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You are and always be my life (KKB) Episode 25

Dadi was not at all happy about Abhi’s decision of divorcing Pragya. She was thinking slowly Abhi and Pragya will be together but then suddenly he gave press meet and said that he will be divorcing his ex wife Pragya officially!

Aaliya and Tanu were in cloud nine hearing his decision but something unexpected is waiting for them too!


Abhi, By today she would have got the news of surprise! Shall I call her and ask? Ya it will be fine that way!

He called her and she also picked up the call. Pragya ” Hello! Faster tell me as I am packing my stuff!” Abhi ” Did u got the letter?” Pragya ” What letter? Can u tell faster as I am leaving out of town!” Abhi ” What u never got anything? And u are packing stuff to leave out of town!” Pragya ” What i need to get? Can u tell directly?” Abhi in his mind, He told that she would be informed of this matter soon! But now she is planning to go somewhere else!

Before he could answer back to Pragya, the call ended and leaving Abhi in shock. Abhi, How dare she ended my call like this?? And where the hell is she going now??

Abhi didn’t want her to leave and went to her house directly to check on her. He entered the house. Sarla ma ” Why are u here always to disturb her??” Abhi ” Aunty ji I want to see her! Please let me see her!” Sarla ma ” No way! Just leave from here!” Pragya heard their conversation and came out of her room. Pragya ” Ma! I will talk to him and then ask him to leave from here!” Sarla ma ” U always want to talk to him only! I seriously don’t have anything to say!” With that she walked off from there and Pragya signalled him to come to her room.

Abhi ” Where are you going?” Pragya ” To Uzbekistan!” Abhi “Huh?” Pragya chuckled looking at his confused expression. Abhi ” Why are u laughing like this?” Pragya ” Because I know that u don’t know where is Uzbekistan!” Abhi ” I don’t care about that but why do u have to go there?” Pragya ” Part of educational tour!” Abhi ” You are not telling the truth!” Pragya ” How do u know?” Abhi ” I just know!” Pragya ” I don’t know that u just know!” Abhi ” U got the letter right?” Pragya ” What letter?” Abhi looked at the dressing table and saw the letter there. He went towards to take the letter. Pragya, Oops! I should have hide it! Abhi with a witty smile ” Then what is this?” Pragya ” That…is…ok fine! You win and I lose!” Abhi ” So u are coming to our home right?” Pragya ” You know that! But u could have told me earlier about this! I still couldn’t believe how u manage to do all this!” Abhi ” Simple! Everyone knows that I had a memory loss and no one knows that I regained my memory except for us! In that way I don’t remember living with u…so for our divorce to happen I will have to live with u first and see whether i still can get along with u or not! And this is what the lawyers also have told in order for the divorce to proceed!” Pragya ” When i read the legal notice, I was very surprised to even believe that I am going to live with u again!” Abhi ” Once u are there then u will get to see a lot of surprises Fuggi!” Pragya ” But Ma is upset about this….” Abhi ” I have a plan for that too!” Pragya ” What plan?” Abhi told her the plan and Pragya was so excited while hearing that!

Abhigya hiding under a table….Pragya whispered ” Suniye! Do u think this will work out?” Abhi ” Sssh! How many times will u ask like this?” Pragya ” I am so scared…can we do something else?” Abhi ” Just do it! And don’t think too much!” Pragya gave a pouting face and looked at him.

Why are they hiding under the table? Pls wait for the nxt update to know that?

Ok everyone I have to tell that I can only update on Monday, Tuesday and Friday….maybe sometimes on Sat or Sun…Wed I have clg for almost a day! The rest of the days i have to study and crack my head for assignments. Ya i just got to know from my prof that she grades the assignment for 60 marks and if u get below 50 marks it is considered a low grade?? I have nothing to say about her grading system?? and by then i know that i got a low grade?

To say the truth I don’t care already but still i have to work on it so hope u all can understand my pathetic plight and what i can tell u all is upcoming updates will be fun filled and will be going towards the end of this ff but not that fast…slow and steady as now I got ideas on how to move the story forward….I guess when I am in stress mode then my ideation mode gets activated?? I have replied to all of u and its very nice that u all enjoyed my short update!??One more thing updates will be short too but pls try to understand as I can only write during my travels as once I go to my hse its for sleeping mode or study mode?? Friday I will try to give a longer update as I am more free on that day.

In conclusion, my college made me even more crazy filled with confusions and complications!

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