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A devakshi : I won’t give up on u so don’t give up on me (Two shots part 2)

Hi there people I’m Rithika here,
I’m really happy u liked the first part of my ts
Let’s start..
Sonakshi : Did Dev really give on me…..
Asha : Arey beta u came home where were u. Y r u crying
Sonakshi : Ma I met him today
Asha : That’s good then now what happened
Sonakshi : Ma maybe he forgot me the way he looked at me his eyes were full of anger for me
Asha : Leave him he’s like that now forget about him
Sonakshi : I can’t I have remembered everything he can’t forget everything
Asha : Sona beta forget about him
Sona cries more while Dev also reaches home sad
Ishwari : Dev what happened ur deal didn’t happen ur sad
Dev : Ma she doesn’t remember me
Ishwari : Who Sonakshi
Dev : Ya ma I met her today
Ishwari : Arey yeh to khush hone ki baat hai tu udas kyun hai
Dev : Ma she doesn’t remember me she is still angry on me
Ishwari : She is angry it’s ur fault
Dev : Ma…

Next day in the garden again they both collide
Dev : U can’t see and walk
Sonakshi : That’s what I should be telling u it looks like u have buttons not eyes
Dev : Please keep quiet
Sonakshi : What I tell is can we stop fighting
Dev : Fine ur wish
Sonakshi : So friends… By the way I don’t love u anymore
Dev is shocked
Dev : Fine


They shake hands but Dev is still shocked he reaches home sad
Ishwari : Now what happened
Dev : Ma she doesn’t love me
Ishwari : What happened
Dev tells her what Sona told
Ishwari : Now what
Dev : I don’t want to lose her again
Ishwari : Ya so
Dev : I’ll keep friends with her
Ishwari : Fine but u’ll have to get married one day
Dev : No I’ll only get married with her and no one
Ishwari : Arey beta teri marzi
Next day in Dev’s office he gets Sona’s call
Dev : Ya Sonakshi tell
Sonakshi : Today we’ll meet in the night in a coffee shop ok
Dev : Wait y
Sonakshi : To talk
Dev : So what r v doing now talking
Sonakshi : No I have a lot of work in hospital
Dev : Fine in our favourite coffee shop on our favourite seat
Sonakshi : Fine I don’t mind

She keeps the phone and Dev gets one more call
Dev : Yes
Man : U’ll need to come to London
Dev : Y
Man : Our new company is opening in London and all the meetings are also going be held there
Dev is completly shocked
Dev : I’ll think about it
He cuts the phone
Dev : What will I tell Sonakshi she’ll think I’ll leave her again and will never belive me again what shall I do I’ll have to tell her
At home
Dev : Ma Sonakshi will never belive me again
Ishwari : Y
He tells her about the London trip
Ishwari : Hey bhagwan ab tu kya karega
Dev : I’ll tell her about it
Ishwari : R u sure she will never belive u again
Dev : Yes
In the night in the coffee shop
Sonakshi : Where is Dev
Dev : I’m here come with me
He takes her to the garden
Dev : I need to tell u something
Sonakshi : Tell
Dev : I’m going to London…….Forever
Sonakshi is shocked
Sonakshi : Again…..again ur leaving me like how u left me 10 years ago
Dev : Sonakshi
Sonakshi : Please Dev don’t tell anything
Dev : Sonakshi u don’t know how hard it was to stay away from u for those 10 years
Sonakshi : Then y did u go Dev
Dev is speechless
Dev : I have no answer but I’ll leave now
Sonakshi hugs him
Sonakshi : Dev don’t leave me again please
Dev : Sonakshi please
Sonakshi : Dev I still love u
Dev gets very happy
Sonakshi : I lied to u that day please don’t leave me again
Dev hugs her back
Dev : Sonakshi I also love u alot but this is important
Sonakshi : If u love me u’ll stay here u told me once u won’t give up on me I also didn’t give up on u
Dev hugs her again
Dev : Fine I’ll stay here…. Only with u my Sona
Dev calls the man and tells him to cancel the trip this leads to a happy ending of Devakshi they never gave up on each other even after 10 years..
So thanks all for reading hope u all liked my ts if it was boring sorry I really hope u all like it drop ur sweet comments also

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