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A raglak OS (part : 2) by malika

Hahaha…… Omg I didn’t know that you will love it. Yes it the same movie I mean pyaare kiya to darna kya. Haha…….. I’m not good in writing you it will be different I don’t know.. Thank you all soo much for your beautiful comments. Let’s start:

Ragini: Ooooh really why don’t you said it directly to sanskar.


Sahil : are!! I could said but your bhai when he came in front of me he tremble and shakes like a leaf. Hahaaaa

Sanskar : really!!!

Sahil: yes..!!
And he looked at sanskar and get shocked.

Swaragini was laughing silently.

Sanskar : choti and swara go home it’s very late.

Sahil : bhaiya can l also go??.

Sanskar : wait wait what you say wait in a minutes..???

Sanskar take sahil and beat him a lot. Everyone who was present there were scared. Then we can see sahil in the ground I mean his whole body except his face is shown. And his eyes are black nooo not far circle. It looks like someone has given a punch on his both eyes.

Sanskar : if ever I see you around ragini or swara. I swear I will kill you.
Saying this sanskar went from there.

Sahil said to himself : why don’t he kill me.??

At night:

Ragini came in the dining room.

Ragini: bhaiya!!! Bhaiya!! Where are you??

From outside : sanskar answer: I’m here choti.!!

Ragini came with a plate : bhaiya!! Where were you, I were searching you everywhere.??.now forget all those thing which had happened why you are taking stressed??

Sanskar: but it mean if any thing happened with you I can’t tolerate.

Ragini: ooohuhuhhhhh bhaiya take eat….

Sanskar take a bit and said : did you cooked this??

Ragini: yes bhai..

Sanskar: it’s awesome. Hahaha…..
After that both went to bed.

In the morning :

Ragini enters in sanskar room with a plate.

Ragini: bhaiya!! Wake up…… Bhaiya!!

Sanskar : yes choti I’m not sleeping what happens.??

Ragini: bhaiya!! Today is your day….

Sanskar : Ooooh yes I didn’t forget because of this day Im alive.

Ragini: don’t say like this…… Now forward your right hand.
Ragini tie rakhi in sanskar hand and fed him sweet….

Sanskar : may God blessed you choti.

Ragini : nooo bhai today no blessing I want to ask you a special thing.

Sanskar: what!!

Ragini: I want to go to Mumbai. I want to study there..

Sanskar was thinking and he went near a pictures which was hang on the wall. It was their parents pictures. After thinking too much he made a decision.

Sanskar: okkk choti just for you..

Ragini was very happy : yaaaaaaahhhhhh
She run and went outside and was dancing like mad….

Scene changes : in a seaside :

A cool boy his face is not shown due to darkness. He is riding his bike. His muscles are shown like any girl can fall in love with him. He went is a stage with his bike.

The boy face was still not shown as he was looking in other side. He take his guitar and start playing with it. Many people were running and they came towards the stage and started shouting.

The boy turn around and shouted : i love you all guys….!!!!!!!! there is no destiny !!!! No companion. !!!!!and play with his guitar.

Many people shouted: laksh!!!! laksh!!!!!!
Yes it was our hero laksh
He sing a song and also dance as everyone was enjoying it…..

Recap: ragini first day in college + raglak meeting.

Guys if it’s not good then do tell me. Because I have write this part in hurry. Please bear me. I know laksh intro was not good but soooo sorry next time I will make it. Don’t worry next part I will write a long chappy that’s too full of raglak scenes. Please do comments. …please silent reader …….

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