years leap .
Means ages will be –
Twinkle – 6 years .
Kunj – 7.5 years


There will be a entry of a obsessive lover in the future . His name and CS will be revealed soon .

Next update on saturday .

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