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A journey from engagement to marriage – vivah (Ragsan) Part 26

Hii guyzz sorry becoz i promised u all that i will post on monday but what to do there is function in my school and i am busy in that.And our function gone awesome..And now i am free..So this is special one and it is totally on ragsan.

Part 25


The days passed likes this sanskar and everyone took care of ragini like child they did not let ragini to do a single work only rest and rest..
One day aarohi is seeing the old album of the family.Ragini comes there and she also starts seeing it.They share a very good moment.Suddenly ragini see some pics of rain dance party..
Rag excitedly – bhabhi..rain dance party!!!!
Aarohi- yess..when i came in the house as newly bride then arjun throw this party becoz i like rain dance party very much..
Rag- bhabhi..can we have this type of party again..actually i like dancing in rain very much…Plzz bhabhi..
Aarohi- yaa..i can arrange but sanskar will not allow u becoz u r still weak and this injury..
Rag- oh bhabhi from 2 days i am resting only..i am fine u only arrange the party.i will talk with sanskar..

Aarohi- ok..
And next day when every gents gone to office then aarohi arranges the party and she calls some of her frnds.Ragini becomes very happy and they enjoy very much ragini is too much happy.During dancing ragini’s head hitted by some one hands and it starts bleeding..
Aarohi concernedly- ragini..are u alright..let’s go inside..
But then only sanskar came to home and sees ragini’s head and becomes hell angry..He angrily goes towards her..
Aarohi- sanskar…its all my fault don’t get angry on ragini.

San angrily- bhabhi plzz..This time i want to talk with ragini..
He angrily holds ragini’s hand and drags her to his room…He enters in the room releases her hand and locks the door.He sees towards ragini angrily and says
San shout – Sit on the bed..
Rag interrupted- but sanskar woah…
Sanskar angrily sees towards ragini and in fear ragini sits on the bed silently.Then sanskar searches for first aid box..Then he comes to ragini and sits next to her and take out a antiseptic and cotton from box.
Rag scaredly- woah…
San puts finger on his lips and signs her to – ssshhhhh….
Ragini nods in yess and sanskar puts some antiseptic on cotton and apply on her injury..Ragini winces in pain..
Rag- Ahhhh..

San- what happen??
Rag- its paining..
Sanskar blows gentle air from his mouth and applies the antiseptic.Ragini closes her eyes..When the first aid is over.
San shouts- What’s the need of that bullshit dance party??
Rag scaredly- woah i like it..
San angrily shouts- yaa..U do as ur wish..I said u to just take care of urself but no meri toh kisi ko suni hi nhi hai iss ghar mein.Did i am look fool to u who everytime just run behind u taking first aid box in my hands??No..u just do ur stupid rain dance party..Meri chinta kabhi mat karna..
Sanskar stands up from the bed and starts to go from there angrily but he listens someone sobbings.He turns and sees that ragini is crying..Sanskar concernedly goes towards her and says
San- what happen ragini???why r u crying??
Ragini cries out more loudly and sanskar tries to console her but all goes in vain then at last.

San- I am sorry…I promise i will never shout on u again..
Rag childishly- promise!!!!
San- pakka wala promise!!!!Both smiles..
He rubs off the tears from her face… But an electric current passes through both of them when accidently his finger touches her lower lip… Both of them look at each other n unaware of what’s happening Sanskaar closes his eyes n leans towards her shivering lips… Their lips are just a few inches apart when Ragini closes her eyes n holds Sanskaar’s jacket tightly…!! The sudden tight grip on his jacket brings Sanskaar to his senses… He opens his eyes…

Sanskaar: (to himself) Oh shit… shit… shit… What the hell were u about to do Sanskaar… What she might be thinking…!! (to Ragini) I’m… I’m… sorry Ragini… I didn’t know… how…

He fails to complete the sentence n turns to leave but suddenly Ragini holds his hand… Sanskaar stops… Ragini walks n comes in front of him… she moves closer to him n lifts herself up to his height… n kisses his forehead… A smile spreads on Sanskaar’s face…!!

As Ragini returns back on her feet she loses her balance n Sanskaar holds her waist to support her… His both hands rest on Ragini’s bare waist… Ragini smiles n keeps her hands on his shoulder…

Ragini: Its okay… I trust u Sanskaar…!! (Sanskaar looks at her shocked) Whatever happened was my past…!! I never wanted anyone to come into my life but I don’t know when u sneaked into my heart…!! I don’t know when… where… how… why I fell for u…!! But I did…!! (Sanskaar smiles) U are my present Sanskaar… and I see a beautiful future ahead of me with u…!! (Ragini closes her eyes n smiles) I LOVE U Sanskaar… I Love u…!!

Sanskaar is beyond happy on hearing the three words from her which he always wanted to hear… Ragini still has her eyes closed… Sanskaar lifts one of his hand from her waist n caresses her cheeks lovingly… he leans towards her… and in no time his lips claims hers… at first he kisses her softly… but soon the kiss turns into a passionate one… he kisses her lower lip a bit hardly n Ragini responds to his kiss with equal love n passion…!!

Both of them engulf each other in their embrace… enjoying the first feeling of being loved by the one you love…!! Isn’t that ecstatic…??
Bye bye readers now i will come back on tuesday with my another post.

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