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You are and always be my life (KKB) Episode 27

I thought of not typing today but I am getting bored during my late night travel?so I thought why not at least uploading a short update….Let’s see how it is……

The day went off with Pragya trying to once again talking to Dadi and looking after her needs….but something was bothering Pragya and Abhi also felt that whenever he saw her from distance….He decided to ask her once she comes to room

Pragya entered the room and Abhi quickly held her hand and brought her to the balcony.

Abhi ” Fuggi! Now tell me what disturbs u?” Pragya was surprised on his sudden action. Abhi ” Fuggi! Tell me na…” Pragya looked at him closely and said ” I was wondering it is only about us being in love and being together….” Abhi ” What do u mean?” Pragya ” Someone told me that love is also about sharing happiness with others….” Abhi ” Yes Fuggi but why are u feeling upset?” Pragya ” I was thinking about someone that who always helps us without expecting anything in return but always never think about his well being….” Abhi ” Purab?” Pragya ” Yes….” Abhi ” What makes u upset about him?” Pragya ” I talked to him earlier today and advised him to move on his life…I know he loved my Bulbul a lot but even she would like him to move on his life….but his words made me disturbed…” Abhi ” What did he said?” Pragya ” All your life just thinking about someone whom you love and forgetting yourself is called love and his love is like that. He also said that he feels pleasure in this kind of love that he is having….He feels that just by thinking of Bulbul’s memories he is able to forget all his worries of being not able to see her physically…” Abhi hearing that got emotional…..

Pragya ” But how long can he be alone like this?” Abhi ” Fuggi! I agree to his words as even if I am in his situation, I would have done like what he told….U know Fuggi i never realise what is love…I realised what is love only after loving u…In that way, i felt that love is like a flower…not flowers ripen into fruits to experience the happiness of marriage…but still he had felt the flower and its beauty….”

Pragya had tears in her eyes hearing to Abhi’s explanation and said ” When did u become so thoughtful?” Abhi ” I don’t know from when but maybe its due to your presence….And Fuggi! You don’t worry too much about Purab as we can’t force him in this kind of matter…as u very well know that love and marriage should not be forced if not….” Pragya ” I know ours was a forced marriage in a way but our love was not forced by anyone!” Abhi had tears in his eyes hearing that and said ” Fuggi sometimes I did felt that u loved me as u are married to me!” Pragya wiping his tears ” Even if I was not married to u, I would have fallen in love with u as u are the only one who can understand me even at all times!”

Abhi hugged her and assured that they will always make sure that their love for each other will not only be with them but will also be for their family….

Abhi ” Fuggi! Its getting cold here and we have to do planning for the task I have given u!”

Pragya looked at him with a tensed expression…Pragya, How to escape from his task?? He is not forgetting that but how do I tell him that Ma is very angry towards me!

Something funny….

Ok everyone hope u all liked it! I have seen all comments and thank u so much for the valuable comments! Thank u silent readers! And sandy ur doubt will be answered soon! Will try to reply u all in this update! If time and my phone allows as it have some battery problems??

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