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A journey from engagement to marriage – vivah (Ragsan) Part-22

Hii guyzz tysm for ur lovely comments and do read a/n below.

San shocked- what????Where???
Caller- near hotel blue paradise…come fast her condition is very worse…
Sanskar hurriedly leaves directly towards hotel paradise…there he reaches but no one is there..One man comes there and says
Man- u r sanskar maheswari…
San- yess…
Man- I only call u…Come inside actually there is lots of bleeding in their head so we took her inside hotel…
And they go inside the hotel. The lights are off of the hotel…and big balloon burst and all starts clapping and lights gets on. Kavita is standing with their friends well and fine clapping and enjoying…sanskar become shocked as well as angry….
Kav came to him laughing- darling….howzz our prank???
San angrily- seriously kavita…did u think how much I am scared??
Kav- calm down sanskar….we did this for enjoyment only???
San- enjoyment….just bullshit to ur enjoyment…


Kavita starts fake crying and all his frnds came to sanskar
Sahil- hey buddy chillax yarr…and don’t get angry there is no fault of kavita in this…we only say her to play this prank with u…
Rajat- yes…and by the way she is saying no but we forces her…
Kavita starts crying loudly and sanskar feels bad and he goes to console her…
Kav- I am sorry…sanskar…
San- no kavita…actually I am sorry I did mistake plzz don’t cry…
Kav- ok I will not cry but on one condition…
San- what???
Kav- u have to stay here…
San- but I have to go…
Kav- plzz sanskar only for 1 hour…plzz
All his frnds started convincing him and at last sanskar says yess…

Sumi is doing work in the kitchen suddenly she gets the vision blurred she gets very much sweat and at last she faints…ragini sees this and she runs to kitchen and tries to wake her up but she doesn’t then with the help of swara and ramu they took her to her room and she calls shekhar but he is not picking the call…then he calls doctor…
Swa- di…did maa takes her medicines?? …
The doctor came there and examines sumi and tells that she is ok…
Doc- she is ok it happens in this disease and did today she take her medicines or not??
Rag- no actually…today only her medicines are over…
Doc- see…her medicines are very important for her if she will not take her medicines then results will be very serious…I hope u r understanding…
Rag- yess doctor…
Then doctor leaves the place and ragini gets angry on sanskar and goes to his office…
In the hotel all are enjoying party. Sanskar wants to go but they forcefully make him stay there. Sahil makes him drink. But he is in senses…they all start dancing…at last rajat goes on stage and announces that
Rajat- guyzzz…plzz attention today’s party is for our friend kavita and her fiancé sanskar…so cheers for them. Everyone shouts…and in this celebration our buddy kavita came on this stage with hot & s*** dance…so everyone clap for her…

The light gets off and a light flashes on the stage and kavita is standing there in black dress…the song starts bg…she starts dancing..and dancingly goes towards sanskar…

Sharm hata de josab gira le aankhon pe
Pyaas mita de..
Wo nami chura le honton se
Main jalti raatein teri tu subah jo bujha de
(Kavita comes close to sanskar and give him se** expressions.She holds sanskar’s hand and kept on her waist and entagled his another hand with her hand and dances romantically..)
Bheegh loon, bheeg loon
Aaj main teri baarish mein
Bheegh loon, bheeg loon
Aaj main teri baarish mein bheeg loon

(Sanskar feels uneasy and as well as getting angry becoz of her this attitude..he releases his grip from her waist and turns to go but she holds his hand and stops him.And starts sing..)
(Kavita)Aa honton pe tu khwahish tu bun le
Baaki jo hasrat wo chun le
Bikhre hain jo katre mere
Ho.. han tan se tan uljhale zara
Phir se mann sulga le zara
Chakhne to de tukhde tere
(She look straight forward in his eyes very intensely and revolving around him.)
Main jalti raatein teri
Tu subah jo bujha de
Bheegh loon, bheeg loon
Aaj main teri baarish mein
Bheegh loon, bheeg loon
Aaj main teri baarish mein bheeg loon

(Ragini gone to sanskar’s office and there sanskar pa gave the news that sanskar gone to hotel paradise..Ragini leaves from there.Here kavita is dominating sanskar’s feeling.)
Aa ye raatein lambi tu kar de

Chingari rag-rag mein bhar de
Sharmon se tu sharmo haya ho..
Haan rakh le tu lab ko labon pe
Reh guzru meri hadon se
Theharu kahan kuch to bata

(Kavita again comes close to sanskar and stare at his eyes.Sanskar is also staring in her eyes and they r very close to eachother.Sanskar is holding kavita by her waist and kavita kept her hand around his neck.)

Main jalti raatein teri
Tu subah jo bujha de
Bheegh loon, bheeg loon
Aaj main teri baarish mein
Bheegh loon, bheeg loon
Aaj main teri baarish mein bheeg loon..

Ragini comes there at that moment and become shocked by seeing the scenario.She is angry as well as heart broken.The lights gets on and everyone claps.sanskar saw ragini and become shocked.

I know u all have some confusions regarding the characters.So i will clear ur doubts.actually in previous epi its by mistakenely written kavita as daughter of urvashi in place of kavya.Kavya is the daughter of urvashi and kavita is the college frnd of sanskar.kavita don’t know anything about sanskar and ragini’s relation..So sorry for the mistakes becoz i don’t do proof reading..ok readers bye bye and if u have any queries u can ask.

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