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A tale of 4 cities – Episode 6

Sorry sorry guys i was not able to update neither to reply u all sorry?well if can’t forgive me then be ready with your chakus and knives to throw on me (on me ….not on your phone..)so enough of my pak pak pakao …. lets start reading

Episode 7
It starts with Swara -Sanskaar and Ragini-Lakshya coming back then all of them went to their respective rooms. Swara and Sanskaar entered their room and Swara went near cupboard to find her night dresses suddenly she felt as if some tight arm pulled her in his grip very tightly. Swara looked up she saw Sanskar with an intense look from his eyes she looked down and then looked at his eyes and said -“ummm …Sanskaar.. what a..are u doing?..leave me…..please…”
Sanskaar looked straight in her eyes and said “If i am not the dream guy then why do u married me?”
Swara was utterly shocked by the question she then replied a little stammering -“Wwwhhat…wwwell..u .know…that …ththat ..we were mentally forced into the marriage… it..it was not in our choice i guess.”


Sanskar loosens his grip hearing this while Swara got the chance to escape . She ran towards the door and then suddenly she felt her heart beat missed a beat as she looked back she saw Lakshya and Ragini were standing infront of her keeping their hands folded. On other side Sanskaar felt an extraordinary ssilence so he went to check and saw Ragini and Lakshya standing quietly with raIsing eyebrows and hands folded infront of them Swara was standing dumbfounded. He understood what must have happened and stood beside Swara. All were quite. The silence was broken by Ragini she raised her eyebrows questioningly and said-do we need to ask u now or u are going to tell us.”
Swara understood that the truth is no more hidden so she holds Ragini s hands and asked-promise us that u will not inform it to any one?” Ragini gave her hand and smiled sheepishly-why would i?
Swara said-yes u are right we were faking out relationship as Ma -baba and Bari ma and Bare papa were happy..” Ragini retorted quickly-So it means u are not having any relationship just like us right?” And then she realized what she said and paused. Swara asked-what do you mean by like US?

Ragini looked at Lakshya who was looking furiously at Ragini. Then she looked down and said -yeah u heard right we were also faking it.” Swara and Sanskaar looked at each other then at Ragini and Lakshya who were looking at the floor.
Then Swara said -ok now we know each other so we have to keep it our top secret ok?”Ragini agreed they were waiting for thrir husbands to agree which happened soon. As they were going suddenly they heard a loud noise they looked but there was no one.

Precap: Durga puja celebration at Maheshwari mansion Swara and Ragini dance while Laksh and Sanskaar look at them….2 new entry…for the special episodes.

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