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You are and always be my life (KKB) Episode 35

Pragya, How can he just say like this? I can see very clearly that he also misses me in his eyes….but why is he acting like this and making everyone worried? Why? Why can’t he just say the truth? Why does he have to stay alone and that too in an orphanage? I am not against him being there but still why can’t he understand without him it’s difficult for all of us?

Abhi, Certain things are difficult to understand Fuggi…but I am pushed to this situation to pretend to be someone else….I have no choice Fuggi! I miss you so much!


He was in tears while holding onto Pragya’s photo and wiped his tears quickly when he heard some footsteps outside his room….After hiding the photo he went to open the door as someone was knocking…

Abhi “ You are here?” Pragya “ Yes! I want to be with u! I can’t be alone anymore…no matter how many people are around in that house but still without u I am very alone…I also feel that I am like an orphan now….” Abhi “ Look Madam Pragya! Nobody in this world is orphan and this place is not even called orphanage! That’s why this place is called Family home! As long there are people to care for u then nobody is orphan! In that way your family members are there to care for u! I think it’s better for u to go back to them!”

Pragya was surprised to see the way he was talking with so much of understanding…..

Abhi by waving his hand towards Pragya said “ Hello! Can u please leave!” Pragya came back to her senses….

She was now walking towards Abhi while he was keep on stepping backwards….
Abhi was now looking nervously at Pragya as she is walking very close to him now….Abhi “Move behind! I am a very well-cultured person!” Pragya seductively said “ Acha…ok then let me see how my prem (love) will make this Prem change? By the way this is my culture of showing my love….”
Abhi, She is too difficult to resist! But I have to resist myself!

Pragya “ I love this prem (love) side of yours too!” By saying that she held his hands….Abhi tried to move away but he couldn’t as it was after a very long time that her Fuggi was very near him…..

Pragya looked into his eyes and he immediately closed his eyes…Pragya “ Why are u closing your eyes?” Abhi stammering in nervousness “ I….don’t…see..I…mean…I don’t want to see you!” Pragya very soothingly touched his face and asked “But why?” Abhi, Enough! She is just trying to seduce me! No way!

Abhi immediately pushed her away and Pragya was taken aback….Abhi “ Look! Mrs Pragya! This is the limit! If u continued like this then I will…” Pragya with a smirk “ You will?” Abhi “ Kick u out!” Pragya turned back and stood there….Abhi “ What are u doing?” Pragya “ Kick me! Usually people kick other’s back right?” Abhi with frustration “ Just go! Don’t disturb me like this!” Pragya “Okok I will go now! But I know I am always around u…in your heart!” Abhi turned back hearing that…Suddenly he felt someone’s hand around his waist…It was Pragya wrapping her hands around his waist…Abhi “ What are u doing?” Pragya “ Waist hug before I leave from here….” Abhi removed her hands and he turned to look at her…

Pragya “ I miss u and come back soon!” Abhi “ Mrs Pragya! You have completely lost your senses!” Pragya started to walk backwards towards the doorstep and said “ My senses are only with u…when u are not with me then I lost it too….” Abhi “ Hey can u walk properly! Look in front and walk!” Pragya “ I want to leave from here just by looking at u….” Abhi not being able to stand all this slammed the door and by then Pragya was outside the room. Now she was touching the door….

Pragya “ It’s not that easy for u to leave me! I will not leave u that easily too!”

Abhi, That was very close and I was about to be caught! She very well knows that her close proximity will have an effect on me! Fuggi! U think u are smart ah? I know how to control myself too!

Pragya, It is confirmed that he is acting! But why? Why does he needs to like this? Oh god! I know he gets affected by my closeness towards him but now he should be alert right? What do I do now? Let me inform this to Purab first…..

Pragya called Purab and informed him whatever happened between Abhi and her just now. Purab “ Di! It’s very clear that he had not lost his memory but why does he need to do like this? Was he angry on you or anyone in our family?” Pragya “ How can he be angry on me Purab? But yes he was angry on Aaliya and Tanu! And ya the usual reasons but he always said that together we will teach them a lesson!” Purab “ Then why is he doing like this? Do you think if we show Aaliya is changing slowly then will he come back to us?” Pragya “ No Purab….there is something else….You know just now when I went there I think he was crying before I arrived….His eyes were like swollen after crying for a long time….” Purab “Crying ah?” Pragya “ Yes Purab! If he is doing all this to Aaliya to be a better person then why does he need to cry? This is not the only way that he can do to change others!” Purab “ Sounds right di!” Pragya “ First we need to know where are the places he went on that day when he went missing! And especially need to check who are the people he met on that day!” Purab “ You are right di! I will check that out and inform u!” Pragya “Until then I need to disturb him……” Purab “How di?” Pragya explained to him and Purab was keep on smiling hearing that. Purab “ Sounds very dangerous di!” Pragya “ He needs something dangerous for making all of us worried!” Purab “ Carry on di! Just tell me if u need any help!”

Someone called Abhi “I told u that u shouldn’t talk to her! But still u are talking to her !!” Abhi “It’s not me who is after her! She is after me to talk!” Someone “ Whatever! U have to do something about it! Remember what I have said that day! 2 months!” Abhi “Yes I know and u don’t need to highlight that again to me! I am doing all this for u to understand too!” Someone in a sacarstic tone “Make me understand? I have nothing to say for that!” With that their conversation ended…..

Pragya “ You asked me to prove that u are not him right? Why must I prove u that u are not him?” Abhi “ Thank u! So finally u realised that I am not him right? Then u no need to prove anything!” Pragya gave a smirk making Abhi to be confused….Pragya “ Why not u prove that u are not him?” Abhi was stunned in shock after hearing that!

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