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A journey from engagement to marriage – vivah (Ragsan) Part-23

A very good morning to all my readers sorry for not replying ur comments but i am so much happy to see ur response towards my fiction and i know it is now dragging so i will do some hurry up with my story..And i am very glad that becoz of ur love and affection today i reached to part 23 and i am very happy once again tysm.And guyzz if u have any doubt and confusion regarding the storyline u can openely ask me..

He hurriedly gets away from kavita.He goes towards ragini but ragini left the place.kavita smirkly smiles.Sanskar is continuously shouting ragini’s name but ragini didn’t listen him once.She is walking on the road carelessely.Sanskar comes in front of ragini and stops him…
San- ragini..plzz listen to me once whatever u see is not the truth??I will explain u..
Rag strongly- See i don’t want any explaination.I came here only to see that why u not come at home…
San- no ragini..i will..
Rag angrily-Why u will give me explaination,by the way Mr.sanskar maheswari who am i to u?? And What will u answer?? Yaaa let me guess!!!! Haan now u will say that kavita intentionally stop u here and u r that much busy in the party that u forgot to buy maa medicines..
San- ragini..i send that medicines..
Rag shouts- enough…just enough how much will lie..Do u have any idea that how worse my mom’s condition is??if on right time doctor had not come then my mom…And a lone tears drop fall from ragini’s eyes..U know what sanskar its my fault only..mujhe tmhe woh zimmedari deni hi nhi chahiye thi..From the momment u came in my life everything is going wrong…U only gave me pain nothing else..
Sanskar is now totally heartbroken as well as angry becoz today it hurts his ego..His eyes are red as burning coal.He angrily holds ragini’s arm.


San roar- what u say??I gave u pain..The truth is that u gave me pain.Do u have any idea when u r not with me how much problems i go through..I know u will not believe me.Let’s go..And he forcefully makes her sit in the car and droves towards his farmhouse which is in jaipur only..
Sanskar takes ragini inside the house by holding her wrist angrily.Ragini winces in pain and she says sanskar leave my hand its paining!!!!!

Sanskar takes her to upstairs open the door of the room and leaves her hand with jerk and says Here it is..The room is full of ragini photo.On every wall there is ragini’s smiling pics…Ragini sees all this and just get numb.She is not reacting anything..Ragini goes towards the pics and sees them..
San teary eyes- I capture all this moment in camera secretly..When u r not with me i spend my whole days and night in this room.U know ragini everyone had left the hope that u will come but i have faith and hope that u will come someday and in this hope only everyday i talk with ur pics..One sec this letter u remember i had promised u na that i will send u letter..Everyday i write my feelings sorrow in these letter..I know that these letters will not reach to u.But by this my pain will be some decreased…Ragini sees all the things with teary eyes..
San- ragini…i never want ur bad…I want that u always be happy…
Rag closes her eyes then she consoles herself..And turns her face towards him..
Rag strictly- plzz for god sake sanskar stop lieing and leave me alone. In my life already there are many problems plzz don’t create more. If u want to see me happy then go away from my life and never ever try to make me see ur face again. I don’t want to remember a single memory of urs in my mind so just leave from my life…The song played from raaz reboot..

Lo maan liya humne
Hai pyar nahi tumko
Tum yaad nahi humko
Hum yaad nahi tumko

Sanskar comes towards ragini and hold her hand gently. Both see each other with teary eyes. Sanskar hugs her tightly..Ragini releases the hug and gets away from him and turns her face and a tear drop come out of her eyes but she wipes it and hides from sanskar and act to be strong. Ragini goes towards window and her face is towards window side. Sanskar comes close to ragini and .Sanskar stands confronting her back and he holds ragini’s arm and keeps his head on her shoulder. Ragini closes her eyes and tears drop comes out. She tight her fist strongly and cries silently. Ragini separate herself from him. Sanskar see her sadly and says
San- really ragini u don’t have any emotion and feelings for me…just say this by seeing in my eyes…
Rag sees in his eyes and determinedly – no…
And she goes from there like she has no feelings, emotions towards sanskar. Her face is expressionless.

Bas ek dafa mud ke dekho
Aye yaar zara humko

Sanskar falls on the ground with a thud…He is now totally heartbroken. He is not crying and not showing any emotions on his face..There ragini is also walking on the road lostly and the stains of tears are visible at her face..
Rag sits in a corner and cries vigorously- I am sorry sanskar..I am very sorry..I had to do this for ur benefit only. I know u luv me but i can’t luv u.I am not worth for u..Tum mere jitna kareeb aaoge utna hi tumhe dard milega.Isliye tumhare liye mujhse door jana hi behtar hai..)

Lo maan liya humne
Hai pyar nahi tumko
Tum yaad nahi humko
Hum yaad nahi tumko
Sanskar is crying bitterly. His eyes become red due to continuous crying. He is remembering one by one all moments spend with ragini..Sanskar gone to orphanage takes his bag and comes with. Shemish stops him but he says
San-plzz maa baba..Don’t stop me. .If I will stop here then it will gave only pain to ragini .And I don’t want to see her in pain..That’s why I am sorry..i can’t fulfill my promise..

Lo maan liya dekha hi nahi
Tere kandhe ka woh til
Lo maan liya toota hi nahi
Tere haathon se mera dil
He is leaving the place suddenly ragini comes there her eyes are red and her face is pale and dull.. Sanskar see her hopefully but ragini shows like this she had no affect and turns her face other side.Sanky goes from there but her chunri stuck in sanskar’s watch..Both ragsan changes the glance to eachother then sanskar removes the dupatta jerkly from his hand.. Sanskar sits in the car and leaves.ragini sees this from her room window and starts crying…

Chaaon mein teri beeti hi nahi
Woh garmi ki baatein
Baahon mein teri guzri hi nahi
Woh sardi ke raatein

Sanskar reaches delhi. He is again like early sanskar. Laksh also see this he tries to cheer him up but he fails. Ragini didn’t come out from her room for 2 days .Sumi knocks her door many times but she did not open. Both the souls are too much in pain .kavita sees this and she also feels sad. He gets to know everything from sumi..)

Lo maan liya humne
Aitbaar nahi tumko
Tum yaad nahi humko
Hum yaad nahi tumko

Jaao le jaao neend meri
Uff na karenge hum
Jo le jaaoge khwab mere
Toh kaise jiyenge hum
(Sanskar all days spend in the memories of ragini. He is angry also but beside angriness he is too much feeling alone and helpless.He is missing ragini very much..)
Jeena humko aata hi nahi
Teri saanson ke siva
Marna bhi ab na mumkhin hai
Teri baahon ke siva

(Sanskar is getting sleepless nights because everytimes only he thinks about ragini.Now dp sees all this and he is very much angry on ragini.)
Lo maan liya humne
Parvah nahi tumko
Tum yaad nahi humko
Hum yaad nahi tumko

Precap- Ragini came to know the truth…

Bye bye readers stay blessed and showers ur comments..I know u all r bit upset after reading this epi but this seperation will be not so long..

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