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A journey from engagement to marriage – vivah (Ragsan) (“Surprise for my readers”) Part 24

Hii guyzz how r u all??I know that u all r bit sad by seeing the seperation of ragsan..but..but as i said that this seperation is not for so long and all my sweet and cute readers want that they unite and they have some romance.So i am giving this epi as “SURPRISE GIFT”to them…Now read fastly and see ur gift..

Recap- Sanskar leaves from the orphanage heart brokenely…


One day kavita came and knock on the door of ragini’s room and she opens it.She said sorry to her and makes her come out of the room.
Kavita goes to delhi and there she goes to sanskar and says him sorry for all the things.
Kav- I am sorry sanskar today becoz of me only u r far away from ragini.
San- Don’t say sorry kavita.In fact i am sorry.
Kav- Sanskar ek baat bolu..u both luv eachother very much.U r far away from her but ur breath ur heart is still left there..I want to say that For ur whole life u luv ragini like this only..Becoz for u there is no one better than ragini as life partner.U r very lucky…Stay happy..Good bye..
There in jaipur sumi comes in the room with a plate of food and sits near ragini.Ragini keeps her head in the lap of sumi..Sumi caresses her hair..
Sumi- Ek baat bolu ragini..
Rag- hmmm…
Sumi- u did wrong??

Rag- I know maa..But i did this for his betterment only.He didn’t know the truth. When he will gets to know then he will left me like everyone did.Aur tab dard dene se acha hai mein usse abhi hi dard de du.
Sumi- Beta..What if he knows the truth??
Ragini stood up from sumi’s lap and shockingly says- what do u mean mom??
Sumi- yess beta he knows the truth..(Actually ragini till now don’t know that sanskar knows her truth that she is r***d)
Rag – whatt!!!!!!!!!
Sumi tells her everything.ragini broke down completely…ragini starts crying bitterly…sumi consoles her
Rag sobbing- maa…why u didn’t tell this earlier??He knows about my condition then also he luvs me.He only cares for my happiness and smile and I..what i did???
Sumi- Beta..till now also it is not so late… u go there and say sorry to sanskar…
Rag innocently- mom…will sanskar forgive me??
Sumi smiles- he Luvs u so much beta..definately he will forgive u..
Both hugs each other lovingly..
After some days ragini goes to Delhi. Ragini is searching his address given by shekhar..Laksh sees her and says
Lak- Ragini…Tum yahan!!!!!!
Rag sees him confusedly becoz she never meet him. So she confusedly says
Rag- sorry who r u???I didn’t recognize!!!!
Lak- u don’t know me but I know u…
Rag- u know me but how??
Lak- Becoz I am sanskar’s frnd cum bhai….Laksh Kapoor..
In ragini eyes a unknown shine came and she excitedly says- U know sanskar…plzz take me to him…I want to talk him..
Lak- yes..Let’s go he will be very happy to see u…

@maheswari mansion
Sanskar is in his room working on laptop but his thoughts are in the dream of ragini…Buy his thoughts get disturbed by knock on the door..
Sanskar – who is there????
Laksh – main hoon yarr…just open the door..
San- Laksh u always be stupid…The door is opened just come inside..
Lak- (to ragini) u go inside….
Ragini comes inside sanskar doesn’t see her.Becoz he is busy in his laptop..
San- What Laksh???Why u came here??See if u came here again to irritate me or to tell any ur nonsense joke then plzz go…sanskar doesn’t get any reply so he see up and gets shocked…he stands up from the bed..
San shockingly- Laksh u r saying right??day by day I am going mad see in ur face I am seeing ragini’s face…I mean howz this is possible…Ragini hates me how she came here??I am totally gone mad..
Ragini can’t control more and she hugs him tightly and cries bitterly sanskar gets shocked then he composed himself and regains that he is not dreaming its truth ragini is standing in front of him.
Rag still hugging- I am sorry sanskar…I am really really sorry…I didn’t understand ur love…plzz forgive me…U always care for me, for my smile and i did only rude behaviour to u..
Ragini releases the hug and sanskar is just standing with shocked face…
Rag- I am sorry sanskar…now I promise I will never get angry on u nor will shout on u….ragini says all the things in one go and sanskar is just standing like statue…
Rag – sanskar what happen? Why r u not saying anything??And she jerks him with her hands.
San- Did I am dreaming or it is real..plzz somebody pinch me.
Rag- Are u gonna mad!!!
Sanskar is just watching her with open mouth..Rag gets irritated and pinches him hard on his arms.Sanskar winces in pain.
San-Ouchhh.. u r real!!!
Rag angrily- yesss…I came so far for u and here u r dreaming…
As soon as she should cmplete her words he hurriedly hugs her and says thank god I am not dreaming…I am so much happy ragini…then they release the hug.
Rag- I am….sanskar keeps his hand on her lips and says ssshhhhh!!!!!
San- how many times u say sorry haan…and by the way I forgive u very earlier!!!
Rag- I luv u sanskar….

San- oh gosh!!!! Finally u said ragini…do u know for these three magical words I have to do so tough job…
Ragini hits him playfully and sanskar hugs her and says I luv u too ragini…
The door opens and every one comes and in one go say we also luv u….ragsan feels embarrassed…and everyone laughs…dp comes there and everyone stops laughing.dp angrily sees all of them and then goes towards ragini. Ragini is seeing the floor in scaredness… Her eyesight are down on floor..
Dp- do u luv him???And if yes then why and if no then why??
San- papa!!!!!
Dp shows his hand to sanskar to keep mum…then he sees towards ragini and says I ask u something…
Rag sees up and fumbles- ye..ss I luv him..
Dp- hmm…U luv him becoz he is handsome or wealtheir…
Rag- I don’t luv sanskar by seeing his wealth or his handsomeness.I luv him by seeing his inner love for me.By seeing his nature , respect and luv for elders.I luv him by seeing his cute nature regarding the small children.I luv his truthfulness and trust towards me.There is not a single reason for me to hate sanskar..
Sanskar eyes welled up by listening such comments and feelings of ragini towards him.Becoz ragini never said all this things to him.He is very much happy by seeing ragini’s luv towards him..But he is pretty scared of dp..
Dp seriously sees both of them and then he raises his hand and keeps it on ragini’s forehead and says
Dp- Are u alright??
Everybody see fp confusedly and dp continues
Dp see towards sanskar then says to ragini- From his childhood to now i never find a single good quality in him and u in some times find so many good qualities.Howzz this possible??
Everyone laughs out loudly lol lol..Even ragini smiles a bit and dp is laughing whole heartedly sanskar makes a pout face..
Dp- Now on serious note..I am very lucky that my son will get so beautiful and gold hearted wife..God bless u beta…
Lak- So uncle..u don’t have any problem..
Dp- Why would i have a problem???when my son and my would be daughter in law is happy.Then who i am to be angry.Even i am shocked that iss buddhu ko itni brilliant ladki kahan se mil gayi..
San pout face- This is not fair papa…ur daughter in law came so now u pull my legs..
Dp- of course…Everyone laughs..

At night Sanskar goes to ragini‘s room.She is standing towards the window and watching the moon. He goes silently towards her and back hugs her…
Rag shockingly- Sanskar….What r u doing here??
San- I came here to meet my gf..
Rag smiling- oh..And if anybody sees u here then..
San- So what…No one can stop me meeting to u..
Sanskar release the hug and ragini turns and kept her hand round his neck.Sanskar holds her by waist.
Rag- Accha…
San- yess.And i see u when papa is scolding then u r laughing..
Rag smiles again- Haan toh…Everyone is laughing there…
San- Sabki baat alag hai aur tumhari baat alag hai..It means when i will be scolded by papa then instead of saving me u will laugh hmm..
Rag- yess..
San shockedly- what??
Rag takes out her tongue and says- I mean no….i will..
San- hmm…Now u will get punishment for this…
Rag- Acha baba…tell me whats my punishment??
San- Hmm…And he thinks for some time and smirkingly says u have to…
Rag- yess i have to…
San- U have to….kiss me..
Ragini widens her eyes and say- what??
San- yess this is ur punishemt..Now kiss me..
Rag- No…
San- yess..
Rag- No..

San- No..
Rag- yess…
San smiles winningly- yess…now start..
Rag makes pout face – ok..close ur eyes..
San- what??
Rag- I said close ur eyes..
Sanskar closes his eyes silently and ragini comes close to his cheeks closes her eyes and kisses on his cheeks..Sanskar open his eyes and says
San- What is this??This is a kiss..oh ragini u r so unromantic..
Rag- U ask for kiss and i did it..And u said me unromantic as u r the father of romanticism..
San- What u called me unromantic??Now u just watch me..
And he drags ragini close to him and ragini with a jerk lands on his chest.Both have a cute eyelock and their lips are few inches apart suddenly aarohi comes inside the room..Aarohi keeps her hand on hrr eyes and says
Aarohi- I didn’t see anything…
Ragsan hurriedly gets sepearted and feels embarassed.Ragini is blushing very hard and sanskar is seeing here and there due to shyness..
Aarohi removes her hands from her eyes and says- Devar ji..ur bhai is calling u..
Sanskar hurriedly moves out from the room and aarohi teases ragini..
Aarohi- Ohooo…Kya khichdi pak rhi thi..
Ragini blushes and says- nothing…nothing..
Aarohi- see some one is blushing…
And aarohi hugs ragini…

The screen freezes on the happy face of ragini and aarohi..

Precap- Shemish and swara arrives at maheswari mansion..

So howzz my surprise readers tell me..

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