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A Story from the Grave (KKB) Teaser

Hello Guys I said I am going to take a break I know but today this thought came to my mind so I am writing it!! And for other authors out there I am reading and commenting (hopefully).. Sorry guys lack of time forgive me. No bak baks straight to the teaser!

Scene: A narrow road running in between cemetery
A light flashes on the road, after focusing you can see a guy riding a bike through the narrow road.
Guy, “Ah!! Why do I feel uncomfortable while crossing this cemetery all the time?, Is it because of my Grandma who always tells me scary, spooky stories? Or is it the scenario here?”
Cemetery covered with fog and full moon can be seen clearly, a tree which has shed its leaves stands against this scenario which makes him gulp down his own saliva.
A lone dog was howling from a distance, Sweat breaks on his forehead. Lights goes off in his bike, he tries his best to ride his bike without light. Suddenly his bike stops in the middle of the road, It was around 11pm and nobody crosses this place around that time.
Guy, “ I am so very sure you will die out of fear today!” he got down and tried to check what happened to his bike with his mobile light (Not much dark since it was a full moon day).
He saw a man sitting on one of the tombstone turning towards him, he was frightened at first later composed himself and asked, “ Who are you? And what are you doing here?”
Man, “ Hey can you see me? I Am Abhisheik!”
Guy, “ What does that mean?”
Abhi,” I am a ghost you fool! That’s why I asked you can you see me?”
Screen freezes with the Sweat drenched and pale face of that guy!


Who was that guy?? And is Abhisheik really a ghost? Is this a horror track? Keep guessing guys!! Love you all! Doll I am fine I did reply in IG check it out!

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