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A journey from engagement to marriage – vivah (Ragsan) Part 27

Hii frnds i am back with another epi and its a bit lengthy so enjoy it.I see all of the comments and i am just overwhelemed.I am just short of words by seeing all ur love towards my fiction and tysm for ur support..
Part 26

A sweet and beautiful voice is coming from the inhouse temple.Everyone wakes up due to that beautiful voice all comes there..The beautiful voice is of ragini she is singing aarti.When her pooja is over she comes to everyone to give prasad.Dp had tears in his eyes.Ragini touches his feet.
Dp-God bless u beta!! In this house after so many years anyone sings aarti..U make me remember of annapurna she also sings like u in the early morning.He kisses on her forehead and says god keeps u happy beta..


Ragini smiles and gives prasad to dp and goes forward..Sanskar is seeing all this scene smilingly.He is standing far from them by folding his hand across his chest.Ragini comes to sanskar to give him prasad.

San teasingly- I don’t know that a single kiss had so much effect..Today i see a new shade of urs..And he leans over her ears and slowly says what else i have to do to see real u??
A heat raises to ragini’s cheeks and in a sec it turns to red and she blushes hard and she hits playfully on sanskar’s arm..Swalak comes there..
Swara cleaning her throat- ahem ahem…jiju if my memory is not so much weak then yesterday u r angry on ragini di and now u r smiling.What is the matter??And she winks..
Lak keeps his hand across sanskar’s shoulder and says- yess bro..tell..tell what is the matter??
Sanky puts his arm on laksh shoulder and says- Laksh I think u should ask ragini.She will tell u better..After all she only started everything..
Rag feel embarrased yet shocked- What???I started everything..
San- Of course u only started crying..
Rag- yess becoz u scolded me first..

San- tell me who stops me when by holding my hand when i am going..
Rag- And u tell me who try to kiii????
Sanskar smile smirkingly and winks at ragini.Ragini realises what she is going to say??Both are looking eachother..
Lak-Ragini..who try to kiii..rest what??
Swa- wait..wait..let me guess??Ahhh..umm..Her eyes get widened suddenly as if she guessed it..She sees towards ragini and says di..don’t tell me that what i am thinking is right??
Lak confusedly- Can u plzz tell me what u guessed??
Swa blabbers- U both kissed eachother!!!!!
Lak with wide open mouth- what!!!!!!
He says this word so loudly that all the elders who r standing just a distance from them started seeing towards them questioningly.Ragini feels so much embarrasement that she says
Rag- Bhabhi is..calling me??And she hurriedly rans from there.
The trio laughs..

After some time Swara and Laksh worriedly comes to sanskar’s room.Sanskar sees them.
Lak seriously- Swara Are u damn sure??He is the only one..
Swa concernedly- yess laksh..I am absolutely right and sure..
Sanskar is just watching them confusedly and says
San- Can anyone tell me about which persons u r talking??
Both stood there silently..Sanskar is now damn angry..
San angrily- Just spit it out laksh..
Lak fumbles- woh actually…Today is the cocktail party in the house .
San- So…
Swara see towards laksh then to sanskar- Arav trivedi is also invited..
San- What the hell??
Lak- yess infact..he will be here in 2 hours actually his flight is landing in delhi only and he is one of our business associates son..
San shocked- Damn it..If ragini see him in our house then..
Swa- I have a plan..
San- which type of plan??
Swa- u take di somewhere outside…Till then we will here try our best to not let him come in the party..
Lak- yess this is the best idea..

San- But where i will take her??
Lak- Oh common sanskar this also we had to tell u.Take her somewhere.. delhi is so big place..
Swa- Wait..wait don’t worry I will tell di that i had not bangles and somehow send her to u..ok…And u take her out..
San- ok..
Then swara somehow manages to send ragini out with sanskar..

Sanskar just become tired becoz of holding so much of shopping bags.
San tiredly- Ragini…How much of shopping is left i am tired of holding this bag??
Rag-What can i do sanskar??Swara and bhabhi tell me so many things to buy…
San panting heavily-No ragini now i can’t walk..
Rag- ok..ok this is the last shop after that we’ll go from here..
San- uffff..One more shop it means 1 more hour..
Rag- Did u said anything sanskar??
San fakely smile- Nothing my love..let’s go..
Rag- yaa..

Ragsan go to the bangle shop… Ragini buys some red and golden bangles when all of a sudden her eyes fall on a set of beautiful bangles… a set of multicolor bangles studded with gold pieces… fully embedded with precious gemstone!!!

Sanskaar: (notices Ragini) What happened… do u need anything…??
Shopkeeper: Well sir… surely ur wife has an eye to judge… That is the most beautiful set of bangles at my shop…!!

Ragsan are fully shocked on hearing the word WIFE… but both of them keep quite…

Ragini: Areyy… nahin… nahin… I don’t want those…!!
Sanskaar: But if u want u can take it naa…!!

Ragini: No… Sanskaar… I don’t want it… let’s go…!!

She drags Sanskaar out of the shop without giving him a chance to speak… But even though while leaving she gives a final look to those bangles which couldn’t go unnoticed by Sanskaar… Later they go to the shop of the footwear… After buying everything they want they start moving out of the market… with Sanskaar walking a few steps ahead of Ragini…

Suddenly Sanskaar stops hearing someone sobbing behind… He turns to find Ragini crying silently… he gets worried n runs towards her…

Sanskaar: Ragini… what happened…?? Why are u crying…?? (Ragini looks at him with cute puppy eyes n starts sobbing again)… (Sanskaar cups her face) You are freaking me out dammit… Now… plzz for God sake say what happened…??
Ragini: (says innocently in between her sobs) Bhookh lagi hai…!!
Sanskaar: (shocked) Whatt…!! :O
Ragini: (a bit loudly) I’m feeling hungry…!!

Sanskaar: (takes a deep breath) Oh God ragini… U could have killed me…!! N like seriously u are crying bcoz u are feeling hungry…!! :O But u never cried before like this whenever u felt hungry…!!
Ragini: Not always… but whenever I become very much hungry… my tears automatically flow down… It’s not my fault…!!
Sanskaar: But Raginj… are u sure u are completely fine… I mean not that way… but…
Ragini :O Excuse me…!! What do u mean… I’m weird…!! Leave it… there is no use talking to u…!!
Sanskaar: Achcha baba sorry… sorry… now come… here we have a very famous chholewala… he makes excellent chhole…
By this time… both of them reach near the shop of the chholewala…

Sanskaar: Bhaiya… plzz two plates…!!
Ragini: Bhaiya… plzz make one extra spicy…!!
Sanskaar: Extra spicy… Ragini are u sure…??

Ragini looks at Sanskaar n winks at him… their order comes… n both of them start eating… Ragini starts sweating just after eating a few spoons but she keeps on eating enjoying each n every bite… She keeps on eating like a child… whereas on other side Sanskaar keeps on staring at her lovingly…

Sanskaar: Ragini…!!
Ragini: (busy eating) Hmm…
Sanskaar: Why didn’t u buy those bangles…??
Ragini: (looks at Sanskaar) Bcoz I didn’t want them…
Sanskaar: But u liked them…
Ragini: But I couldn’t afford them…!!
Sanskaar: Then u could have asked me… after all u are Sanskaar Maheshwari’s girlfriend…
Ragini: But I’m not Sanskaar Maheshwari…!! (she smiles) Now come on… we are getting late…!!
Sanskaar: Achcha u go to the car… I have to buy something… Lucky wanted some things…!!
Ragini: Then let me also join u…!!
Sanskaar: No… that’s not needed… u go… I’ll come just in five minutes…
Ragini: Okay…!!

Ragini leaves for the car whereas Sanskaar goes back in the market… Ragini is waiting… Sanskaar comes after five minutes…

Ragini: Hmm… Back in five minutes… not bad Mr. Maheshwari…!! Now come let’s go… we need to go back… Its evening… everyone must be waiting… (both of them sit in the car)…
Sanskaar: Ragini… what is the time…??
Ragini: Offoo Sanskaar… now only I said its evening…
Sanskaar: Umm hmm… I mean exact time…!!
Ragini: Offoo Sanskaar u also have a watch… (she holds his hand n looks at the watch) Its 4:20 pm…
Sanskaar: Great… we still have 2 hour left…
Ragini: But for what…??
San- U will know it soon..now come with me..
Sanskar first take him to India gate then qutub minar then at Red fort and at last lotus temple and they enjoyed their whole day very happily.
Rag- sanskar….i am tired let’s go home…
San worriedly- no no no….not so fast real surprise is still left…
Rag tiredly- surprise..Which surprise…u make me see whole Delhi now which place is left???
San- uffo ragini u ask so many questions…then he see towards his watch and says let’s go…
And he takes him to the car…when they reaches at that place sanskar blindfolds her eyes with a piece of cloth…
Rag childishly- sanskar what r u doing???Just tell the surprise na..
San- just some more time my sweet cute baby…I will open this cloth and u urself see…
San- 1….2….3..!!!!!!!!
And he opens the cloth and Ragini gets awestruck seeing such a beautiful place… She keeps moving round n round adoring the beauty of the place…!! She is standing in front of a shining taj mahal.(guyzzz u all know that at night when moon’s light falls on the taj mahal it starts shining. So that day is full moon day and moon is in his full light so taj mahal is looking brighter and beautiful…)..the whole place is vacant becoz sanskar buy all the tickets of night shift…
Rag- WOW!!!!!!! Sanskar this is so beautiful…
San- did u like it??
Rag see towards him- like it sanskar…I just luv it…
Ragini is just adoring the taj mahal with beautiful and wide smile on her face.She is very much happy..
Sanskaar comes n stands behind her… Ragini could feel his warmth on her back… she blushes n smiles… Sanskaar brings his hand in front of Ragini while he is still standing behind her… Ragini gets startled seeing those bangles in his hand which she was looking at in the shop…

Ragini: (slowly touches the bangles) Sanskaar…!!
Sanskaar: (smiles n keeps his chin on her shoulder) Is it possible that My Ragini likes something n Her Sanskaar couldn’t get it for her…!!
Ragini: (her eyes are filled with tears on hearing My Ragini for the first time from Sanskaar) But Sanskaar…
Sanskaar: Shhh… Ragini… u are the most important person in my life… U have suffered so much in ur life… But at least now I can promise u that I’ll give u all the happiness u deserve… I won’t let any harm touch you… Whether it be anyone…!! U are my life Ragini… I love u so much…!!
Ragini: (smiles n turns towards Sanskaar) I love u too Sanskaar…!! (forwards her hand towards him) Pehnaoge nahin…!!

Sanskaar smiles n adorns her hand with the bangles… Ragini hugs him tightly…

Ragini: (teary eyes) Thank u so much… Thank u so much Sanskaar for coming into my life… U are my first feeling Sanskaar… The feeling of my first love… (Sanskaar smiles) But…
Sanskaar: But what Ragini…??
Ragini: (looks at him with teary eyes) I… I wish… that… that u could have been my first touch too…!! I wish I wouldn’t have been impure… (she bursts out crying)…
Sanskaar: (hugs her tightly… a tear drop falls from his eyes) Hey… Hey… Ragini… shhh… Don’t u dare say like that…!!

He breaks the hug n cups her face…

Sanskaar: Ragini… I never loved u for ur external appearance but for the beauty within u… Our love is far above these physical n materialist things…!! Okay… now tell me… do u love me bcoz I look smart n handsome to u… (Ragini nods her head in a NO)… Then how could u expect this from me…?? Right now only u said that I’m ur first feeling… the feeling of ur first love…!! Hain naa.. (she nods her head in a YES) And Love is always felt with the soul… with the heart… So may not physical but I’m ur first touch… the first one to touch ur soul… ur heart… n this is far above than this physical world… Our love is eternal Ragini… It will be till infinity… It’s destiny… We are meant to be together Ragini…!! So, from now on plzz don’t say such things against my love…!!
Ragini: (hugs him) Sorry…!!

That’s all she could say… she falls short of words for the love Sanskaar showers on her… She keeps thanking God again n again for sending Sanskaar in her life… to teach her how to love… how to live all over again…!! <3
Bye bye my all my lovely readers next we will meet on tuesday.

Precap-Cocktail party in maheswari mansion…

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