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YHM Dil toh pagal hain Part 24

Hiii my dear friends so so so sorry for delay and making u all wait thanks a tonne for ur comments each comment is precious

Recap-In last epi we saw eagles performed all steps which were composed by rsim, rinki betrayed them n gave their steps to eagles Raman in anger blames Ishita n calls her outsider who will never understand efforts taken by rsim he also accuses Ishita to be part of Ashok’s plan


Ishita is sobbing n unable to believe that Raman is blaming her
simmi pacifies Ishita

Raman too breaks down

Raman-All is finished, dreams r completely broken Rsim will lose n we will get disqualified no body will ever let us perform

Ishita tries to touch him
Raman (yells)-Ishita please leave go go go go the more I see u I get more angry n upset goooo

Ishita leaves with tears in eyes
simmi goes behind her
simmi-Ishita please please dnt mind whatever Raman said was in anger
Ishita (trying to control her tears)-He feels am with Ashok, he feels he did mistake by making me part of Rsim, he feels am outsider, All is ok I didn’t mind but he feels I will break his dream I cannot do that didn’t he realize his dreams r mine now it matters to me most how will I
(Ishita cries inconsolably
simmi tries to pacify)
but simmi what makes me more disturbed is Raman’s agony n he doesn’t want me to be around I cannot see him this way …..He is punishing himself

Raman is walking on dark empty streets with wine bottle his eyes r red he is continuously drinking
he is about to trip somebody holds him n takes him in her arms

yes it is shagun

shagun (concerned)-Raman Raman sit here what r u doing have u gone mad give me this bottle
(she snatches his bottle n throws it far away )
Raman (angry)-y did u do this?
shagun-Raman u r drunk enough I cannot let u harm urself so
Raman looks in her eyes
in inebriated state he feels its Ishita
he hugs her
shagun smiles
Raman-u always care for me

Iyer house
Ishita is sitting in garden
Abhi notices he goes n sits next to her Ishita is lost in thoughts her eyes r full of tears
Abhi places his hand over hers
Abhi (lovingly )-ishu
she hugs him n cries
Abhi is taken back

ishra r dancing they r lost in eachothers eyes shagun looks on n feels envy she leaves she sees
Abhi looking at ishra
shagun-Hii u r Abhishek Iyer right?
Abhi (confused)-yes but how do u know me
shagun-Hi am shagun Ishita replaced me in Rsim
Abhi-ohhhhh I was just…
shagun-I understand ur pain u love Ishita alot its visible in ur eyes actually Raman n I love eachother
Abhi (dumbstruck)-what? ?
shagun-yes he just wanted to get good chemistry with Ishita so he is playing with her feelings, all Raman wants is to win trophy but I feel bad for Ishita, I feel she should see Raman’s real face I want Ishita to get away from Raman (tears well up in her eyes).Abhishek Raman is flirt he doesn’t understand emotions of girl he has played with mine n now Ishita’ s please save her please

Abhi (confused)-but how I mean Ishita

shagun-I will help u I have plan as it is I want to take revenge from Raman he has ruined my life

Abhi n shagun r in a big hall Ashok comes
Ashok-so tell me what u wanted to talk
Shagun-I have deal for u?
Ashok-what deal??
shagun-deal that would help u win dance championship trophy
All u have got to do is send rinki to Rsim
Ashok-r u mad?
shagun tells him something, Ashok nods shagun keeps saying Abhi looks on
Ashok (with wicked smile)-sounds good but will Ishita take Rinki’s side
shagun-definitely Ishita is very kind she will melt with Rinki’s tears
shagun n Ashok shake hands
Ashok leaves
shagun-Raman will go mad with anger when he will make out that Rinki betrayed them he will blame Ishita n Ishita will see his real face
Abhi-But Ishita her dream her efforts
shagun (with tears in eyes)-her dream will break but her life it will get saved look at me do u want to see ur Ishita like this. A little pain will save her from lots of pain n u r there to take care of her she will be fine n u just take her away from here

Abhi gets thinking
shagun has wicked smile
shagun’s pov-Raman will blame Ishita, Abhi will take a broken Ishita away, Raman will get more hurt n I will replace Ishita n make Raman forget her Raman is only mine

So frnds how was twist ??

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