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YHM Dil toh Pagal hain part 25

Hiii my lovely friends
so today am posting 25th part of this ff when I started it I never thought I would be able to write so much
so all thanks to ur support n encouraging comments this ff has completed silver jubliee
? ? ?

Recap-Flashback shows shagun instigating abhi against Raman by claiming that Raman was dating her n is flirt who is playing with Ishita’ s emotions she asks abhi’s help to expose Raman’s real face in front of Ishita
shagun asks ashok to send Rinki to rsim n tells abhi that once Raman blames Ishita abhi should take Ishita away from Raman n save her life


Ishita is hugging Abhi n crying
Abhi caresses her hair
Abhi-ishu ishu enough
Abhi’s pov-I never wanted to see a single tear in her eyes n today oh god did I do correct by helping shagun? ?
Abhi(with lump in throat)-ishu what happened??
Ishita-Abhi because of me Raman’s dream broke, he is hurt he is upset all because of me am so bad
abhi-ishu no no dnt say that u cannot (he feels guilty)

Shagun makes drunk Raman lay on bed Raman holds her hand (he sees Ishita in her)
Raman-u r so beautiful, u care so much for me am sorry
Shagun blushes
Raman-I I am stupid na I scolded u so much but u know what I love u the most really
shagun smiles they hug
Raman-I love u Ishita I love u alot Ishita please Dnt leave me I will die without u Ishita

Tears drop from shagun’s eyes she feels suffocated in his arms

Morning time
Iyer house
Mihika-ishu wake up its 10 am dear

Ishita is sleeping she touches her n is shocked

mihika (shouts)-Amma, appa bhai look what happened to Ishita she is so hot,

Doc is checking Ishita
Amma, Appa, Abhi, mihika look on in tension

Doc-she has high fever, her bp is also very low I have given her injection she should gain conscious ness in sometime
Abhi-Do we need to take her to hospital
Doc-No mr Abhishek just monitor her fever it should cure orelse we may have to admit her

Amma (with tears in eyes)-What happened to ishu suddenly
Doc-This isn’t viral her bp is also low main reason could be depression n tension

Raman is still in inebriated state he is sleeping n shagun is sitting besides his bed
she looks at him tear eyed

Abhi sits besides Ishita’ s bed he folds keeps damp cloth on her forehead, tears well up in his eyes
Abhi-ishu I never wanted to harm u this way am sorry sorry because of me today all this happened
he holds her hand n sobs
Abhi-ishu u can punish me but not urself ishu open ur eyes

shagun is looking at Raman
Raman-Ishita, Ishita, Ishita (utters in sleep)

Abhi is holding her hand and Ishita moves
Ishita-Raman, Raman, Raman

Bol na song plays Ishita n Raman utter each other’s name n Abhi shagun look on tear eyed

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