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A journey from engagement to marriage – vivah (Ragsan) Part 25

Hii guyzz i am so sad many of my readers are not commenting..I think u all r not liking tge track..If it is like that then i will hurriedly go on marriage track and end this fiction soon..

Here is the previous epi link..
Episode 24


The days passed and ragini spends her days with aarohi becoz sanskar and arjun are very much busy in their office work… one day aarohi and ragini are doing work in the kitchen and ragini is somewhat looking sad.so aarohi ask her..
Aarohi- ragini…what happen any problem??
Rag- No bhabhi..
Aarohi- ragini i am like ur sis..tell me..
Rag- woah bhabhi..actually i am missing maa baba very much..I wish they could be here..
Sanskar is coming in the kitchen for taking water he listen everything and smiles smirkingly..
Then after 8 hours the door bell rings and ragini opens the door and swara shouts from outside and hugs ragini..
Rag shockingly- swaraa…..u here..
From back shemish are standing smiling..Shemish says hiii beta…
Rag smiled- Maaa…baba..How u all came here??
Shek- woah actually..
San- Hamari gf koi wish maange aur usse hum pura na karein toh hamare hone ka fayda kya hai..He comes down through stairs and he continues I listened that ur talk with bhabhi so i hurriedly call my manager to bring maa baba here and see they are here..
Then he touches the feet of shemish and says namaste..
Dp also comes there and greets shemish shekhar and dp hugs eachother and they come inside..
Swa says in ragini ears- wow di jiju is so romantic.He cares for u alot..Ragini starts blushing.Swara sees this and says
Swa- jiju i think u r grewing day by day romantic.See my di is blushing so hard..She is looking so beautiful..
San smirks and puts his hand across swara shoulder and says- yaa..but not more than u my cute saali ji..
Everyone laughs and swara just gets double shocked.Then only laksh also comes there and sees swara in the maheswari and gets shocked..
Lak- u….
Swara turns and sees him and she also shouts- u…
San-wow…u know eachother..
Swa- what r u doing here??
Lak- This ques should ask by me what u r doing here??
Swa- This is my jiju’s house..
Lak confusedly- jiju…
San- yess laksh she is swara ragini’s sis and my saali and swara this is laksh my frnd cum bhai..
Both gets double triple shocked anf riminscises that market scene of jaipur when they first met and they have a fight..
Rag- swara…u r saying something na..
Swa- woah di..I see him..
Laksh widens his eyes and signs her to not say anything..
Rag- yess swara..
Swa- nothing di..Actually i see him here first time..hai na laksh..
Lak takes a deep breath- yess..she is saying right..We met first time here..
San- But u r shocked like u met him earlier..
Laksh gives him death glare and says- Areey tu chal na yarr yahan se i want to talk to u some imp things and he takes sanskar from there forcibily..
Swara gone to ragini’s room and they for sometime chit- chat with eachother..
In the house renovation work of hall is going on. Sanskar and arjun are gone to office and Dp is at home. But some files are left at home so sanskar came to home to take those files.
San calls- bhabhi….
Aarohi comes there and says
Aarohi- what happen??
San- bhabhi..Actually bhai forgotten some red file. Plzz give that red file..
Aarohi- ok..And she goes from there…
Sanskar phone rings and he receive it. And in talking he comes to the centre of the hall. He is busy in talking on phone. By mistake the chandelier rope is loosely tied and slowely slowely it starts coming down.dp comes out from his room. He is upstairs and he sees chandelier falling and he shouts SANSKAR….SANSKAR. Sanskar saw his papa running but he doesn’t understand. Aarohi also comes and sees this and she also starts running and shouting SANSKAR UPPAR DEKHO…sanskar saw up and becomes shocked. The chandelier comes so close to him and…..
Ragini is lying unconscious on the ground and sanskar is very falling far away from the chandelier. Sanskar sees this and shouts RAGINIIIIIII……..he hurriedly stands up and runs towards ragini. He takes her in his lap. Tears are falling from his eyes continuously…
San- ragini…open ur eyes…ragini open ur eyes damn it!!!
After sometime they r seen in hospital and ragini is under observations.Sanskar’s tears are not stopping laksh tries to console him but all goes in vain.Doctor comes out of the room after checking ragini.
San- doctor anything serious….
Doc- No…Not at all…she had an small injury on her head i did bandage of it…And gave injection to her in some hours she will be conscious.And yess took extra care of her becoz now she is extremely weak..And don’t give her any stress ok..
Dp- Doctor can we take ragini to home..
Doc- sure..but some test are remain after sometime u can take her..
After 2 hours ragini is lying on the bed and she is still unconscious..
Swara- jiju u go take some rest i will be here..
San have tears in his eyes- no swara… jab tak ragini ko hosh nhi aa jata i will not move an inch from here..
Swara and everyone goes from there. Sanskar takes ragini hand in his hand, tears are falling from his eyes continuously and he kisses her hand and caresses her hair says
San- ragini…plzz get up na…For how much time u will irritate me..
He sleeps beside him only by holding her hand. The dry drop of tear are visible at his eyes…then in the morning there is a movement in her hand and ragini is murmuring sanskar name…sanskar wakes up and see that ragini is gaining her consciousness..
San- ragini…I am here only…
Ragini opens her eyes and sees sanskar and smiles with teary eyes. Sanskar hugs her tightly and tears are flowing out from his eyes…Ragini also responses to this hug…sanskar takes ragini’s hand in his hand and say
San- promise me ragini…from now u will never do those things which are dangerous for ur life…do u know how much pain I am going through when I saw u in that condition. My heart stops beating for one second. Ek pal ke liye laga ki maine tumhe kho hi diya…so now u will promise me that u will never take ur life in danger…
Ragini is just watching him with teary eyes and says- I promise u…but u also have to promise same thing…
San – I promise…and they both hugs eachother…

Precap- Ragsan kiss….

Plzz comment guyzz if u r not liking it then tell me i will stop it here only and silent readers plzz comment and yess now i will meet u on friday..
Bye bye..And yess i forgotted to tell u that i decided a day for my post.I will post my fiction on tuesday and friday only.So that day plzz open tu and comment..

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