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3 alag alag alag prem kahani (intro)

Hey guys meet me moni. I want to share with u all a beautiful love story of 3 sisters. So i will just give their introduction. Lets start now.

Bose sisters


Ragini, swara & aradhya.

Ragini is elder to swara & aradhya. She loves her sisters a lot. She is a successful business woman who is smart, balanced and simple. She loves her business because it was a gift to her from her parents who have died 5 years ago. She needs everything should be perfect.

Swara is elder to aradhya and younger to ragini. She is cute but adorable. She also loves her sisters. She respects ragini & loves her little sis aaru. She loves music and singing. She belives life is small and we should enjoy it completely. She likes to play with children.

Aradhya is younger sister to swaragini. She loves her sisters and always supports them no matter what. She is a best dancer. She is a type of jhansi ki rani. She is naughty.

Maheshwari brothers

Sanskaar, laksh & aryan.

Sanskaar is elder to laksh & aryan. He is hot and simple business tycoon. He behave friendly with his staff. He loves his brothers more. He is brilliant but dangerous by brain.

Laksh is younger to sanskaar but elder to aryan. He loves his brothers too. He also likes singing. He believes in love at first sight. He helps sanskaar in business.

Aryan is younger to sanskaar & laksh. He loves his brothers too. He is stylish but bookish. He doesn’t believe in love. He thinks true love doesn’t exist. He doesn’t even talk to girls but love to dance.

So guys i will show you all their first meet.

Scene 1

Aara meet

One college ground will be seen where a lot of boys & girls are enjoying by playing songs. One girl will be seen running by holding colors in her hands back of her friends but some of her friends will catch her & lift her up & then she will be revealed as aaru.

She is so cute and beautiful. Aaru is modern and she is wearing a beautiful white modern shirt & jeans shorts. She is enjoying with her friends. Her sister ragini doesn’t like to play holi so she decides to play with her friends.

There will be one announcement of a game where all girls should close their eyes and should try to apply color to boys and the one whom they colour should go to a date for a couple of days to manali. This trip will be free.

Aaru doesn’t agree for this because swaragini won’t allow this. But her friends insist her that will be fun & five couples will be selected.

Smita: Aaru please yar agree na if we selected then think it will be rocking.

Aaru: I know smita but didi they will not agree for this.

Rahul: Dnt say them true. Problem solve.

Aaru: Never i cannot hide anything from them. They are my life.

Sona: Shut up rahul. Aaru listen just say truth to them i think they will surely support u. Aaru can do anything right.

Aaru: Yes aaru can do anything i will talk to them. First lets start the game.

Ok then all girls are ready & boys are also ready standing in a row. They should not move & they should accept the girl whom they got as a date.

Aryan also in same college alone some where in college. His friends will come to him & says about game but he doesn’t agree but they insist & takes him forcedly to ground.

Aryan: Guys i don’t like these colours yar. Please & this game is just like shit. I am not interested.

Ravi: Oh aryan just come & see yar at least.

They all will take him & he stands some far seeing game. As aaru reaching the line she was about to fall by hitting a small stone. Then aryan will see this & hold her & unknowingly he stands on line.

Coach devides them as won & wrote their names. She smiles on blinded eyes & applies color to his face. She opens her eyes & sees him . They have an eye lock. Her friends will shout that “aaru u have your date congracts”. She smiles at them & turns to aryan & says HAPPY HOLI by applying color. He gets angry on her for applying color. They have an eye lock.

Scene 2

Swalak meet.

Swara will be seen playing holi with small children. She is so sweet and beautiful. She is wearing a white dress which is modern but knee length.

Meera will be seen coming there. She is a care taker for those children.

Meera: Swara mam y u will play with kids. See they are spoiling your clothes.

Swara : No meera. Its ok with my dress i am fine. See they are enjoying well. I like their happiness.

Meera: Ok mam as u wish i will be back just now some guest is here.

She leaves.

Meera: Hello sir what can I do for u?

Laksh: Hello myself laksh. Lakshya maheshwari.

Meera: oh yes I know you. I heard a lot about u.

Laksh : Well i am here to give funds from maheshwari group of industries to your orphanage.

Meera: Thanks for funds sir.

Laksh: So can i just meet kids once.

Meera: Sure sir please.

She will take him to garden. There he will see swara for the first time. He will get attracted towards her. He will have his first love.

Meera: Swara mam he is laksh. He wants to give funds to this orphanage.
Sir she is swara. One of the richest business family daughter. She comes here regularly to play with children.

Swara: Hi laksh very pleasure to meet u.

Laksh : Hi pleasure is all mine.

Swara : What?????

Laksh : I mean very nice to meet u.

They gave shake hand to each other. Then one kid witl come to swara. He says swara didi today is holi so apply color to him.

Swara first hesitates later agrees.

She applies little colour on his cheek. He was super happy by her touch. She says HAPPY HOLI. They have an eye lock.

Scene 3

Ragsan meet.

One large mansion will be seen. One girl will be seen wearing a red and white combo half saree. She is beautiful and elegant. She is decorating her house with flowers. She will get a call then she will call her servants and says to decorate well as today is festival. There should be no complaint.

Mr.Kapoor: Hello miss ragini. I hope i didn’t disturb u.

Ragini : No mr.kapoor please say.

Kapoor : ragini i called u to invite u and your family to my house for festival.

Ragini : Sorry mr.kapoor but we will not celebrate. And by the way today there is a party in my house. I request you to come to party.

Kapoor : Its ok ragini i can understand. I will be there for party.

Ragini: Thank u. I will see you in party.

Then she hearher door bell & servants try to go but she stops them. She goes to open the door.

Then suddenly someone spits colour on her within seconds. She is shocked by this. Then she sees the person. He is none other than our hero sanskaar.

She gets angry on him. He sees her lovingly & says HAPPY HOLI my love.

Song kaun tujhe from ms dhoni movie will be playing in back ground by splitting them. .

Thats it guys please comment . Suggestions are also accepted. Love u all.

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