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You are and always be my life (KKB) Episode 33

Pragya and Dadi reached mandhir and were walking up the steps and that’s when Dadi was feeling a bit dizzy. Pragya realized that and managed to hold her before she had a fall. From there she quickly brought Dadi to the near by hospital.

Pragya, Now Dadi is also not feeling well and what else I have to face after he is missing….


She was about to call other family members to inform them that Dadi has been admitted in the hospital. Pragya felt something strange at that moment. The strange feeling that he is near to her….She looked around to see whether he was there. But there was no one except for the hospital staff and some people in the reception area….

Someone “ It’s getting late and why can’t the procedure be done fast? Can’t u see she needs treatment now?” Pragya heard that loud voice, she knew it was him!

Pragya, It should be him! How can I forget his voice?

Pragya walked towards the person who was facing the receptionist and yelling at her. She patted his back and said “ Suniye!” He turned behind to see who it was and asked “ Who are you?” Pragya in tears after meeting a long time said “ Your Fuggi! Don’t play with me like this!” Abhi “ Excuse me? I really don’t get u! And are u an alien or what? Who have their name as Fuggi?” Pragya “ Tell whatever u want but I really miss u so much!” By saying that she hugged him and he pushed her away!

Abhi “ Madam Fuggi! I guess u are mistaking me for someone else! I need to deal with this receptionist and please check your chasma as I think it’s not clear!” By saying that he turned back to the receptionist and continued to scold her.

Pragya was left in shock and couldn’t believe that he can’t recognize her! What is this? Is this happening again?

Pragya immediately called Aaliya and Purab to inform them about this. Aaliya “ Bhabhi! U somehow make him stay there and we will be there soon!” Pragya “Ok Aaliya!”

Pragya went near him and said “ Let me help u with this!” Receptionist “ Mam! I know he is a rockstar but he is saying he is Prem and u are his wife right?” Abhi stared at the receptionist and said “ You two are just crazy about that Abhi! I am telling that I am Prem and I am here to admit someone who met with accident!” Pragya “ Please make the procedure faster and I will make the payment on behalf of him!” Abhi “ I am not asking u for money! And why can’t they do without money?” Pragya “ Calm down! Now it’s important to save her life! So let me do that arrangements!” Abhi “ Ok fine!” By saying that he left to sit on one of the chairs there and looked at Pragya who was handling the receptionist very well….

Pragya “ Done! She had been admitted!” Abhi “ Thank u! And sorry for being rude just now!” Pragya “ You really don’t know me?” Abhi “ I know u! You said u are Fuggi just now right?” Pragya “ I mean what I am to u…” Abhi “ I am not the Abhi u are thinking and thanks for your help! I have already informed her family so they would be arriving at any moment! Now I need to leave!” He just walked off from there and Pragya couldn’t stop him!

Aaliya and Purab were there only after he left and Pragya was sitting on the seat there crying profusely…..

Aaliya “ He left?” Purab “ Di! Just tell what really happened?” Pragya explained everything and Aaliya and Purab found it hard to believe….

Purab “ Di! Are u sure whether it was him?” Pragya blurted out “ How can u ask like that Purab? I know him very well! Do u think I was imagining him? I know I miss him badly but I am still in my senses!” Aaliya “ Purab she is right! It was Bhai only! I heard one of them who passed by saying that Abhi the rockstar changed a lot…It means he was here and she too saw him….”

Pragya “ Why again? He gave me the hope that he will live with me forever and now he is leaving me like this!” Aaliya “ Bhai always love u and even when he was not loving u he was still there for u….” Purab “ Di! I am very sorry but since we now know that he is here only then we can find him soon!”

Pragya “ What’s the point? He had forgotten me again! Now the worse thing is he is claiming himself as someone else called Prem!” Aaliya “ That is the thing that is making us confused! Even if
he is acting but why is there a reason to do this?”

Pragya “ I really don’t know….I feel that I don’t want to know anything now!”

Aaliya consoled her and Purab asked them to return home. He stayed in the hospital to take care Dadi….

Purab, What is this? How can something like this happen? I am also confused like Pragya di! What will happen next?

Pragya “ You are not telling the truth and I know it!” Abhi “ Madam Pragya! I know u have lost him but for that u can’t assume I am him!” Pragya “ I never lost him! Don’t ever say like that! You are him!” Abhi “How can u prove that?”

Will Pragya be able to prove that he is Abhi? Let’s see!

No lookalike character and no memory loss so u all know the obvious reason! But why is he doing like this is the twist now!

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