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YRKKH ff New Beginnings(episode 45)

Guys some of you wanted to watch the bonding between Naksh and Naira.Actually I was also thinking the same.I’ll give it in next episode.And also I’ll give Naitik and Naira.And Akshara and Naira is today only.And also some of you wanted to see London track and some of you wanted Naina’s track first.So I’ve thought that I’ll do what i had decided first.I’ll show London track and in between Naina’s track as London track is a bit long.And yesterday I introduced a person call Mr.Mittal.Today I’ll give his introduction.

Mr.Mittal:Owner of Mittal group of industries.Business partner and father-in-law of Karan.Father of Naina.Funny and happy go lucky type of person.Loves Naina very much.Loves to crack jokes and make everyone around him happy especially Naina.The only person who knows about Naina’s past.


Link for previous episode:Episode 44

episode 45

The episode starts with Naina and Naira thinking about the past and getting nostalgic.
Naira:You know bhabhi it was the first time bro was struck by cupid.
Naina(sad):Ya I know.He told me and also told that you were the one who first understood it.
Naira:He really loves you na bhabhi.
Naina:Hu but not more than you doll.He loves you very much.
Karthik:Loved bhabhi.It will be loved her very much.
Naina comes to Karthik.
Naina:I can understand Karthik why are you so angry on Karana and I’m not at all telling that there is something wrong in it.You love Naira very much.Surely you’ll get angry if anyone tries to harm her.(holds her hand)But don’t be angry with me na.I always considered you as my brother Karthik.Then why are you giving Karan’s punishment to me.
Karthik:Its not like that bhabhi.I’m not angry with you.I was just…
Naina:Its okay Karthik I can understand.Infact I’m happy that doll got a husband like you who loves her so much.Right doll.
Naira(smiles):Right bhabhi.And bhabhi I forward your hand.
Naina:You brought raksha dhaaga for me na.
Naira:Ya bhabhi.Give your hand.
Naina forwards her hand and Naira ties the raksha dhaaga on her hand.
Naira:Bhabhi did bro…
Naina:Don’t worry Naira I made him wear both raksha dhaaga and raakhi.And I’ve some gifts for you.
She gives some gifts for Naira.

Naira:Bhabhi what was the need of this?
Naina:When a sister ties raakhi to her brother he gives something to her as a token of their love.So take thinking your bro gave it.
Naira gets teary eyed thinking about him and happily keeps the gift.
Naira remembers about Akshara.
Naira:Achcha bhabhi I forgot to tell you something.
Naina:Ya doll tell na.
Naira:Wo actually my mother is also coming to meet me.If you don’t have any problem..
Naina:Arrey no no doll.Why are you telling like this.Surely she can join us.Doll you know its very good that you reconciled with your mother.I’m very happy for you.
Naira:Achcha I remember.How is Mittal uncle.Is he also in India?
Naina:No doll papa had some work to finish in London so could not come with us.He’ll aslo be coming soon.You know he misses you so much.
Naira:Ya Naina di I also miss him and specially his jokes.They’re better than Ishaan’s faltu jokes.
Ishaan:Hey moti my jokes are not faltu okay.Only faltu people feel it as faltu.
Naira:Oh really you’re talking about yourself na.As you’re the most useless person in the world.
Ishaan:And if you’re the most useful person in the world.
Naira:Rightly guessed.
They start fighting.

Emi:See mami.They again started fighting.
Naina:Arrey stop you both.
Naira and Ishaan stop fighting hearing Naina.
Naina(smiles):You both will never change.Still you keep fighting.
Naira:Ya bhabhi our relation is like this only.
Ishaan:But we love each other also.But you know na bhabhi in best friends fighting is common.
Naina:Ya ya I know.
Just then Akshara comes there and sees them.

Akshara:Naira beta.
Naira sees Akshara and gets happy.
Naina also turns around and sees Akshara.(Actually guys till now her back was facing her).
Akshara also sees Naina.
Naira goes to Akshara and hugs her.Akshara hugs her back.
Akshara is about to see Naina when she gets a call and turns around.
Naina(on phone):Ya Karan.
Karan:Where are you?
Naina(fumbles):Wo..I’m in a mall.
Karan:Wo can you come to the office.Actually client called me and told that he needs signature on the paper now only.I’m reaching but as papa is not there so from Mittal group of industries you’ve to sign.
Naina:What?But I can’t come now.
Karan:It is really important Naina.If we don’t do it today we will lose the tender and it will be a huge lose for the company
Looks at Naira and gets sad.
Naina(happily):Thank you so much Naina.I love you.
Naina:Love you too.Bye.

Karthik sees Naina upset and comes to her.
Karthik:What happened bhabhi?Any problem.
Naina:Wo actually some client needs signature immediately and as papa is not here I’ve to sign in his place else we’ll lose the tender.But..
Karthik:Its okay bhabhi.You go I’ll make her understand and she will understand.You know your doll na.
Naina:Ya Karthik.Thank you.I’ll leave now.

Just when she leaves Akshara and Naira comes there.
Naira:Karthik where did bhabhi go?
Karthik tells her everything.
Karthik:Now please don’t be upset with her over it.
Naira:of course not Karthik.I can understand.Work is also important na.
Akshara:Btw who is she?
Naira:Mumma she is Naina Kapoor.Naina Karan Kapoor.You know her?
Akshara:Naina Karan Kapoor.Ya I heard about them.You papa was telling in morning.Are they your clients?
Naira:They were mumma..But our friendship became very deep.So…
Akshara:Wo its that so.I wished I could meet her.
Naira:Next time surely you’ll meet her.Now lets do shopping.
Emi & Vitki:Mumma we want to go to park.
Naira(smiles):Okay beta.(to Karthik)Take them to the park.
Karthik(to Ishaan):Arrey why are you standing?Take them to the park.She told you na.
Naira(to Karthik):I told you.
Karthik(to Ishaan):See told you.
Ishaan:Oye bhai she is telling you.
Karthik:Kuch bhi.Don’t make excuses.Take Emi and Vitki to park.

Naira comes to Karthik.
Naira:I told you Karthik.
Ishaan signs him to hear.
Karthik:Me?But if I go who will help you in selecting?
Naira:I don’t need your help Karthik.You go with Emi and Vitki.
Karthik:Arrey but Emi and Vitki likes to go with their chachu na.Ask them.(to Emi Vitki)Emi Vitki tell you like to go with chachu na.(Signs them to say yes).
Emi & Vitki(naughtily):We will like if both of you come.
Naira:Listened.Now you both go with them.
Karthik(unwantingly):Okay lets go Emi and Vitki.Ishaan smiles at him and they go from there.
Naira also smiles seeing Karthik and Akshara smiles seeing them.
Akshara:He is really afraid of you na.What you do with him?
Naira:Nothing like that mumma.But its good he is afraid.Ya maybe sometimes I beat him but it nothing to be afraid of.
Akshara:Oh so you do domestic violence on your husband.Very bad Naira.
Naira:You can think anything.But husbands should remain in control na.You agree with me on this na.
Akshara smiles and pulls her cheeks.
Akshara:You’re lucky to get husband like him.He loves you very much.
Naira:Ya i know that.
Akshara:Achcha since when you know each other.
Naira:Many years mumma.I met him when I was 13yrs old just when I reached London but you know Karthik loves me since he was 9yrs old and I was 8yrs old when he first saw me.

Naira:Ya even I was shocked when he told me.He first saw me in Udaipur only.Then Naira tells her that how he didn’t tell her before her reconciliation with Akshara that he first saw he in Udaipur and told her later(Of course she didn’t tell that it was during the party time).
Akshara:I’m very happy for you Naira beta.Every mother wants her daughter to get a good husband.But my daughter got the best husband ever.I really am the luckiest mother.Its because of his love only na that you forgot about us.
Naira looks at her.
Akshara:No need to feel bad.We, and specially I’m, happy for this that my daughter got so much love that she didn’t have the time to think of others also and she forgot her maternal home.
Naira(in mind):Ya mumma I forgot you all but not because of Karthik’s love.It was first due to bro’s love then Karthik.And my maayka was with him only and only I know that I can never forgive him and bhabhi.
Akshara shakes Naira.
Akshara:What happened Naira?Where are you lost?
Naira(came out of thought):Nothing mumma.
Akshara:You’re thinking about Karthik na?
Akshara:Okay baba lets do shopping
She remember about Gayu.
Akshara:And I’ve to tell you something.
Naira:Yes mumma tell na..
Akshara:Wo beta Gayu…

Recap:Don’t know now.

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