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A day to remember Chapter 22: the most awaited Wedding of Ragsan

In the morning all the preparations were done, all the younger generation was getting ready for the big day.

Malika’s dress


Her jewellery

Sinzo’s dress

Her jewellery

Fizoo’s dress

Her jewellery

Swara’s dress

Her jewellery

Crazy’s dress

Her jewellery

Ragini’s dress

Her jewellery

Nidhi’s dress

Her jewellery

Ashnoor’s dress

Her jewellery

J’s dress

Her jewellery

Astha’s dress

Her jewellery

Laksh’s sherwani

Sanskar’s sherwani

The pandit called the groom and the bride to the mandap(holy fire). SwaLak respectivitly brought Ragsan down, they all four were memerised at looking at eachother, while having an eyelook. “You guys look amazingly beautiful, bhabhi’s.” We all said, which broke their eyelooks. “And we don’t look amazing?” Sanlak said, while they were a little bit annoyed. “No, you guys look good today, but only today, cause normally you look like grumpy old men.” Astha said. The elders and the guest started to laugh like hell. “Come on guys or you want get married, cause the murrat will be over in 10 minutes.” The pandit(priest) said. They came down and went to the mandap with them.

So the marriage started with the mantras, which lasted for 6 mins, then they did the 7 pheras(seven rounds) on the mandap, first three rounds the bride makes promises like, she will take care of him and his family, love him and being faithful, then the rest of them the groom does. So it was time for putting the Sindhoor(Vermillion) on parting in the hair of the bride, then to tie the Mangalsutra around her neck.

Ragini’s Mangalsutra

Sanskar’s pov
“Finally I’m married the girl of my dreams, she was looking very beautiful in that weddingdress.” “I have to do something, cause she is angry about that, we didn’t tell her the truth about Rahul.” I thought to myself, cause I had a plan, how ahe will forgive me for this.

Unknown person’s pov
“Oh, am I late for the marriage.” I asked. “Omg, it’s you my dear sis Fizoo!!!!” Astha shouted very loudly, while we hugged Fizoo and making SwaRagSanLak, ShomShek, DP and AP. “Oh, I forgot to interduce myself, my name is Fizoo Ram Prasad Meheswari.” “I have another sis, yay. Sanky said like a child very loudly.

Sprry guys for the small update, cause I’m busy for a few days

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