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You are and always be my life (KKB) Episode 28

Ok sorry guys for making some of u all upset with what I have written in the last OS let me make this clear that I am not sad about that comment if that is the case then I should be sad for multiple times in the past where I had even worst comments like Bakwass and all. I think I have expressed myself in the wrong way. Too complicated to make u all understand my thought process. Ok friends we all should just leave that aside and Now I have to rectify that through this update. Hope u all can forgive me and accept this episode as my way to make u all happy again.

Pragya was wondering how can she escape from his task. He did not know that she already had spoken to her mom harshly and left the house just to stay in Mehra mansion. He is thinking as usual his Fuggi had managed to convince Aunty ji but the truth is not that but she had spoken very harshly to her mum and left the house.


Pragya, what will I do now? He is so stubborn and he wants me to meet Ma and tell her what he had told me and also somehow bring her to the place that he had mentioned. I know he is planning some surprise for her but how can I go and even talk to her when I was so rude to her that day! I don’t want to tell all this to him…..If not he will be upset too as if it’s because of him that I was rude to Ma…..Already he was upset for the kiss issue and I did something crazy to make him feel better! Now what do I do? What if I do like this? Ya this is the only way where I need to use his fear to escape from this plan!

Abhi entered the room and saw Pragya sitting on the bed and staring at the floor. Abhi “What are u staring at Fuggi?” Pragya “Huh? U asked me something?” Abhi “Now what happened Fuggi? Why are u lost in thoughts?” Pragya “Not lost in thoughts but I was just thinking about the plan that u told!” Abhi “What is so big in it that u are scared to do that?” Pragya “Nothing big but I heard something about the place that u want me to bring Ma to!” Abhi with curiosity “What did u heard?” Pragya “ I heard that it is haunted with a ghost called Lekha….” Abhi broke into laughter but Pragya did not respond to his laughter and seriously told him “ Am I kidding? I am serious and I heard this from my friend!” Abhi “ How is that possible? It’s such a newly renovated place and there can’t be things like u are telling!” Pragya “ So u don’t believe me right?” Abhi “ I always believe u but not in this type of things!” Pragya, Oh god! He is not even believing and now what do I do?

Abhi, Is she serious? Lekha? The name itself is a bit creepy too….Just imagine Lekha lingering on u…….So scary man!

Abhi “ Fuggi! If what u are telling is true then all haunted stories have a backstory right? Then u know about this lehnga wearing lekha?” Pragya with curiosity and pointing a finger towards him “ How did u know that she wears lehnga in nights?” Abhi with nervousness “ Fuggi what are u saying? She wears lehnga in nights? I just said in a fluke yaar!” Pragya “ You are right! For some strange reason she likes lehnga a lot and she is always in that….she roams there to find her suitable lover!” Abhi “ It…..mean she will attack on men!” Pragya “ Yes both married and unmarried. She even likes the song nainaa barse…..so every night she will be singing that and even sometimes in day time she would appear too by humming the tunes…..”

Abhi with a shiver in his voice “ Nainaa Barse? The ghost song?” Pragya in a serious look “ You are right!” Pragya, Yes he is believing it! Ok Pragya just carry on this serious tone in telling the story and all will be fine…..Pragya “ And one more thing she likes hand bands a lot!” Abhi looked at the bands on his hands….Listening to all this he was getting more scared and was trying to hide his fear as much as possible……

Abhi “ Fuggi! Let me go and check my schedule for my works….I don’t want to hear this now!” By saying that he walked passed her as fast as possible and she smiled inwardly.

Abhi was walking towards his studio room and was taken aback when he heard nainaa barse song coming from his studio room itself…..Abhi, I am not going in! This Fuggi na told me all that until I am hearing that song now! Abhi went back to his room and look for Pragya but she was nowhere to be found!

Abhi, Where is she now? I am so scared and that too in the daytime! She knows right that I am scared of ghosts and all! And now after making me scared she went off somewhere!

Abhi was once again taken aback when someone patted on his shoulder. He literally jump out of fear with his eyes closed!

Pragya “ Suniye! Its me and why are u jumping like this?” Abhi “ I won’t open my eyes it’s not my Fuggi! It’s lekha who wants to linger onto a rockstar like me!” Pragya “ Arrey only when u open your eyes then u will know whether is it your Fuggi or Lekha!” Abhi slowly opened his eyes and saw his Fuggi and hugged her as he was relieved that it was her only…..Pragya “ Why are u so scared?” Abhi “ I heard the song from studio Fuggi! U know I was so scared! It is my first time not entering my studio out of fear!” Pragya consoled him and said “ It’s just your imagination and come we will go together and there will be nothing there!” Abhi like a child said “ No Fuggi! U sit here and I want to sleep on your lap and I don’t want our plan to be done in the place I told too!” Pragya “ Acha baba and don’t get scared like a small kid!” Pragya sat on their bed and made him lie on her lap. Pragya caressed his hair and thought, Oh dear U are so scared for the song that I made to play from your studio room through the music system……I know u would be scared but not to this level! I am sorry but I had to do this if not u will force me to do something that can make u feel upset again…….

Pragya “ Suniye! This is not fair and if u do like this then I will tell to Dadi!” Abhi with a fake fear “ I am so scared Fuggi! Please don’t tell Dadi!” Pragya “ Please don’t act and don’t ask me to do this!”

So I hope I made u all feel better through this episode but I am really very sorry if I had hurt any of u all through my feelings and opinions…..

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