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You are and always be my life (KKB) Episode 29

Abhi had fallen asleep in Pragya’s lap and she slowly without disturbing him moved his head and placed it on his favourite pillow.

She moved out of the room thinking how scared he was just now. I am so sorry for making u like this but I had no choice. I have to cheer him up later.


Pragya after a while returned to the room to get something. She saw him sleeping peacefully. She thought how calm he looks while sleeping. Pragya, I wish he is always have this calmness on his face and heart….

She caressed his forehead thinking that he is still asleep. He smiled in response to her touch and when she was about to take off her hand from his forehead, he held her hands firmly. Pragya ” You are not asleep?” Abhi opened his eyes and said ” How can I sleep when my lovely pillow was gone?” Pragya ” Lovely pillow? U only have favourite pillow right? And that is what u are lying your head on too!” Abhi pulled her closer to him and said ” Ya but my favourite pillow can’t give the feelings that my lovely pillow gives!” Pragya still puzzled with his words asked ” What is this new lovely pillow?” Abhi ” Your lap is the lovely pillow Fuggi!” Pragya blushed hearing that and asked ” What feelings do u get from this pillow?” Abhi ” Not only feelings but sometimes lovely thoughts too! Like this!” By saying that he kissed on her cheeks. She was taken aback by the sudden kiss and tried to move away. Abhi ” Why are u trying to move away when i am expressing my lovely thoughts?” Pragya ” The door is open! And how can u do like this?” Abhi ” Acha…Naughty girl Needs privacy ah?” Pragya managed to move away from him with a wide smile. That is when Aaliya entered into the room and was shocked to see Abhigya smiling!

Aaliya yelled ” Bhai! I want to talk to u now!” Pragya walked out of the room not wanting to argue with her. Aaliya just slammed the door and asked ” What is all this Bhai? U are smiling away with her when u said u will torture her!”

Abhi ” Calm down my dear sis! U think I am enjoying with her? Let her smile how much she wants as her smile will be shortlived!”

Abhi, I am sorry Fuggi for telling like this but never in my dreams or thoughts I want your smile to be shortlived. I always want your smile to be everlasting with my love for u….

Aaliya ” I just got irritated seeing both of u smiling like that! But it’s ok and do u need any help Bhai?”

Abhi ” Yes! And only u can do that!” Aaliya ” What’s that Bhai?” Abhi explained to her everything and Aaliya was grinning in happiness while hearing to that. Aaliya ” Super cool plan to mess up with her coolness Bhai!” Abhi ” That I know and u start working on this soon!” Aaliya left the room as she wanted to start working on Abhi’s plan as soon as possible. Abhi changed his attire to go out. He opened the door and saw Pragya looking tensed.

Abhi quickly pulled her into the room after taking a glance around that no one is looking at them. Abhi ” Why are u tensed now Fuggi?” Pragya ” What did u said to her?” Abhi ” Her? Aaliya?” Pragya ” Yes then who else?” Abhi ” Nothing much yaar just as usual in support of her I was telling her something!” Pragya ” No! U told her something and instead of always arguing with me she gave a very evil smile! I can see a lot of hidden meaning in it!”

Abhi ” Why are u tensed or worried when I am with u?” Pragya ” I don’t know but I just want to be live with u peacefully! I am fed up of going against the people who are like my family!” Abhi ” Listen Fuggi! It’s your greatness to think those people as your family but did they consider u that way? No right? Then why u care about them?” Pragya ” It’s not like that but the fact is they are family and as much as possible we should make them accept us as family too! After all Family is about accepting each and other despite the mistakes done!” Abhi ” You are right! But all kinds of mistakes can’t be accepted! Some mistakes are done out of insanity! And we have to clear their insanity first before accepting them!” Pragya ” What do u mean?” Abhi with a smirk ” Wait and watch the show Fuggi!”

Pragya, Now what is he upto?

Abhi ” I am not upto anything! And I am just going out for regarding some work and see u later! And one more thing Fuggi! Please check my studio room whether is it safe to enter!”

Pragya ” Ok! Anyways you don’t overthink about the lekha matter!” Abhi ” Who said I am thinking about her?” Pragya “Then what makes u to ask me to check the room?” Abhi ” Just like that Fuggi! As a wife u must check my things that I go and do my work!” Pragya with taunting smile ” Managing well! Ok Mr. Husband  I will do my work!” Abhi ” Thank u Mrs. Wife! And bye I am already running late now!” With that he rushed off from there and left the house.

Pragya, Always managing everything with his talks! He won’t be able to survive if he can’t talk like this!

That’s when she heard beep sound from her phone and looked at the message from Aaliya. Pragya was shocked seeing that message!

Pragya, What is this now? I can’t do this! No way how can I do this? It’s surely his plan!

Pragya called him ” Suniye! This not fair and if u do like this then I will tell to Dadi!” Abhi with a fake fear ” I am so scared Fuggi! Please don’t tell this to Dadi!” Pragya irked and said ” Please don’t act and don’t ask me to do this!” Abhi ” I know u will tell like this and that’s why I left the house as now u don’t have a choice and u have to do this!” Pragya ” So much of acting and planning like this! I didn’t expect this from u!” Abhi ” Expect for the unexpected from me Fuggi!” He ended the call by saying that she was left to think how to escape from this now!

Abhi ” Hey Pragya! Feeling hot right?” Pragya just looked at him with burning anger!

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