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YHM Dil toh pagal hain part 18

Friends get ready for more twist
Thanks dear friends for ur precious opinions

RECAP-Ishita tells abhi about her feelings for Raman Abhi understands n tactfully refuses for marriage, Ishita wishes that Raman shd propose her first she informs Raman about breaking alliance, Raman vows to make Ishita his.


Raman, Romi n Mihir r talking
Mihir-Bhai I think she broke engagement because she too loves u
Romi-yes Raman love is visible in her eyes, u should tell her soon before its late
Raman-But I, do u think I deserve her, I dnt earn, I dnt have job
Mihir-But u r first class dancer
Raman-let finals get over I will talk to her
Romi-Do it quickly am eager to make u my jijajiii
Mihir-yes bhai eager to see u too taste this bitter ladoo of marriage

Mihir n Romi tease Raman, they laugh

ishra practice dance they dance like free birds n love birds they r lost in each others eyes
Ek duje ke vaste plays in bg

Shagun comes n sees them dancing her eyes get welled up with tears Romi notices he tries to stop her but she leaves

Two Days Latter
Raman-Guys we need to go to academy n do final registeration of our team

A man collides with Raman
Man gives him angry look
Man-Raman Bhalla y r u taking so much efforts I suggest quit because my team will win dance championship
Raman-Ashok mind u, overconfidence comes before fall, n time will tell who will win so please work hard
Ashok-Raman unlike u am born dancer n I have best of dancers n especially females of my group r

Romi gets furious n is about to slap him
Raman holds his hand
Raman-Let our dance speak Romi

Ishita-who is he?
Raman-He is Ashok leader of Eagle group our rival team from India
Ishita (confused)-y did romi get so angry
Raman-Its long story will tell u

Ishita goes to washroom she is shocked to see a girl wiping inconsolably
She feels sorry for girl
Ishita-Hey what happened?
Girl-I was a part of eagle group they removed me at last moment just before finals
It was my dream to participate in finals
All is finished

she takes out blade n is abt to cut her nerves Ishita stops
Ishita-Hey r mad dnt do this life is precious u can be a part of our group RSIM we r only 5
GIRL-Your members willnot allow
Ishita-I will convince
Girl-Really? ?
Ishita nods she hugs her

All r shocked to see Ishita with girl Romi gets angry n leave
Raman-Rinki what r u doing here
Ishita-Raman u know her

Girl goes behind Romi
(Girl is Rinki who played Raman’s sis in original yhm so friends what do u think is her role in my ff n y Romi got angry seeing her? ? guess guess
extremely sorry for short update)

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