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“”A DREAM”” (Few shotes by Kakai) part 8

Hello ev1,, here m with d next part of my story..hope u all like it.thnk u soo much for ur overwhelming response on previous parts..thnk too silent readers alsoo..
.again sorry for grammatical mistakes n spelling errors..
Before starting i wanna wish u all..”HAPPY SUBH DIWALI” in advance..

Soo let’s go inside d dream,,


Recap-SWASAN sweet talk n Swa-Lak mad friendship masti..

Here we go::

Lucky is soo busy dreaming in his own deeamland after talikg to Bee,he is blushing soo hard n waking hiding his face in his palm.. he is not able to see anyone n as a result a beautiful girl dashed with him,,she was about to fall but our Lucky catches her at d nick of time n saves from falling..

She tightly closes her eyes n Lucky is mesmerized to see her preety face..

Words r automatically coming from his throat,,
“Teri aankhon ki namkeen mastiyan,,teri hasi ki beparwah gustakhiyan,, teri zulfon ki lehrati angdriya,,,,, nehi bhoolunga mai,, Jab tak hai jaan,,Jab tak hai jaan.
[[☆your eyes,,mischievous n saline,,your laughter, an airy insolence,,your hair,, it waves undone….i will not forget as long as i live,,,,,As long as i live☆]] .
(he is still holding d girl by her waist forgoting about d surrounding)..

(D girl is not getting anything..Actually she is a new comer n don’t know Hindi much. So she thinks dat he is welcoming her in his own style soo she also sings something like him)”

The girl also starts to say ..

“Twinkle twinkle little star,,
How i wonder what u r,,
Up above d world so high,,
Like a diamond in d sky,,
N i feel myself a lucky girl to get u as my BHAI..

Hearing d word “BHAI” his eyes popes out from socket…

N “Ahhhhhhh !!” Suddenly he feels pain n current through his body specially in his bum..
Lucky realises it was just a Dream,, n d pain is bcz of Swara..she give him a tight kick on bum..for d kick he comes out of a horrible Dream ..

“Arrey mar gaya kya? Yar phir canteen mai bhi sapne dekh raha hai”Swara asks pulling his hairs..(Arrey!! R u died?or getting dreams in canteen also)

“Haa !! Haa !! Dream!! Dream!! Bhaii!! Noooo,,,bhai..”he is continuously blabbering,,soo Swara stamp her foot on his leg..huhh!!

“Ahhhh!!Koalaa!! Not again,,”finally he comes out of dream fully n glare Swara angrily..

“Don’t stare me like this Hippo,,”

“Bhai did u get hurt¿” asks Simin cutely..

“Urgghhh!!! Bhai bhai bhai,, i just hate this word..this word is haunting me in my dream even?why all this is happening with me?? says weeping his tears..

“Huahahah haahaa!!” All 4 laughs loudly..

“BDW what about Diwali planing?i mean anything special?”asks Swara taking a big bite of burger..

Lucky-Naah!!mom dad is out of town..so this year no Diwali at home..

Swara-hmmm !! Same kickk..(pinch)
“Waise what about Sanskuu¿”

Before Sanskar can answer Nia interruptes”Sanky doesn’t like to celebrate Diwali,,so we both r going to pub for refreshment(*wahh re wahh today’s generation,,Diwali at pub?huhhh!! It’s better to eat bhang n allu paratha at home)

“Haaah!! Is it true Sanskuu¿”

“Haa!!Shona actually i don’t like all this attashbazi dhamaka n all”

“Huhh!!but this time u have to celebrate with us!!n that’s my Hukum(order)”

“Areey no yar Shona,, i don’t have mood”

“Ohhoo!! U just try once na,, m sure u’ll feel better..u know Sanskar life is so unpredictable,,we don’t know what happens next,,soo we should enjoy it to d fullest..”Swara says all this in a very calm voice..

Simin notices something weird in her words..n Swara also feels her gaze..soo again dimag ki baatii jalli..

“Sanskuuu plzz,, lets celebrate this year Diwali together na..paaleezzz!! Atleast for our new friendship..(with puppy dog eyes)

How is this possible to anyone to ignore our princess’s this beautiful mini coconut eyes?soo d reply is”Okkk !!! Just for our new friendship!!”

“Yeeiii !!!(Swara jumps in happiness n hugs him).. waawoo!! Thnk u sooo much(pulls his cheekS,,*her fav work),,

Lucky-haa!! Diwali celebration bhi hoo jayegii,,party bhi karenge,, par KAHA??

“ohhh yeahh Hippo!! In excitement i totally forget about this?”

“Guyzz!! Why fear when Simin is here,,”

“Matlab?”Lucky asks rising one eyebrow..

“I mean i live here in guest house with my aunt..so we all can party there..what’s say?”

“Waaa!!! Simmu!! Love u,, uhhh!! U solved our main problem”..(Swara kissed her cheeks)

“Awww!!love u 2″(rubbing her cheeks)

“Sooo we have only 1 day for preparation..
Let’s move”says Swara excitedly(*over excitement ki dukan)

“What preparation¿we don’t need to do anything,,just enjoy n party hard..coz aunt will do everything..toh take a chillpill ..”

Swara-Reeooaallyy!!waaah!! Soo atleast we can go for shopping n parlour naa..

Lucky-Haa haa!!! Challo parlour chalte hai..(yeah!yeah!let’s go to parlour)

Sanskar-Omgg!!Lucky what will u do in parlour?

Lucky-ohh!! I need manicure pedicure every month.. u dunno na..

SanNiaMin’s jaw touch ground…

Swara is not at al shock as she is already aware of his addat..

Common guyzzz get up fast we need to move..
n all 4 go to shopping,parlour n do lots of masti.

.where SWASAN is becoming more close…but one thing we need to mark n that is Nia is behaving soo odd today.. she is not liking Swara to be with Sanskar all d time..actually she is jealous..

Nia-(monologue-Why m feeling so bad seeing Swara with Sanskar,, why their friendship is affecting me so much?
One sec “Do i love Sanky”,,
“Ohh yeah, i love him,,i love my Sanky(*my Sanky!!! My lett)..

She is soo happy with her own realisation…but not at all happy with SWASAN closeness though plaster a smile n try as much as can be with Sanskar..

Nia-Sanky let’s goo..it’s too late..

Sanskar-o haa!! Just a minute
(To Swara) “Shona meet u tomorrow at 4:30 in Simin’s house”.

Swara-Hmmm!! But why soo early living? Matlab it’s just 6:45pm.(checking her wrist watch)…but realises what she said n{Pralay shuru(destruction start)}
“Omg omggg!!! It’s 6:45 what will a do now?”(started to bite her nails in tension)

Sanskar-What happen Shona why r u soo tense?

Swara-Sanskuuu!!(waahhaaa!!!started to cry n jumping)(*God knows her n her antics)

Sanskar has become so tensed now..he continuously asking her what happen but no response but at last he takes her in his embrace(*this is his sudden action ,i dunno anything about it).

“ssshhh!! Shona don’t cry!!what happen..tell me..”(soo worried)(*feel d warm of his hug)

SwaNia is shock with his sudden action..

Nia is burning(*we all can smell it,even perfume smell is not gonna work..)

N Swara is out of d world…actually she is about to sleep into coma..
“Shona r u okk now?”(Sanskar breaks d hug)

“Now tell me what happen?”

Swara weeping her tears “San..s..kuu !! Saa..nsskuu !! I missed todays spec..ial epis.ode. of Pok.emon(cries loudly),,(*my pikachu will miss me)

Sanskar is looking at her without blinking..”u was crying for this reason?”

“Haaa!! Kyuuu”(says innocently)

Simin is also amazed at her behaviour..n Nia turned into ashhhh…(*phuuuu!!)

Swara-Sanskuu !! Lets leave na!! I still have 1n half hour..plzzz!!! Otherwise i’ll not get sleep today..

Sanskar is still can’t digest d fact that she was crying for that silly reason..

“Sanskuu chaloo naa”(shaking him)

“Haa haa choloo meri maa..”(Swara chuckles)

She is about to get up,,but slips n n n (*like always not) Sanskar catches her,but he also couldn’t hold her tightly n as a result both fall down on floor..

Sanskar is niche n Swara is uppar(*waaa!!Hindi English nice mixture)

Swara is laughing n Sanskar is lovingly staring her..(monologue-God!!what a girl she is!! Just a few minutes ago she was crying for a animation show,, n now haah!!laughing like Doraemon..she is really too cute..)

Nia is become so tempting now(*ufff!! M feeling suffocation)..she holds Swara’s hand so tightly n help her to get up..

Then Sanskar also gets up. finally they bid byee n left for home..

Next day afternoon (*Today is Diwali)

Swara is getting ready,,she is sooo excited..(*guyzz i dunno what she is wearing,,just messaged me that she is wearing a baby pink n white colour combination Lehenga with matching bangles,jhumkas n a small bindi,,..
light mineral make up..light orange colour lip gloss,, n yeah also applied Kajal in her big almond eyes for more glow..that’s it..rest all u can imagine)

SimNia is also wearing Lehenga,,both r looking beautiful..Simin is in yellow colour lehenga n Nia is in blue colour lehenga..(*actually i dunno anything about their get up,,as i don’t have their number)

SanLak is wearing sherwani.(*both r looking smocking hot,,infect we can make omelet in that heat) Sanskar is wearing grey colour Sherwani,, n Laksh is wearing light green colour sheewani..

SanNia n Lakmin is waiting for Swara..

Meantime she reaches there n after seeing Swara,,Sanskar forget to take breath..he is just just just urghhh i can’t explain d feeling..(forgive me ev1,,this kinda feeling only Sanskar can define)

She is taking baby steps maintaining d high hill with lehenga..she is quite uncomfortable as usually she is not use of this kinda outfit..she is continuously blabbering something “huhh!!Maasi maa ko bhi yehi pehna na tha mujhe,,,didn’t she get any other dress,,?”

She slowly moves towards all n hugs ev1..

Swara-waa Hippo today u r looking hot..

“Soo toh i m” says lucky n wink..

Simin my God,,Apsara lag rahi hai tuu(u r looking like angel)

“N u r looking like a princess,,hmmm no no noo u r looking like a queen(queen of our heart)”says Simin giving her a hug..

Nia u r looking also hot(monologue-hot meri juttii,,chipkuu rattle snake kahi ki,,)as she is holding Sanskar’s shoulder..

“Thnk u Swara u r also looking preety”says Nia with a fake smile..

N Sanskuuu u r looking sooo cuteee(pulling his cheeks),,

Sanskar without blinking eyes “beautiful” just a word he says.. n this is enough for making our princess blush n cheery red..

Simin-toh andar challey…(shall we go inside?)

All 4 – challo(yoo let’s go),,

Simin-waise everything is ready,,we just need to light d diyas..

Swara-all rit,,we all do it together..waise Where u make Rangoli?

Simin-oppppsss!! I forget about that..

Swara-challo,koy nahii,, i will make it..it’s one of my fav work..

Sanskar-hmmm!! N i’ll help u..bollo how can i help u?(soo curious)

Swara-Reoallyy!! U’ll help me ..so sweet of u Sanskuuuu !!!

This time Sanskar is waiting for her to pull his cheeks…but Nia pours water on it by “Haaa!! My Sankyy is soo cutee (pulls his cheeks)..

Swara is like “God ji today u save her,, or save her…coz now she is getting into my nerves…if she does something more then this naa i’ll surely burn her hair or i”ll bite her…”

Sanskar-Shona u said something..

Swara-Nohhooo..did u hear something..

Sanskar-Nhhooo..(*same pinch)

Swara-Toh lets go n make d Rangoli!!

Both go to d main door n settle themselves..

Sanskar-waise Shona what will u make?

Swara-i’ll make a GAMUSA n a SORAI(khorai) in between “OM”..where i’ll write Happy Dipawali…what’s say??

Sanskar-awesome … so let’s start..


Screen freezes on their exciting face..

Precap- Shonaa!!! Get upp!! What happen!! Shooonnnaaaa!!!..tear roll down from Sanskar’s eyes..

I need suggestion…
1.Guyzz shall i make Nia negative..or this kinda behaviour is ok okk…

2.Guyz m thinking about A new entry(male).. whom u would love to see Parth Samthan(Manik) or Shantanu Maheswsri(Swayam)..plzz do let me know..m soo confuse…

Thnk u guyzz for reading.. i wrote it in tuition centre as today sir was absent… sooo
No proof reading..
If i did any mistake then plzz forgive me..hope i didn’t bore u all..
Again sorry for my SS’s cover pic..m unable to remove it or set a new one..

Keep smiling always..
Stay bless…

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