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A Devil That owned an Angel (Episode 1)




suno suno suno..if u guys really want me my story na..so better raed my bak bak else bhul jao…got it?
and want next update na?
then muh band karke na u guys comment..each reader is ordered to cmmnt got it?u better get it…
warna mein ghussa ho jaungi….and if i becaome ghussaa na..
then simple i ll b kattiii with u…

hahaha…challo challo read the story now..i want 15-20+++ comments c…if u want me to continue..i m saying it before handed…
and dare u not go down and c my name and then bas.r skip my bakbak..
i know amny got me by my bakbak who i m but still yar..
kitna tho karo na…

challo lets proceed to story now…heheheheheheh!…


well guys this story is being posted as twinj as well as swasn story..
as twinj on tellyupdates..(on request f my loved ones..who were waiting for me)
and as swasan on wattpad


“just some more time dear..just keep taking deep breaths we should run na?
for us for me for you..for our symbol of love..
plzzz keep some patience…”

“no i m not able to…i m litrally not able to do it…i m feeling lack of energy..
i want water plzz hubby..plzz…i m starving now…”

“hmm..ur right..wait i have seen the map i ll just go and fetch some water oky..but i cant lev u alone na angel..?”he said with teary eyes…

in journey of her life with him..she had always seen a strong arogent..ruthless..rude araogent..
man in him and suddenly seeeing tears in his eyes…just felt as if her heart was stabbed several times…
but she had to be strong now..
from the way of about 24hrs of this dredful time in the forest since they lost or just ran to save their life..
have made their life difficult…
and turned it upside down…

suddenly they saw a tree which had a huge whole…
lets go jaan..plz..said kunj

no its too dark inside i just i cant plzzz na..requested twinkle..

kunj -u truest me?
Twinkle -more than my self..!
kunj -tho bass..thats enough…lets go
twinkle just nooded…

both skipped inside .
it was too dark..inside..
he sat inside..and mae her lay upon him…he was smothing her..

kunj – ” twinkle …! ”
twinkle – humm…
kunj – u be here i ll get something for u to eat…and some water too…
twinkle -no..plz…dont go leving me..i m scared..
kunj – i m here only baba..plzz…u are not hungry but me baby is..(he said placing his hand on her tummy)
twinkle -but…
kunj -oky do a thing close ur eyes…keep counting numbers i ll be here before u compele to sleep..oky jaan..
twinkle -hmm…
pakkka na…
kunj -han baba pakka..

soon he left his jaan..and she closing her eyes..started counting numbers..
no sooner did he come back with few guva..fruits and water in a coconut shell…..
he made her drink it..
and soon she drifted to sleep in the arms of her hubby..
and her hubby drifted to deep taughts of past..


precap-past revelation…



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