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A tale of 4 cities – Episode 10


It started with Laksh and Sanskar coming pushing Zain and Asad and dancing with their wives. They were so angry that they both held their wives beautiful waists tight in their grip. The girls looked at their faces questionably, there was pin falling silence and then it was broken by Laksh who glared at Ragini and then spoke in a very high tone. ” Why were u dancing with him?” Sanskar then glared at Swara and then added” moreover why were they touching u like that?” He almost shouted at the end. The girls looked at them surprisingly with their eyebrows raised up then Swara broke the silence” why does it even matter to u? U never cared for me so?” Ragini looks at Laksh then puts her head down and says” Yes and it was u who said me to stay away from u and never think of dancing with him so I thought u would be happy as I wasn’t troubling u atleast ………so why are u angry?”


Now she looked up directly to Laksh’s eyes. But now both the men stood dumbfounded with their eyes down and faces turning red for shyness they were silent not only as they didn’t discovered their answers yet but also as they regretted what they had done earlier and what they are doing now they also don’t know why were they behaving like this ? All of them came out of their thoughts by Zain’s voice “hey guys what are u doing here? I mean … Sanskar yes why did u pushed me in the dancing floor and started dancing with Swara ?” He said cheerfully as he put his arms around her shoulder it was enough for him to turn into a burning fire. He tightened his grip and thought to himself” why does that Zain always become a kabab mein haddi means just look at him how dare he touch my wife……wait what did I said …my..WIFE.. well I meant why is he so cheerfull ? At least Asad is better than him he is like a not like a he is a jumping rabit..for the first time I had to agree that he is really a hardcore handsome.. ohhhhhh god leave her arms….” Dude were are u lost I think I asked u an question” Zain poked in between suddenly Asad arrived ” well same question goes to Laksh to what were u trying to do dude right Ragu” he said as he went near Ragini it was done by then Laksh was already bubbling in anger he spoke in his minds ” What the hell does he mean by …by what..Ragu is he a mad ? Ufff just see him smiling why he is handsome sorry too handsome he can get any other girl so why only mine one ….wowowo ….what did I mean by mine one what the helll am I doing like seriously there was no fault of Ragini I only told her to stay away from me ….but now…” ” do u brothers have done PHD in getting lost in your dreams?

Asad said smirking and giving a hi-fI’ve to Zain now it was uncontrollable for them they dragged Asad and Zain out . Now when they came near the stairs they turned around and blowed at the same time ” listen they are actually….. umnm…married do u guys understand? MARRIED” They looked at Zain and Asad looking blank at them with confused expressions and then they spoke out” we know they are married and so are we” Laksh and Sanskar got the biggest shock…maybe in happiness by hearing the sentence then they asked in disbelief” what? U are WHAT? Zain and Asad said “yes we are wait they are here only …oh yeah..” Asad called in very soft tone “Jaan” then Zain also called out and first time Laksh and Sanskar heard his too romantic and caring tone ” Mallika-e – Zain” and there came the two most beautiful ladies well at Laksh and Sanskar’s point of view they were the most beautiful women in the whole world but a little lesser than their respective wives. Then Asad said holding one of the ladies”she is Zoya my wife ” then Zain introduced the other girl” and she is Aliya my wife” Laksh and Sanskar stands dumbfounded totally.

Precap: Zain and Asad bids goodbyes to all with their wives when suddenly they whispers to Laksh and Sanskar’s ears” don’t worry we got in same situations too even worse we had forceful marriages but now we are the happiest so soon it will go for both of u” 

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