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A day to remember (Swalak and Ragsan) (Chapter 198)

Hi guys I thought to write a short recap of my story for people who didn’t read it from beginning or forgot what happend, before the new entry of Rahul.

Recap of A day to remember

Swara and Ragini were brought up in different familybackgrounds, so the history was going to repeat itself, but it didn’t happen this time.

Swara fell in love with Laksh after meeting him for the first and they had their first kiss then also, where she realised that she has feelings for him, he fell for her as well, but his parents fixed his marriage with Ragini, so he decided to tell his parents that he isn’t ready to get married, to his surprise his father agreed, but his father wanted to get him engaged with any girl he likes for him and he liked Swara for him, from the inside he was very happy, but he didn’t show it.

Everything got fixed for the engangement of Ragsan and Swalak, Swalak planned a doubledate for themselfs and Ragsan. The date was succesful.

Some secrets were disclosed to them, while their both grandmothers were argueeing like: The truth about Swaragini being sisters.

Getting to know the real face about dadi’s wickedness, her plannings, plottings, killings, about separating lovers, being a very good actress and being emotionless to other people. She always hated Bengalis and she tried to kill Swara, but now she is in prison.

Cause they were scared of Dadi, they went to London and are living there. Dadaji and Sonia went to US, where she actually lives with her husband and son and Sonia was the reason, why they got to know the true colors of dadi. Dadi tried to breakout from prison, in which she succeded, but she was caught by the police and they send her to an hightec prison, no one can break out from this jail, if you succede then goodluck to find a way back to your home, cause the prison is in Island far away from home.

Swalak and Ragsan had a few romantic scenes at Swalak’s engagement, Ragsan had their first kiss then, Swalak were romancing, when suddenly they heard funny crying sound from Sanskar’s room.

They had crazily funny scenes of Shekher and SanLak, cause they were teasing their soon to be father-in-law and he was teasing them back.

Shekshom and Swalak planned a candlelight for Ragsan, but their plans got ruined, because of Rahul, when he reentered Ragini’s life, which made our hero Sanky jealous, even Laksh doesn’t like him.

Ragsan are soon getting married the first two rituals, they put them together.

Rahul is a greyshaded character, but a misterious one,he knows something about Sanskar’s past and he is set to ruin Meheswari and Gadodia’s hapiness.

We still don’t, who Rahul loves.

But why does Rahul hate the Meheswari’s?

Will that past ruin his future or will the familybond get stronger?

If you are excited to know, what will happen, then stay tunned for the next chapter.

I hope, that I won’t dissappoint you guys, but there is some drama to come, to make the story unique in my own way.

If you guys have some ideas to make my story readable, better, unique, so dm me in TU or Wattpad. Good or bad comments are always welcome.

And Thank you guys for 1.2 k on Wattpad for this story.

I started to write this story at school, when I was bored at class, but still I was listening to the teacher and my teacher never noticed it, even if he was standing infront of me????Lucky me.

Love you guys, be happy, be crazy, be unique, be yourself, be awesome, stay positive, keep smilling, forget your pain and whoever gave it to you.

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