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YHM Dil toh pagal hain part 20

Hello lovely ppl
Thank u so much for all ur love
so this epi especially for all dear readers who wanted ishra scenes I hope u will like it
please let me know ur take
so lets get started

Recap-Rinki is Romi’s sis who joined Ashok’ s group as she fell in love wd him
Romi is hurt n break ties with her now she is removed from Ashok’ s team n request Rsim members to give her one chance.on Ishita’ s insistence Raman agrees n Rinki joins Rsim


Raman n Ishita r eating icecream, Raman with his fingers removes icecream from Ishita’ s lips Ishita shivers
They have intense eye contact
icecream wala-sir icecream will melt
Raman n Ishita give each other awkward smile
Ishita touches her handbag
Ishita panic
Raman (surprised)-what happened?

Ishita(tensed)-my phone I left it in practice hall
Raman (calmly)-Dnt wry I will call Mihir n ask him to keep safely
Ishita-Raman can we please go back please
she makes puppy face
Ishita-I cannot sleep without it please
Raman-okay but we must reach there quickly otherwise Mihir will lock it n leave n his phone is unreachable

They sit on bike
Raman drives rash Ishita holds him tight out of fear
wind blows
Raman-close ur eyes dnt wry u will be safe u r with me

Ishita closes her eyes
she is holding Raman firmly
Ishita’ s pov-I feel so secured when he is around

Mihir is about to lock hall
He sees no network on phone n goes in side n tries calling Simmi
meanwhile ishra reach
Raman-Ishita wait here I will get it

Raman’s pov-Hall is open but dark maybe Mihir might be in I will get her phone, let me switch on light

ohhh gosh I guess power failure
chalo let it be I will find in dark itself let me call

Ishita’ s pov-I must help Raman in locating my cell,

Ishita enters practice hall

Mihir locks hall while talking on phone n leaves

ishra locked in practice hall ?

Raman gets her cell
power comes
Raman suddenly sees Ishita n screams Ishita also screams
Raman-what r u doing here? u scared me y did u scream
Ishita-becoz u screamed
I can to help u
Raman-I dnt need help am smart Ishita-whatever
they get going
Raman tries to open door
Raman-I guess Mihir locked it
Ishita-what??? call him
Raman-no network u call
Ishita-no network in mine also
Raman (with naughty smile)-Hum tum ek kamre mein band ho aur chabi kho jaye
Ishita-shut up ur voice is annoying Ishita (screams bangs door)-Help help we r locked
Raman-dnt waste energy nobody will listen sit aramse rather sleep now only mihir will open that too tom

Ishita sits Raman looks at her lovingly
Raman’s pov-she looks more lovely when tensed
Ishita’ s pov-ohhh god whats this he n me alone I mean I feel safe but I I I I dnt want to admit or show my feelings n what if he proposes me god strange situation

Ishita is playing game on cell
Raman is studing

suddenly power goes offf
Ishita (panics)-Raman Raman Raman
Raman-Ishita relax am here wait I will come to u
Ishita-I hate darkness I feel suffocated
Raman is going near Ishita suddenly Ishita’ s cell light also goes
Raman-what happened
Ishita-low battery cell got switched off
Ishita get up n walks towards
he walks towards her its completely dark
they collide Ishita screams
Raman holds her firm

they r in eachothers arms n can hear n feel eachothers breath

Arre re arre yeh kya hua meine na yeh jana arre re arre banta hain toh ban jaye afsana

light comes
they get away n feel awkward
suddenly Ishita sees cockroach n hugs Raman again
Raman whispers in her ears-Ishita dnt wry chance nai marunga
Ishita shyly smiles

Raman-Ishita lets sit here
(He makes her sit)
u r tired, sleep am here Dnt worry
Ishita keeps her head on wall
she is about to close her eyes n power goes again
Raman-I will light candle u sit here dnt come behind me

Raman lights candle n gets it
Ishita is looking at him n he is looking at her in candle light
they get lost
wax drops on his hand
Ishita rushes to him holds his hand n blows air she caresses it Raman eyes her adoringly
Ishita (angryly)-useless dnt know how to hold candle
Raman (innocently)-not my fault u were looking beautiful in candle light

Ishita smiles

Raman-Dnt wry its little injury I didn’t burn myself
Ishita places her hand over his mouth
Ishita-dare say such things
they have intense eye contact

Ishita is sleeping keeping her head against wall
Raman adores her
she places her head on his shoulder n he caresses her

They r holding hands n sleeping on eachothers shoulders

Mihir n simmi r dumbstruck to see them
they wake up
Raman (faking anger)-careless u locked us in
Mihir whispers-say thanks bhai

simmi whispers to Ishita-did he confess

Ishita n Raman look at each other

I hope I did justice? ?silent readers please today u too let me know ur take please

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