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A day to remember Chapter 21: Truth of the crybaby and the shaved chudhail

Sorry guys, I was feelng low, cause so many people aren’t reading my story or commenting.

Chapter 21: Truth of the crybaby and the shaved chudhail.


So another member of the masked angels named Ashnoor(from TU) asked the crybaby Rahul: “Why do you hate the meheswaris so much?” “I won’t answer you, you stupid masked devil.” He answered back annoyed.” “You called me a devil.” She said, while kickboxing and scratching him very very hard and she is unstoppable, when she is angry. Rahul had so many scratches, blood started to flow out of his nose.

In the other side the shaved chudhail wouldn’t open up, so Astha(from TU and Watty) put the head of her in a toilet, in which someone vommited and didn’t clean it, the shaved chudhail shoutingly said, cause she was enjoying it(I think she took some drugs): “Can you put my head in someother toilet?” “No I have a better idea!” Astha said, while she pushed her to the operation theather, where they were waiting for her, so that they could take out the pieces of glas, which are in her body, cause she tried to kill me(Crazygirlsp), Malika pushed her she fell, Sinzo kicked the glaspiece into her mouth and J laughingly, and kickingly took her to Astha, while she said : “Crazy “s*xy” shaved chudhail on the floor???????????.” The rest was laughing ???and Sinzo said to the crybaby : “Like baby, baby oh, come to mommy.” (I don’t like Justin Bieber) “Shut up!” He screamed, but got punched on the face by me???, while I was pretending like nothing happend and I said: “Aren’t you a man, Mr. Crybaby!” Malika was on top of the world, cause she pushed dadi again, Ashnoor enjoyed to kick Rahul all the time, Sinzo was making everyone laugh as well as J, while making jokes about our “cute” crybaby and “s*xy” shaved chudhail????and Astha was torturing PG.

Rahul was crying like this???? and PG was dancing like this????, cause she definatly took a way to many drugpils, so she was trying to seduce us with her “s*xy” dance???? and J said to dadi: “Pappu can’t dance saala.” Sinzo said: “Crypappu can’t stop crying saala.” “We should be serious while working.” Astha, Ashnoor and Malika said together.” “I can’t be serious, while working, cause I need something to laugh about.” J and I said together as well. “Crazygirl and J are right!” Sinzo said.

Interrogation of Rahul akka crybaby
“Why do you hate meheswaris?” “Cause of them my dad went to jail!” After he said that, we took him to the others.

Malika, Astha and Ashnoor took PG to interrogate her.

Interrogation of Dadi akka crazy “s*xy” chudhail
“Why did you kill RP and Sujata?” Malika asked. “Cause, they were trying to stop the deal between AG and me, so we decided to kill them, unfortunatly AG got caught and went to jail, I’m just his son to get my revenge, cause I wanted to become the queen of Drugs, but we got caught by the chudhails who are called the masked angels.” Dadi said, cause she wasn’t in her senses and Ashnoor taped everything and send it to our bosses: RP, Sujata and Nidhi, Nidhi is their daughter and Sanskar’s sis. Yes guys RP and Sujata are alive, that is a twist in the story???

“Hello Mrs. Parvati Gadodia and Rahul nice to meet you, my name is Nidhi Meheswari.” “My name is Ram Prasad Meheswari.” “And my name is Sujata Mehaswari, you and AG didn’t kill us, he killed my twinsister: Archana Meheswari and RP’s twinbrother: Krishan Meheswari.” “What the hell!” “Yes, he and PG killed, our uncle and our aunt.” We the masked angels said.

Yes guys some of us are Sanky’s sisters and some are Lucky’s sisters.

After recording their confession, we put them in the cell and went to Meheswari Mansion.

At Meheswari Mansion, we showed them, the first half of the video, then Nidhi, Sinzo and Astha said: “Mom and Dad, you guys can come in.” Which shocked SwaRagSanLak and Shekshom. “Are you our daughters.” AP and DP asked Malika, J, Ashnoor and me.” “Yes, we are!” “Wow, I have so many sisters.” SanLak said together. “Mom and Dad?” An unsure Sanky asked. “Yes, son?” SujRam said. “If you guys are alive, then who died.” A confused Sanky asked. “My twinbrother Krishan and your mothers twinsister Archana died. “Are you going to marry my son tomorrow?” Sujata asked Ragini. “Yes, I am mam!” “You can call me mom, like you call my sister-in-law, mom.” “Yes, mom.” “That’s like a goodgirl.” The whole family hugged eachother. “So, you are our beautiful, cute and unique bhabhis?” NidSiAsMalSaJAsh(for Nidhi, Sinzo, Astha, Malika, me=Sam, J and Ashnoor) asked. “Yes!” They blushingly said. “Hey, that’s not fair, our sisters are complimenting you guys and they aren’t giving compliments to us.” Fakeangered SanLak said. Swaragini stuck their toungues out and said: “Cause we deserve it and you don’t.” Everyone were laughing at SwaRagSanLak’s childishness.

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