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YHM Dil toh pagal hain part 27

Hi dear friends
I guess I should not simply prolong this ff,
This is second last part of this ff n tom we will see last epi
I hope u my dear readers are ok with this please let me know
Main reason is that as always the story which I had planned will get over in these two epi
I will try to make these longer n dramatic

Recap-Romi tells Raman that simmi, mihir n he has decided to participate n not quit, simmi goes to meet Ishita

Ishita-simmi how is how. …..
simmi-(placing her hand over Ishita)-Raman is fine Ishita
Ishita smiles
Ishita-Because of me all this I mean simmi am sorry u all were working so hard
simmi (angry)-Ishita y r u saying sorry u too worked hard with us n we all r at fault Ishita can u please please please participate for us in finals
Ishita is confused
simmi-we have decided not to quit we will do steps we like atleast we can do that much, this way they will not disqualify us n we can participate next year

Abhi overhears them
Abhi-Simmi she has fever she needs bed rest n finals r tom so she will not…
Ishita-Abhi please am fine I want to please atleast I feel Raman will have thar little hope to participate next year maybe I can get back his smile please

Ishita makes puppy face
Abhi is helpless
Simmi smiles

Ishita is getting ready
Abhi-R u going somewhere?
Ishita-yes, some urgent work
Abhi (concerned)-r u fine?
Ishita-yes am perfect
Abhi-I will drop u

Abhi n Ishita r in car Abhi is driving he looks at Ishita he is admiring her she looks out of window

Car stops outside Bhalla house
Ishita rings doorbell
Mr Bhalla opens
Mr Bhalla-Raman n Toshi r not at home
Ishita (softly)-Uncle I wanted to talk to u just 5 mins please

Mr Bhalla is sitting on sofa
Ishita-uncle, Raman loves u alot, He really respects u a lot, His all efforts have gone in vain our rival team has copied all our steps, but we willnot quit we will participate tom, uncle ur presence will encourage Raman please uncle he is heartbroken he needs u ur blessings .Uncle he always had two dreams to win dance championship n to get ur love ur support his aim is to make u proud hope to see u tom thanks bye uncle

mr Bhalla gets thinking

Abhi looks on
Abhi-ishu what was need for this
Ishita-Abhi I am just trying to reduce Raman’s pain

A letter falls from Raman’s hand Mihir picks it, He is dumbstruck
Mihir-Raman bhai u r going to England u have taken admission for mba in England? ?
Raman-I couldn’t fulfill my dream so thought atleast I can fulfill papa’s dream
Mihir-Bhai u willnot try next year for dance championship
Raman-no (he is about to leave)
Mihir-What about Ishita how will u live without her
Raman-Mihir I dnt deserve her not at all the way I spoke to her how could I be so rude
Mihir-Bhai say sorry to her y r u going
Raman-Mihir she means everything to me still for this dance champion ship I have hurt her made her cry she got sick because of me, am an animal Mihir n I dnt deserve an angel like her I may apologize today she will forgive me also but I will again do something n hurt her
so am going away from her
Mihir-But Bhai
Raman(tears fall from his eyes)-This is my punishment
Abhi overhears them
Abhi-Raman u should not be punished I should be
Raman n Mihir r confused
Abhi-Ishita broke engagement with me for u I felt bad so I went to Ashok n made this plan to separate u n ishu am sorry very sorry u love Ishita more than me sorry

Raman is taken aback
He sobs
Abhi-Raman she loves u she cannot live without u please dnt leave her n go please
Abhi folds his hands

Ishita is getting ready for performance
Amma feeds her dahi sakaar

Raman is deeply engrossed in thoughts he feels a hand on his shoulder
He is shocked to see mr Bhalla
n Toshi
mr Bhalla (with love)-putaar waheguru is with u dnt worry perform like a star as u always do show ur rivals u r much much better than them

He hugs amused Raman
Mr Bhalla-my putaar is born dancer

Raman’s eyes r filled with tears he is unable to believe that mr Bhalla is proud of him Raman is happy

Toshi-This all is Ishita’ s magic she has convinced bhalla ji

Mr Bhalla-she made me realize my mistake am sorry Raman

Raman hugs mr Bhalla

Announcement by host rithvik
rithvik-so people r u excited to see last team perform, so put ur hands together for dance ke baap king of round one Rsim from India Backstage
Raman looks at Ishita with guilty eyes Ishita’s eyes r moist they have painful eye contact
simmi-guys we still have same dream so

They place hand over eachother

One Team one Dream Rsim will win

performance starts with Ishita
she does laavni her grace her moves perfect as usual
Raman is mesmerized

Ishita climbs on rope, she is about to lose balance but Raman comes on other rope way n holds her firm they have intense eye contact

Chand ne kuch kaha sun le tu bhi bekabaar aaahhh pyaar kar plays

Raman does lifts with Ishita
Aayi hain chandni mujhse kane yehi ahhan haan pyaar kar

Raman tactfully holds his ears n dances he dances in pain Romi, Mihir n Simmi join

ishra Dance ohhh ohh pyaar kar tears fall from Ishita’ s eyes Raman hugs her while dancing holds her close to him n licks her tears she shivers he kisses her n continues dancing he lifts her n lip locks haan aahan pyaar kar

Audiences clap, Amma appa mihika abhi Toshi mr Bhalla all stand up n clap

Ashok smirks shagun looks on tear eyed

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