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A beautifull Love story – shivika episode 2

Thankyou gyez you all tell me how ‘s my ff through comment its really encourage me and sorry i cant update daily but i will try

Episode 2


Anika : yes he is my father by mistake i jus hate him

Siddharth : why are you talking like this i am your dad

Anika : No i have no relation with you Mr. Siddharth Raichand you are only a big arrogent and my Mom and sister bl**dy murder

Siddharth : No its not true you are thinking wrong about me i donot kill your mom and sis she is not only your mom and sister she is my wife and daughter why will i do this

Somone walk in oberoi mansion

Its Anika step mom

Siddharth : Ragini tum yaha kya kar rahi ho

Anika : because of this lady you kill my mom and sister please go from here i donot want to see this lady face i jus say go from here

Ragini : My daughter Anika

Anika : Cut Cut Mrs. Ragini Raichand i am not your daughter i am only Anika you havenot any right on me and get lost from here

Anika runs away form there

Shivaay : This is your reality mr. Raichand i see many bad pepole in this world but not like you and please go from here

Raichand : you have not any right to talk between our faimly matter Shivaay singh oberoi

Shivaay : i am saying your reality you are rich you have respect but all is lie and go from here

Raichand left

Shivaay go to Anika

Shivaay : Anika stop crying you know everyone life have struggle and you are strong girl stop crying you know Aaj tak i thought that you are weird but today i know you see so much in your life i donot see strong girl like you

Shivaay go close to her and stop her tear from his hand shivaay care her but Anika hug him shivaay back hug her

Anika break hug

Anika : you know billu ji i am very alonr in this world no ome for me in this world who care for me who love me sometime i hate myself why all this happen with me when i thought about my dad what he do with my mom and sis
I jus hate rich faimly but when i meet you your faimly i see your love for your faimly i realise that rich faimly isn’ t bad ………

Shivaay : Firstly. You are not alone i am here for you always

Anika look at him shivaay change his words

Shivaay : i mean we all are here for you and you know first i hate poor faimly but when i meet you i realise that poor pepole isn’t bad

Anika laugh

Shivaay look at her lovingly oh jaanaa play

Next day

Anika come oberoi mansion

On newspaper

Tej : Raichand faimly respect at stalk donot know when reporter know that Anika is Mr. Siddharth raichand daughter they are drag her name in stupid mess donot knw what happen to raichand faimly and Anika respect

Reporter come and ask anika
Reporter : what relation you have with shivay singh oberoi
Reporter say bad about her character
Shivaay come and perpose Anika infront of media

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