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“”A DREAM””(Few shots by Kakali) Part 4

Hii ev1.. here m with d 4th part.. m soo happy to see ur support on previous parts. It means a lot to mee.Thnk u soo much for reading n commenting..Silent readers thnk u to all also..plzz try to break ur silence n share ur feelings..u all will feel great..Again sorry for grammatical mistakes n spelling errors..

So let’s go inside d DREAM..

Here we goo–:

Swamin both were laughing n giggling..passing comments to students.. n also saying a lot about Sania’s(Sankskar n Nia)friendship..

But Swara knows how she is feeling..her heart is crying.. but she can’t.as she can’t fall week..she has to bear more than this..

Here at corridor:

Nia- Did u say sorry?

Sanskar-never in this whole life.. let her go to hell ..

Nia-now what happened?

Sanskar-nothing,,let’s goo we r getting late..

Nia is confuse so she just nodded n went with him..

Swamin convo::

Swara-Simin did u see Nia’s dress?hahahaha she was looking like a RATTLE SNAKE(lol)..

Simin- yeahh! She is soo tall n slim..infect taller than Sanskar also i guess.!.Don’t u think soo? N she was soo chipku..huhh!!

Swara remembered their closeness n gaze..she become silent..

Simin understands her state of mind.so thinks to ask something..

Simin-Swara if u don’t mind can i ask u something?

(Now Swara totally understands what questions she is gonna ask her,,so avoid to all this,she has to do some nautanki,)

Swara- Simin r u all rit?(touching her forhead n neck) ohh God .. r u feeling week? (Panick)

Simin-(hell confused) hold on hold on chennai express!! What will happen to me? But why r u asking?

Swara-Thnk God u r fine.. i thought u had Meleria,,(a kind of fever) ..not in ur sence n that’s why blabbering anything..

Simin-Whattt?(confuse look)

Swara-aur nahi toh kya u were taking permission before talking to me.. soo ..(Dramebazz girl)

Simin is like “what d heaven is wrong with this half mad girl?”

Simin-Swara u r just impossible.. justt yuumpossiable.. why u always in hurry to give me mini heart attack haa?

Swara-waaaa !! What did i do now?This is d same dialogue my Massi ma always uses..i don’t know why she says this me.. Plzzz don’t say anything to me,u know na i m a pure soul with lots of beauty n smart brain.. i can’t hear anything bad about me.. it’s againt of law n constitution..(Nautanki).

Simin gives her “i_m_really_sorry_to_mess_with_u ,,_it will_never_happen”look”

Both suddenly heard a song for which their eyes get widdend..n d song is

Addayein badi funnky, kare hai noutanki,,
Yeh chori badi drama queen hai..
Badi badi aankhein hai,aasuon ki tanki
Yeh chori badi drama queen hai..

Simin glares Swara from top to bottom..n brust out into laughter…she is laughing like anything..

N Swara is standing here with angry cutee pout.. looking d most breath taking girl in d whole universe.(There is no one who can compete with her this pout)

Simin(while laughing)-Swara did u hear dat?did u hear ? She again laugh like mad..ohhhh God Swara..ur perfect actions with perfect song..hahaha.

Swara- huhhh !!!! Don’t talk to mee.. byee..(she left from there stamping her foot)..she murmurs”What’s wrong with ev1?i just hate this song”..

She comes out from canteen n sees that Sania(Sanskar n Nia)is talking holding each other hand.. like Sanskar is trying to say something but Nia is angry n is not ready to hear anything..

Swara again felt heart broken.. again ! Looking them soo close.specially his lovely gaze on Nia..which is stabbing her heart .. this time she can’t able to take all this n tears started too flow from her beautiful almond(mini coconut) like eyes..

But this time her tears are not unnoticed by Sanskar..he looks at her n finds her eyes r moist.. also noticed dat she is breathing heavily..

He comes towards her , Swara ! What happen,,(tries to calm her down).. aaram see arram se saas loo… (worried n holds her hand tightly) .drink some water(gives her water bottle)..she drink it all in one go n finally breaths normally.

Sanskar-Are u okk?(worried)

Swara-yeah!! Yeahh m okk..
suddenly both notices dat they r holding their hands tightly.

.both had a cutee eyelock..Sanskar is staring her moist eyes like he is trying to find out something..he has no idea what is he doing but yeah he is searching for something for sure..

Swara is also feeling a new motion in his gaze..she just wants d time to freeze in this moment.dat they would live like this 4ever.afterall it’s her DREAM to be with him for d entire life..

But both come to sense hearing Nia’s sound as she is continuously shouting his name from a distance..(Kabab mei haddi,pakore mai makkhi huhh)

They are embarrassed but composes themself..

Sanskar-Feeling better?(avoiding eye contact)

Swara-hmm !much better..thnk u..

Sanskar-no worry.take care.. byee.

Swara-Byee..see u tomorrow..(saying this both went to their own direction).

Sanskar’s POV::

Ohh!! God what happened to me? Why was i staring her? Why her eyes were moist?i felt like she wanted to say a lots of things through her eyes..but what?
Ufff !! So many questions?
But why it’s bothering me so much?
Urgghhh m going mad..
Don’t think all this Sanskar. U’ll loose ur mind..i should stay away from her as much as possible..yeahh..i should..

POV ends..

Swara’s POV

Ommgg!! What was that God ji? Sanskar was helping me.. uhhh maaa.. i still can’t believe..it’s like A DREAM.. i was soo close to him,also felt 1000s of butterflies on my cheeks n nose..
Oh God this feeling is soo beautiful..
Thnk u God ji,,n dont worry i’ll give u 1 ladoo n 3 chocolates.. (Kanjuss makhisuss).

POV ends..

Precap-SWASAN real friendship..SwaLakMin more masti..

Thnk u soo much for reading .. i know it’s too short n not upto ur marks… but what to do today is my grandpa’s death anniversary.. soo busy a bit.. hope u all understand my problem..
Do let me know how was it thought ur valuable comments..
Take care all..
Have a good day.. ?

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