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A beautifull love story -shivika episode 7

Shivaay And Anika now legally married

Anika look tense shivaay look happy and all faimly happy with Anika become Shivaay wife

Dadi : Today my wish fulfil first time i see Anika i felt there. Is something between shivaay and Anika

Om : Yeahh dadi

Rudra : Do dil mill gaye hai jaise Mobile aur balance ( i know its very weird shayari i am sorry f or this )

Ishana : Wow i am very happy dadi my siater marry who love her so much my dii struggle so much in her life she have no time for herself but. Now i m happy for her because she found someone who love her truely

Everyone is emotional with ishana words dadi hug her

Priyanka take Anika to shivaay room Anika is tense Anika thought what billuji do with me i have to stay with him my All life if he come near to me what i do no i donot allow him to come near me but he is my husband and he have right on me touch me what should i do ohh Anika stop talking to herself you can face he is still same kanji Aankho vala bagad billa

Anika and prinku enter in shivaay room shivaay is not there shivaay also come
But prinku stop him

Prinku : Bhayia stop you can’ t enter in room

Shivaay : but why thos is my room

Prinku : Yeahh i know but you have to give shagun to me before enter room

Shivaay teasingly : why i have no money

Anika : Wow the Gr8 Shri shri shri shri shivaay singh oberoi have no money

Shivaay : Ohh .

Anika realise that she is jus married bride she stop shivaay smile to see her

Prinku : Give me bhayia prinku snatch shivaay wallet now you can go

Shivaay : okk

Shivaay enter to room anika felt restless see him

Shivaay come near to anika Her heart beat start fast she is restless shivay notice this
And come more close to her there is no space in between them she is feeling restless and her eyes close Shivaay observe this and try to kiss on her lips but she slowly push him and get away from him

Shivaay : What hapeen Anika

Anika : i donot accpect you my husband still i think you forget that you married me without informing me

Shivaay : okk but what now now marrige happen and you know i love you soo much and i know you also love me but for you i can do anything and you accpect me your husband in one week

Anika : lets see

Shivaay : challenge you know Shivaay singh oberoi never accpect defeat

AnikA : let see

Anika go to sleep on couch but shivaay stop her
Shivaay : you can sleep on this bed its all yours infect all room including me all you you can do with me what you want to do but please today my lip have a some pain but i can manage you can do whay you want to do

Anika : dekhiye aap ko mai chodungi nahi

Shivaay : Thats what i want

Anika stare him

Shivaay : okk i make this pillo wall you can sleep here but please donot cross line if anything happen than donot blame me

Anika smile a bit shivaay notice this and he also smile

Than they sleep on bed after Anika sleep shivaay get up and see her sleeping all night and smile to her

Shivika romance and nok jhok and ishkara come close to each other

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