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You are and always be my life (KKB) Episode 24

Abhi, This Fuggi na is so upset with me until that she don’t want to reply to any of my calls or messages! Now I just have to go to her college to see her and that too before she goes inside the college if not I can’t handle my fans there! Have to wake up as early as possible!

Pragya, I want to see him but how can I do that now when I never attend to any of his calls and messages! Now what do I do?


The next day….
Abhi was waiting in the route where she passes by to college. He very well knows that where she gets down and walks from there to college. Pragya who was walking while still being lost in the thoughts of seeing him was about to pass
Abhi’s car. Abhi saw that and came out of his car to stop her but she was still walking not hearing him calling Fuggi.

Abhi now even louder ” Fuggi Cookie!!” Pragya
came back to her senses and turned behind. Pragya was surprised to see him but was also feeling happy that he is here to see her. Pragya saw him walking towards her and she slapped when he was near her!

Abhi ” What is this Fuggi? U slapped your husband?” Pragya ” Husband? I thought we are going to get separated soon right?” Abhi ” Oh so u are thinking like that now ah? By the way its not that painful Fuggi!” Pragya irked hearing that and slapped him again. Abhi was shocked to get a slap again from her but said with a smirk ” Your touch is making me crazy!” Pragya ” You are just ridiculous!” Abhi ” All for you!” Pragya ” I am not in a mood to talk to u! Bye!” Abhi ” But I am always in the mood to talk to u!” Pragya ” You still have the mood after saying to media and press people that u are going to divorce me!” Abhi ” Do you think i will really divorce you?” Pragya ” No! But how can u just say like that even without informing me!” Abhi ” Don’t get angry Fuggi!” Pragya with a fake laughter ” Angry? Me? No its not anger its just happiness!”

Pragya was not in the mood to talk to him further and was about to move away but he pulled her closer to him. Pragya ” Leave me! I am already running late! I have to go!” Abhi ” I won’t let u go!” Pragya ” Are u crazy? This is not your house and its a public place!” Abhi ” Yes I am crazy for u! Just listen to me once!” Pragya ” No way! Just let me go!” Abhi now tightened his grip making Pragya more breathe heavily. Abhi ” Ok let me just tell you that all this is to surprise you! And u will know the reason behind my acts very soon!” He let go off her and she was shocked to hear that all this divorce thing was a surprise for her! Pragya couldn’t understand what he was trying to do now!

Abhi “Fuggi! Why are u standing here still like a statue! You can’t go away for me right?” He said that by pulling her cheeks. Pragya ” Ouch! What are u trying to do? Why u can’t tell every thing directly?” Abhi just smiled at her widely and winked at her by not telling anything. He just walked back to his car while Pragya was just left in confusion there. Pragya ” Suniye!” Abhi turned around “Yes!” Pragya ” Take care!” Abhi ” You too! Bye Fuggi!” By saying that he drove off from there and Pragya was walking towards her college with a lot of confusions in mind….

Pragya, What is he planning now? Whatever it is i just hope that he don’t get into any trouble….This divorce thing is a surprise for me? I am completely confused by his words!

Abhi called someone while driving and said ” All set right? I am believing u and that’s why u have to manage this!” Someone ” Yes i know how important is this to u and I won’t make anything go wrong in this!” Abhi ” Thank u so much and make it faster as I want Pragya to know this as soon as possible too!” Someone “Sure she will be informed of this very soon!” Abhi ” Ok then bye!”

Abhi, Surprise is waiting for u Fuggi! You will get it soon!

Pragya, Sometimes I feel he is just too much into planning and stuff to the extent that it only makes me worried for him! And why can’t he understand that?

Abhi, You are always worried about me! I know that Fuggi! Stop worrying and just be happy that I am always there for you!

Pragya, I am scared even to be happy nowadays as whenever I am happy it’s just shortlived!

Abhi, Everybody gets scared about this! Not only u! And u see even when I am far from u but we are still talking and thinking about each other in this way! This makes us closer! You should feel happy about this and not scared as our understanding about each other is increasing day by day!

Pragya, But then I am sorry for slapping u just now! It would have been painful right?

Abhi, Its your first time right slapping me? I like that and I want more of that! I like whatever way u touch me! Whether its a slap or your soothing touch on my cheeks!

Pragya smiled and couldn’t believe that she is feeling like he is talking to him silently. Abhi also finds this funny as he only had seen this kind of things in movies! But he felt it as real as if Pragya is talking to him and he is also talking to her…..

Abhi ” Where are you going?” Pragya ” To uzbekistan!” Abhi ” Huh?” Pragya chuckled looking at his lost expression!

What is the surprise? Is Pragya really going to uzbekistan? To know that pls wait for the nxt update! Sorry if its short but my hands are still under pain as there was heavy work today?? so this is what i could type! Bye guys!

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