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A beautiful journey with cherishing moments ||EDKV|| TS

Hey guys,All of you wanted me to write something long and new..So I am here with a TS ..It maybe 2 shot or a 3 shot..Here is the intro/prologue.

Character sketch:
Suman Tiwari:Studies at NUS college…Happy, Fun,Bubbly Girl…
Believes in true love..Best friend of Preeti.Topper of the batch.Studies engineering.On scholar ship… Orphan but slightly rich.Lives in Hostel and shares room with Preeti.
Age :20


Preeti:Studies at NUS college with Sumo,same class….Calm and Composed girl.. trusts Sumo more than herself ..They are more like sister rather that Best friends.
3rd position in studies..Likes Pushkar as well..Slightly regrets for not confessing her feelings to him.
(Preeti and Sumo live in Singapore)

Shravan Malhotra:Business tycoon..Loves to teach and travel..Believes in true love as well…Brother cum best friend of Pushkar. Happy and fun with friends while slightly strict with staff and students. Used to Regret for a mistake made in the past but now has forgotten it completely

Pushkar Malhotra: Fun,Happy,Bubbly,cheerful guy… Loves to have fun..Has pledged to make Shravan find his true love whom he lost 10 yrs back.Likes Preeti,Met her while teaching engineering at her college…He also regrets for not confessing his feelings.

Nirmala Malhotra: Will act as Cupid for Shraman and Preekar

Both Shraman are unaware of the mutual feelings that there friends have for each other…
I am done with the character sketch … And here is a small promo

Preeti comes running to Sumo..
Preeti: There is a new handsome guy coming to our class.
Sumo:Preeto you know I am not interested in this.
Preeti: He is the only one I find handsome after Push…Preeti stops immediately.

Sumo glares at first but then her face turns into a smile when she understands what she is saying but doesn’t react.
Sumo:I am happy for you …
Preeti: What do you mean??
Sumo:Nothing, It is just that you came in 2nd position.For the first time.
Preeti: Yay,BTW,Which position did you come??
Sumo:Any doubts…
Just then two more friends of Preeti and Sumo come…
Zainab and Aisika:We have a very hot and handsome guy in our class..
I am gonna sit next to him for sure..
Sumo bursts into laughter….
Zainab: What is soo funny??
Sumo:No,nothing… Actually, I few mins back ,Preeti also came and told me the same thing.

The bell for class rings…
All four friends move to the class ..
The principal enters the class
Principal: Here is your new prof for a week..Under the teaching exchange program.
Sumo sees him and goes in a shock…

So here I am done with the promo of this TS…
This TS is dedicated to Zainab (TU) and Aisika(Wattpad) ,because they requested me for this …

Pls comment and tell me how it is and I am thinking to end Rich or Poor,Love knows nothing because I am receiving very few comments..


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