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a new love story (kaira, naksha, kriyu) (ss) (part-1)

Hi guys , I am just hating the present track of yrkkh . I don’t want naira to sacrifice her love . so here is the first episode of my ff . hope u like it . please comment and let me know whether I should continue or not

The maheshwari family enter the singhania house . naira searches for karthik but she does not find him . rajshree says karthik said he is going to meet his friends . naira gets shocked . suddenly she hears a sound . it was the notification from her phone . she opens and finds karthik’s voice message in it . she goes out and opens it . “ hi naira , I love u a lot and this will never change . I will keep loving u even If u don’t love me . I am going to delhi for better opportunities but the main reason I am going is I don’t want to disturb u . I will miss u and ur family a lot . I have flight at 7 o clock . bye , just wanted to inform u that I will not disturb u anymore , i did not inform to maheshwari family because if i would have told them , i would have never been able to go . I love u a lot and will love u forever “ . naira gets shocked . she says why always the bad things happen to me . I loved my family and u kept me away from my family for so many years and now I love karthik and u r trying to separate him from and cries . she calls karthik but the mobile was switched off . she tries again and throws the phone down in frustration .


She goes inside and says to akshara ma I have some academy work , I am taking bhaiya’s car . don’t tell to anybody ok . akshara sees at her and thinks . why do I feel something is wrong . what happened to naira . why is she so tensed .

Naiar rushes to her car . she falls down but gets up and goes to the car and starts driving the car . her hand was so hurt but now nothing mattered to her . all she wanted was to stop karthik

Precap : naina (played by yukti kapoor) is introduced . naira finally proposes to karthik

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