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A story of perfect girl and imperfect boy (ragsan/sangini) Episode 2

Yep sriya is back with next episode !! Hope u guys like it ????!!




Episode starts with Sanskar staring at the girl !! He was lost in his dream world when someone pats him from back!! He turns his face towards him and hugs him tightly !!


S: Kaise hai tu laksh intni dino baad kaha chala Gaya tha? Maine bahot miss kiya tujhe

L: woh kya haina mai busy ho Gaya tha kam mai !!” Aur ha tu baata Kaise hai?

S: teekh hu Bhai

His eyes were searching for her continuously !!

Laksh : Bhai tu jiss ladki ko dhoond raha haina woh meri childhood friend ragini Kapoor !!

S: kya?? tune mujhe kabhi bataya nahi ki teri childhood frnd hottie hai !!

L: shut up bhai mere samne keh diya hai lekin uske samne kabhi mat bolna kyu ki woh tere jaise logo se nafrat karti hai !! As u r imperfect boy & she hates imperfect people!!

S: oye mujhe dekti hi saare ladkiya pagal ho jaati hai!! ( why not after all u r the hottest love u muahhhh ??? ?)

He goes towards her & says: hi

R: hi by the way what is u r name??

S: ohh I m sanskar… Sanskar maheshwari !

R: ohh so u r the son of the topmost business man Durga prasad maheshwari !

S: yes

R: nice to meet u !

S: same here !

When one person comes on the stage & announces : ladies & gentlemen here every boy girl & couples have to come & dance who will dance the best will be the winner & would get a prize from us!!

Everyone claps ! Lights go off & a centre light comes everyone were dancing

S: can I dance with u ragini ??

R: yep sure I would love to !

They both Dance romantically on janam janam ! After the dance finishes everyone gives a huge round of applause !!

Judge: so the winner is ragini Kapoor & Sanskar maheshwari !!

They both come on stage & takes the award !!


Episode ends !

So how was it? Hope u liked it though no proof reading !!

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