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1st Epi – Bigg Boss 10 16th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 10 16th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Voiceover says Bigg Boss is India’s biggest reality Tv show. Many faces became prominent from it. A new history will be created now. The house which was for celebrities only, now its gate has happened for common man, will common man be able to get victory between all celebrities? answer will be known in coming 15days, lets start this journey.
Bigg boss says We want history to repeat itself again.
Tourists and Salman Khan comes out of bus, he says I am Guide Khan and i will show you around house which is seen by whole India.
Salman Khan comes inside Bigg boss house season 10. He says this is 8th wonder of world, so much happened in this house, all remember battles here and also romance that happened here. Armaan and Tanisha’s hug scene is shown. Salman hugs one tourist


seeing emotional scene, he then asks her name, all laugh.
Salman Khan comes inside house, tourists sit in lounge. There is pole there. Sunny Leone’s pole dance scene is shown. Salman says this is historic dining area where people eat other people alive even they ate Bigg boss too. Sana Khan’s scene where she said to Bigg boss that he is not fair with her and dont call in confession room, i wont come. Salman comes in kitchen and says this is most powerful area, one day the voice was heard here that still resonate in ears of Indian people. Dolly’s fight scene is shown where she threatened to cut contestant. Salman says what a soothing voice. Salman dances with tourists on song baby. Salman says this amazing house was ruled by celebrities till now but now for first time public is coming inside and will give hard time to celebs in this house, brace yourself for battle of Bigg Boss season 10.

Salman comes on stage. He dances happily. After dance, Salman welcomes everyone to Bigg boss. He says at end of last season, i announced that Indian people consider this as your own and result was you took that to your heart and sent us lacs of audition videos, thank you for that. Lets see what you have sent.
Video plays, people from different fields are shown like lawyers, farmer, students, people acting like Guthi, Gay, one man says this is my 68th video. One girl says i am army daughter, i am army wife, have army inlaws, she shows her husband who then shows that he has no teeth, one guy says i am mad man, video ends.
Salman says we selected 8people from these auditions and they will show how strong they are against celebrities, celebrities brace yourself as common man is coming to attack.
Salman announces first contestant, he says this man tries to make this earth better place to live in with this special powers.

1. Swami Om. Age-59, public contestant
Video plays, A priest is shown. He says i am sanyasi, he says destiny can change everything, i have been born to make this place better to live in, where people dont have any problems, have peace, i feel bigg boss’s journey is to achieve my goals thats why i will spread peace through Bigg boss.
Salman welcomes Swami on stage, Swami comes and says with my mantras i will make Salman greatest hero of world, Salman says great but keep mic near mouth, Swami says you are mesmerizing that i forgot it. Salman asks how much you serve people? Swami says i have been born to serve people, i will make this earth as heaven. Salman says make this house heaven first, Swami says when i put foot inside that house, it will become heaven, Salman says great but keep mic in place, Swami says i will make you greatest hero in world, Salman says i dont want it, make SRK great, Swami says we both know he doesnt have that quality, your quality has been appreciated by world celebrities who are my regular follower, one more thing i want to say that i will make you get married next year even if you want it or not and she will opposite to your taste and uncool but you will thank me, its important,Salman says i dont know if to thank you or not. Swami says you will say that you got girl which was your mind, Salman asks what kind of girl? Swami says she will make your life heaven, that wife will have hand in your success, Salman says seems like you have already girl in mind, tell me, Swami says i dont want to say name here, i will make you meet, Salman says i will wait that you come out house and make me meet girl. Salman says i am thankful that you are praising me even after knowing what i did in earlier days, Swami says you worked so hard in London and then here, Salman says i was not in london but in Manali, Swami says Manali is same as london, Salman says true. Salman says next contestant is like Swami, she wants to make this better too.

2. Lopamudra Raut, Celebrity contestant
Lopamudra is an Indian model and beauty queen from Nagpur, Maharashtra. She participated in the Miss United Continents 2016 pageant.
She comes on stage, Salman asks Swami what he thinks about her? Swami says after seeing her, i feel she will be beneficial in making earth peaceful. Lopamudra says he told me what he thinks about me but Salman tell me what you think after seeing me? Salman smiles broadly, Swami says i am sure he doesnt have that thought seeing you which i said earlier(marriage thing), Salman laughs. Salman says to Lopamudra that Swami is finding girl for me and he is saying that you are not that one, Lopamudra says oh no, why with me? Swami says you have to work a lot for world, Salman says we will see how you two work in house, Swami says it will be easy to pray Devi in house, Salman laughs. Salman says Swami you said that you work 22hours to serve humanity but what you do in 2hours left? Swami says i sleep for one hour, i sleep deeply. Salman says comment after thinking, what if bigg boss rings alarm and you are still sleeping in house, Lopa laughs. Salman sends both contestants in house.

Bigg Boss house:
Swami and Lopa enters house. Swami stand in doorway and prays for lord, Lopa enters from behind with difficulty as he blocks her way. She says stunning house, Swami says it must be stunning for you, she says you are joking? he says no, i am not. She asks what he was praying for? he says i am making negative energy go away from this house. They enter house, Swami keeps praying and throwing water around. Lopa is trying to choose her bed. Swami doesnt see glass door to bedroom and bangs into it, Lopa says be careful, she says its beautiful house. Swami says not more than you, she says thank you, he says you are not only beautiful from outside but from thinking too. You have more good thoughts that Ashwariya and Priyanka, i will help you spiritually for Miss India. Dont tell contestants that i am Tantarik, She says you must know who will bigg boss then, he says i will win but i want to make you win because you have qualities, i dont live for myself, i live for others and you have that quality too that you want good for others so i respect you a lot, she says i respect you too.
On stage, Salman laughs seeing it. He says Swami sees what all cant see but.. he doesnt see what others can see, he is trying stop laughing, he says he couldnt even see glass door.
Salman says this season has total variety as India has variety, people from india may be from small towns but have great hearts, same is like our next contestant.

3. Manveer Gujjar, Age-29, Public contestant
he says I am from small town, we neither intimidate others nor get intimated by others, we are Surmas, we dont work under anyone, we dont do jobs, we have our own business, we will be under debts but wont job. My family has 40people, all are married but i am unmarried, my father says that if man’s pissing and calculation is normal then he wont be stopped by anyone in world but both of that are not normal for me, i have done work on own but didnt get success, now Bigg boss has called me, its game about tongue and mind and i know how control people and keep them n control.
Manveer is brought on stage by his villagers on shoulders. Salman says did you bring whole village? Salman says this is difference, celebrities are brought by dancers and common man is brought by whole village. Villagers leave stage, Salman says you said if man’s pissing and calculation is normal then he wont be stopped by anyone in world but your is not normal? Manveer says i am bad at pissing and calculating money, all laugh. Salman says what is planning for house? will you change in this house? Manveer says i didnt think anything, i have never seen Tv much, i will welcome anyone who shows love and will set right if they try to show control, he will have less people to be saved, Salman laughs. Salman says lets meet his well wishers. they are waiting to wish Manveer, reporter Samar from IBN’s show Bhabhi tera dever dewana whois Noida, we will talk to him live. Video is connected to Noida, there are many people around Samar dancing, Salman asks they are all his family? Manveer says yes from start till end. Samar says Kanika has made Manveer learn english. Kanika says i made him learn hi, hello, i like you, i love you, would you like to come for coffee with me. Manveer says its like want to drink tea or go home. Samar says his father was miffed with him that Manveer was going to Bigg boss, father says yes i didnt know where he was going but now its big thing for me that he is in Salman’s show, Manveer says i have come for you father, give me blessing, Father says i bless you and Salman. Salman asks when was the last time he talked to him? Manveer says it was seven or eight years back, i am lucky that he said me this now, Salman asks he was not on talking terms with you? Manveer says no, Salman asks what did Manveer do? father says he is always upto something, but now he with you so i am content, Salman says but my father talks to me, kids do mistakes not fathers. Manveer says it doesnt matter if we dont talk but keep smiling, Salman says forgive him, father says he is with you now, i cant do much, i have no complaints now that he is with Salman, Salman smiles and ends call. Salman gives shorts to Manveer and says there is jacuzzi inside house, find it and jump. Manveer takes shorts and goes.

bigg Boss house:
Manveer enters house. He meets Swami and Lopa, Swami says you are Gujjar, you are lion. Manveer says you will see.
Manveer and Lopa are sitting in lawn, Manveer says long tail gown of Lopa and says how do you wash it? Lopa says its designer, you wear it and return, Manveer says mine is designer too but not like that, she says how cute, your kurta doesnt have tail, Manveer says if you wore it in village then dogs will run behind you, Lopa says really? i wont go, he says maybe you will go, she says i will dress according that then, when in rome, you dress like romans, when i will go to village, you will wear according to that, Manveer says no, you know what looks good on you, she says i look good in Indian wears too. Manveer asks if Baba Swami went in cave? Lopa laughs and says you are funny, she coughs and says it seems like bee went inside my mouth, you made me laugh at wrong time, she runs to washroom. Manveer says she will play her? how will she? In bathroom, Lopa says stupid man says dog will be behind me.

At stage, Salman says we will see how Manveer adjust in house from village. He announces 4th contestant, he says she is from city.

4. Nitibha Kaul, Age-23, commoner.
She says i am Kashmiri, i am self obsessed, i keep taking pictures of mine. She shows her beach pictures in bikinis. She says i party with friends, i took part in Dehli pageant 2015, i was finalist. People think that i might be dumb because i am blonde model but i work at Google India, people get amazed listening it, i like it when i prove them wrong, i am representing modern India, its important for me to make name for myself, if i am putting my career at stake then winning is only option.
Nitibha enters stage. Salman welcomes her, he says bigg boss found you from where people find everything, you work at google. She says i used to work at google till last two hours, i required leave to come here but google didnt approve it because of business suffering, i had to quit my job, Salman asks if she was smart to take risk? Nitibha says winners are always taking risks. Salman asks what talent she have? She says we share common talent that is singing, Salman says thats not my talent, he snickers, she says no i think its your talent, i want to sing your song, he says go ahead. Nitibha sings Main hoon hero tera, she sings beautifully, Salman joins her and they sing duet beautifully, Nitibha says tu hai hero mera to Salman, Salman blushes. He says incredible. He says can i ask personal question? says yes, he says how i am your hero? She says if someone ask me who is my hero, i will say someone like you definitely. Salman says bigg boss will sort everything, Bigg boss’s mother eye, she laughs, he says he found you at google and you left google, Nitibha says have to leave something to gain something. Salman says bigg boss will find hero for you, she says my parents will be happy, is that hero you? Salman says no.. i mean i am but i am not.. Salman says your hero has been found, he has ability to trap girls, he make girls love them. Salman says meet contestant five.

5. Rohan Mehra, celebrity contestant
Rohan comes on stage and dances on Sau tarah ke. Salman welcomes him and makes him meet Nitibha, he says dont call her Rohan, Salman asks Nitibha to see him, he is dashing, young, famous and unmarried. Nitibha laughs and says everything is sorted, he has kashmiri face, Salman asks how much will you rate from 5? she says 4.5, 0.5 we will see in house, Rohan says in that house? Salman says yes. He sends Rohan and Nitibha to house.

Bigg boss house:
Nitibha and Rohan enters house. Manveeer, Swami and Lopa welcomes them. Rohan meets Swami, Swami asks Nitibha from where you are? she says i am Kashmiri, he says thats why you fair skin.

On stage, Salman says now next contestant has done many films and she has great name in world, she has many fans. Welcome contestant no. 6,Deepika Padukone. Deepika comes stage and shows fighting stunt. Salman welcomes deepika, he says welcome India’s first and only international action queen. She says you are saying this? he says yes, she says thank you. Salman says doing action movie in hollywood? she says i love action films, he says great. He says you are going in house? she says concept is great this time that its commoners and celebrities, am excited to go in. Salman says suppose you get power to choose one contestant that will go in house, i will give you choice, Shahrukh Khan or Amir Khan? She says Amir Khan. Salman brings board, he sticks Ranveer’s picture with Vin diesel and his picture next to Deepika, she laughs. Salman says Amir went in house, he asks Karan Jauhar or Sanjay Leela? Deepika says Sanjay Sir, Salman says we have to do household work, will he fit? she says why not? Salman asks from deepika or Ranveer Singh? She says Ranveer, he is way more entertaining than me, i am very boring. Salman says Deepika will be going in house but we have to take selfie first. Salman takes selfie with her. Salman says Deepika is going in house for one whole day, Deepika makes weird face and goes in house.

Bigg boss house:
Deepika enters house with her luggage. Nitibha and all are starstruck seeing Deepika. Manveer says no way, Rohan takes luggage from her, Lopa asks if she is going to stay with them? Deepika says yes, she hugs Rohan, Nitibha and Manveer. Lopa says i am excited that you are with us, Lopa says Swami is in bathroom, Nitibha says i am Saraswati, Lopa is Radha, you will be given name too. They enter bathroom, deepika meets Swami, they ask didnt he recognize her? Swami says she is like me, Rohan says she is Laxami, Deepika says lets go from bathroom. Swami says laxami has come. They come to garden and see jail there. Deepika enters jail, Nitibha says there are insects there. Manveer says who will try to cook here? Deepika says i can live here for 3months, Swami says criminals live there, not you, Nitibha says she steal hearts thats why, Swami says its great thing.

Salman says our next contestant is very justified girl.

6. VJ Bani, Celebrity contestant
This popular face, also known as VJ Bani, hails from Chandigarh and has been a part of the MTV Roadies.
Bani comes on stage and dances. Salman welcomes her,

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