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1st Epi – Beyhadh 11th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Beyhadh 11th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Serial starts with Ganesh darshan and serial’s hero Arjun dancing in front of Ganesh ji with a song…deva sri ganesha…playing in the background. His friend Saaanjh joins him. He starts dancing again on song and saanjh joins him. After dance, Maya comes in car, gets out and prays in front of Ganesji. Arjun jokes that she looks the one enjoying her father’s money. Saanjh sees tears on Maya’s cheeks and says she is crying. Arjun jokes only two kind of people pray ganeshji, one who are about to ruin someone’s life and pray for forgiveness and one who alredy did mistake and pray for forgiveness.


Arjun and Saanjh then walk away and sit in Arjun’s jeep. Jeep does not start. Saanjh laughs. She says she prayed if he gets a job and stays for 6 months,

she will walk barefoot to Siddhivinayak. He stops car and climbs on railing and says he wants to become so rich and shows a luxury car. She says she wants to find happiness in small things with family. He sees a high rise luxury apartment and says he wants to stay in that. Maya comes out and stands in balcony. Saanjh says rich people don’t have money, but no sleep like that woman. He clicks Saanjh pic and says some day he will be there. They both then leave in jeep again. Maya’s vel falls, flies and falls on Arjun’s face. He drives rashly and is about to ram his car when Saanjh removes veil. Arjun stops jeep and asks from wehre did it come. Saanjh says she does not know. Arjun keeps veil to clean his jeep.

Maya’s mother calls and she goes back. Mom sipping alchohol shows jewelry boxes and asks which one to wear when her papa comes. She will have food with him. Maya says he willl not come, she should finish her dinner and sleep.

Saanjh reaches home and silently tries to open door via key. Her mom opens door and scolds her. Dad pampers her. She goes and sleeps on bed. Dad says she should marry her boyfriend and leave their bedroom. Saanjh says bestfriend. Parents say they know, she loves Arjun but cannot express her love. Mom says she can speak to Arjun’s mom. Saanjh says no. Her brother comes and says it is his turn to sleep with mummy/papa. Saanjh taunts him. He sleeps on floor fuming. Dad and mom say light offf.

Arjun reaches home at 3 a.m. Mom scolds and asks him not to open his brother’s room as he is having IIM exan and is studying. Arjun sleeps on sofa. At 4 a.m., brother comes from party. Arjun opens door and scolds him. They both fall alseep. Saanjh reaches outside Arjun’s house and horns repeatedly. Brother asks him to go down. Saanjh calls him next. He picks call. She says it is 9:40 a.m. already and he has interview at 10 a.m. He hurriedly wakes up and scolds his brother for not waking him up.

Maya’s mother panicks and throws thihngs. Maya opens door and tries to calm mom. Mom says Anil promised he will come 25 years ago. Maya says he loves only himself and will not come. Mom says he gave her ring and promised he will come. Maya takes diamond ring and breaks it and says if love tries to overtake one’s mind, it is better to forget it.

Saanjh travels with Arjun in her bike while Arjun travels on his jeep. She asks him to do his best in interview. Arjun reaches interview building and parks car in boss’s parking place. Watchman says it is boss’s parking place. Arjun bribes him 100 rs and throws keys on him. Maya comes and catchhes keys and says this parking place. Arjun jokes that he bribed 100 rs to watchman for this place and asks watchman to help this distressed woman. Maya removes his jeep and watchman parks her car in her place. She comes out out of jeep and throws keys on him. Keys fall down. Arjun says he has to meet someone and runs in.

Precap: Maya appoints Arjun saying she likes oversmart people like him. Arjun tells Saanjh that her boss is fearless. A man enters and Maya hides under table in fear.

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