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A tributary to riyo’s nano (edkv)


Hlo guys my edkvians.so its literally very sad moment for riyo not only to riyo but to all of us.she lost her nano.really I m very sad on this news.so I am writing this os for riyo’s nano .its a tributary from my side.lots of luv riyo.I know tu will not accept it easily if I used only riyo’s name so using sumo name also.


Suman and riyo r sisters.they both r living with their nano from many years and love him a lot.they both r top class duet singers too.
Riya:sumo di aaj nano ka birthday hai kya de unhe.
Sumo:let me think.
Riya:soch liya.
Sumo:ruk ja abi.
Riya:okay.di we will sing a song also for him.OK.
Sumo:OK and what to give.
Riya:di I have an idea today is nano 75 bday.we will give him 75 different kinds of flowers.
Sumo:ya what an idea meri behen .nano pagal ho jayenge.
(Guys riyo and sumo nano loves to see different flowers.he is connected with nature)
Riyo:OK let we collect.
Sumo:hey riyo one more thing we will put all his photos from his childhood to now.
Riyo:di childhood photo hai.
Sumo:ya I have seen in album.
Riyo:soo done.
They both get to their work.

It is evening.both riyo and sumo have completed their work and now they r ready to call their nano.
Sumo and riyo blindfold eyes of their nano and brings him their.
Riyo open his patti
Riyo and sumo:surpriseeee!!nano happy bday.
Their nano was super duper happy.the trio was enjoying.
Sumo and riyo:nano hmare nano,
Happy bday to our nano,
Nano hmare nanoooo,
Hm dono hai aapki chavi,
Dekh nahi skti hm aapko duki,
We luv u our nano,
U r best nano,
Happy bday to our nano.
They finish .nano was very happy.
Nano:meri bachiyon jug jug jiyo .kal tumhara show hai ab so jao.
Every1 go to sleep.

It was morning.sumo and riyo was ready to go.
Sumo:riyo aaj mai nano ko shravan se b milva hi doongi.
Riyo:yup di all d best.
They both go.their nano have to come afterwards.
He was coming that he met with accident .He died(sorry riyo).
Sumo riyo and shravan was talking .they get this news.trio was shocked.sumo and riyo began to cry.
Sumo:riyo chl nano ke pas.
Riyo:di today this function was specially for nano .we have to do this function.nano wants us to do.mai nanu ka function kharab nhi hone dongi jo marji ho jaye.
Sumo:r u mad nano (she cries loudly)
Riyo:di we will do.nano will be proud of us.my nano .
Function starts .they both go .
Sumo and riyo starts singing.
Riyo:kharti hoon mai pyaar aapse,
Meri dil ki dhankan shoru hoti hai aapse,
Mai aapki pyaari dooti hoon,
Aapke sath mai na kabhi rooti hoon.
Oh hooooooo.
Sumo:aap hi toh te mere liye sab kuch,
Pyaari krti hoon aapse sach much.
Aapse hi toh the meri raat aur subah,
Phir kyun hoye mujhse aap judha.
Oh hoooo.
Sumo and riyo:vapis aa jao hmare phas,
Aap hi toh ho sbse khas,
Hmare nanoooo.hmare nanooo.
They end their song.
Every1 there was emotional .
Sumo and riyo went from there.
Sumo:riyo tu sahi thi aaj sirf nano.
Riyo:di miss nano.
Sumo and riyo were upset but they didn’t loose their strength and have done a lot for their nano sake.

Hope riyo I m written OK didn’t hurt u.
Lots of luv meri Jaan.
Guys pray for our sweet sumo nano.
Pls tu post it.

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