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You are and always be my life (KKB) Episode 34

Pragya, Why again this should happen to me? Am I that unlucky? Whenever I feel that my happiness is going to be forever then something happens to ruin it! What did I asked for? Just happiness and that to with him! Is it that bad to ask for that? How can he claim himself as another person now? Why??

Dadi was still not informed about Abhi due to her health condition. Purab and Aaliya were on full swing to locate Abhi.

As days passed, Purab knew he was nearing Abhi as there were more people saying that they saw him. Pragya was also hopeful that he will be back to her soon.

Finally, they managed to locate him at an orphanage!

Purab “ Abhi! Why are u here?” Abhi “ Excuse me! I am not Abhi! I am Prem!” Purab “ Yes u are Abhishek Prem Mehra!” Abhi “ Oh god! How many of u all will come after me and tell that I am Abhishek! Just because I look like him it doesn’t mean I am him!” Purab “ Abhi! Don’t lie like this!” Abhi “ Listen carefully! I am Prem and I am here in this orphanage to serve social service and let me live peacefully!” Purab “ Abhi! Please Dadi’s health is getting worse and she wants to see u! And Pragya di is also worried so much about u! All are missing u badly and please don’t act like this!” Abhi “ I am not acting and I don’t have the need to act too!” Purab “ Ok fine! I know u are very adamant! Just for Dadi….just come to house and see her! Then u leave by saying some reason….” Abhi “ No way! I can’t act and lie to others!” Purab, What u are doing now itself is a big act! Purab “ Please just once and then we will not disturb you!” Abhi sternly said “ Ok but just once!”

Purab brought him to Mehra mansion and Abhi was keep on looking uninterested towards all his family members….Pragya too was there and she was only feeling why is he doing like this now?

Abhi went to Dadi’s room who was lying on the bed….As usual after talking to Dadi personally he came back to the living area where all were gathered. Pragya “ Please don’t leave!” Abhi “ What’s your name?” Pragya “ Pragya! U know me! Just don’t act!” Abhi “ Madam Pragya! You are getting me wrong! Can’t u see the way I look and my dressing style is not at all similar to Abhi the rockstar!” Abhi was wearing formals and not like before where he was used to be in casuals…..

Pragya “ Your dressing style may have changed but not u! You are not telling the truth and you are him!” Abhi “ I know u have lost your husband but that doesn’t mean that I am him!” Pragya “ I never lost him! Don’t ever say like that! I can’t bear hearing this from u!” Abhi “ Ok I am sorry not lost but u are missing him…I understand it makes u feel that I am him but I am not! U can’t just assume!” Pragya “ No! You are him!” Pragya held onto his shirt and cried her heart out unable to stand his words of denial.

Abhi gently moved her from him and said “ Madam Pragya! How can u prove that I am him?” Pragya “ Prove?” Abhi “ I am telling u again if u keep on assume that I am Abhi then it will only make you worried and affect your health….” Abhi walked in front while leaving Pragya to stand in disbelief…..Abhi “ All I can say is I am not him if u think I am him then do something to prove it! I know u can’t prove but I am just telling u….” Pragya “ What if I proved that u are mine?” Abhi gave a light laughter and walked off from there…..Nobody was able to stop him as he was not willing to listen to anyone’s persuasion….

Pragya, What happened to him? Why is he behaving like this? What is bothering him? I have so many questions but where do I get the answers?

Abhi looking nervously at Pragya as she is walking very close to him now….Abhi “Move behind! I am a very well-cultured person!” Pragya “ Acha…ok then let me see how my prem (love) will make this Prem change? By the way this is my culture of showing my love….” Abhi, She is too difficult to resist! But I have to resist myself!

Don’t worry as one of the silent reader said don’t separate Abhigya! They will not be separated but they will be filled with masti wala romance just like the precap!?? I can only write like that! Hope u all can understand and support me! To the rest thank u so much for reading to Both silent and non-silent readers! And one more thing before I forget! I hope durga is reading this…Are u fine Durga? It’s been quite sometime that I had seen your comment! Hope u are fine and take care!

By the way planning to end this ff after this mission where Pragya is now making to get her Abhi back! Nothing is in my mind to continue after this twist….

Thought of not writing today?? but ya all your comments increased my excitement to write??

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