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a journey from me to us raglak)epi8~pavani

Hiii darlings thank u very much for ur love nd support iam ready over willed to see ur comments nd sorry for not replying

Morning rag got ready as it was a marriage day nd all were busy in puja rag was getting boared


Rag(in mind):where is this swara now she left mee alone nd went

Voice:feeling boared??

Rag recognised the voice
Rag:not at all iam very happy hear with out u
Rag(with a smirk):obviously how can I live with this much piece if u r near mee nd she looked at the person

Nd his face is revealed to be sanky
Sanky:how mean ragini I came hear only for u
Rag gave him a really vala look .
Voice:u told u came hear for mee???
Rag smiled evily(u r gone type look)
Sanky gave a dead glare to rag
Sanky:yes baby vo actually…

Swara left from there
Sanky followed her
Rag was laughing by seeing Sanky conviencing swara
Voice:so u r enjoying by seperating a sweet couple
Rag turned nd saw laksh
Rag(shock):wt r u doing hear??are u following mee??
Laksh:do u really think iam following u ??
Lak:then first stop trying to give you that much imp to urself

Rag(angrily):wt do u mean ??
Laksh:iam also invited hear (he showed her the weeding card )
Rag narrowed her eyes in a suspicious look
Laksh:ok I got this from swara .

Rag was shocked as she didn’t expected swara will really help him

Rag(in mind):swara ki bachiii I will not leave u
Laksh:woww u wore them thank you very much .they were really looking pretty on ur hand (by holding her hand)
{Rag wore the bangles gifted by laksh }
Rag(in mind):ohh noo now he have seen it what a fool iam what is the need to wear it hear

She pulled her hand
Rag:I was waiting to return u bangles back so I was wearing it every time
She removed them nd kept in laksh hand nd turned (gave a thankgod expression)
She is about to go but laksh hold her hand
Rag was shocked nd turned back
Laksh:what is hurry to return it nd plzz don’t remove these bangles from ur hands
(He took her hand nd make her wear bangles)
Rag jerked but laksh holded her hand tightly

Rag:what r u doing ??
Laksh:I know u too started liking me that’s why u r afraid
Laksh:haa by seeing these bangles u will remember mee nd that is y u r afraid that u will fall for mee

Rag:ohh plz iam not afraid
Laksh:then ware these bangles
Rag:noo I wont nd there is no necessary for me to prove u about my stability nd I will give my explaination only for the people who matters to me not for the strangers nd now keep ur bangles with u only
She left from there

Laksh was shocked by her reaction
Someone kept hand on laksh shoulders
Voice:it’s very difficult to make her fall in love
Laksh:yaa (with sad face ) nd then he realized the voice nd turned back nd saw Sanky
Sanky:seems like some one needs my help very badly

Swara:noo need iam there for my devar to help him
Sanky:really?? Turned to laksh
Sanky:then I bet u definitely u will fail in ur love test (with a sad face)
Swara stared him angrily
Sanky to swara:what??? Iam telling the truth
Laksh:common bhai I trust babhi
Swara smiled victoriously
Sanky:so u don’t need my help?

Laksh:I need both ur help plzz now stop ur dramas nd set my story
Sanky nd swara laughed by seeing him
Swasan:ok now do what we say
Laksh:ok tell mee
Swasan:irrite her by ur presence near her go where ever she goes just follow her do what ever she do
Laksh(little shocked):really ??do u really think so

Swasan:yes trust us
Laksh:but I think my chicks are not ready for any slap (by holding his chicks )
Swara san:can’t u dare this much for ur love ??
Laksh:ok anything for my love but really iam trusting you ok
Swasan:pushed him towards rag who was busy in talking with friends nd laksh bu mistake fall on her
Nd rag pushed him away n

Laksh:iam sorryy
Rag:I know u did it intensionally
Laksh:noo really I fall by mistake
Rag gave a dead glare nd left from there
Laksh saw swasan who are signing him to follow her
Laksh just followed rag

Episode ENDS

I know u all are very angry on mee sorry busy in navarathri poojas nd today this is for dussera special for all of u hope u don’t forget mee

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