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YHM Dil toh pagal hain part 16


Recap-In last epi we saw Ishita decides to leave Rsim but abhi convinces her to participate
Raman is excited to see her in practice hall but gets shattered to know Ishita is engaged to Abhi

Ishita leaves practice hall
Simmi goes behind her
Ishita stands against a wall n sobs
Images of Raman dancing n hurting himself flashes before her eyes
She is weeping
She notices hand on her shoulder she sees simmi
Ishita tries to wipe tears n fake smile
Simmi (sternly)-Ishita u neednot do that in front of me Ishita u treat me like a sister I know u rnot happy with this marriage,
R iyers forcing u?
Ishita-No simmi no
Simmi-Ishita I know u love raman dnt deny its visible in ur eyes in ur actions

Ishita is amused she hugs simmi n weeps Simmi pacifies her

Abhi-Raman u r superstar Ishita was right really u dance so good man

Ishita(trying to control her tears)-From 20 years am staying with them, they have done lot for me, given me good food, shelter, clothes educated me, loved me cared for me, they have always treated me like mihika,

Tears fall from her eyes
Ishita-But never asked me anything for first time they
How how can I say no
I have so many obligations

Simmi-Ishita relax think with calm mind
Marriage is commitment of lifetime just think if uncle n aunty treat u like mihika would they like to see u unhappy
Ishita-Abhi is my childhood friend he cares for me
Simmi-Ishita Ishita Ishita u love raman dear its not easy to forget ur love
U will ruin 3 lives, y r u doing this sacrifice, Ask ur heart once can u live without Raman?
Ishita-maybe but am worried about Raman I will
Simmi-no Ishita its not easy its not n u willnot be able to do justice to abhi his love think Ishita
Abhi is very understanding tell him whats in ur heart he will understand
As a sister I feel this would be best Ishita do what ur heart says
u too have right to love, listen to ur heart

Ishita gets thoughtful
Ishita is walking on road
Its raining Ishita is in deep thoughts
(images of amma, appa taking care of her in childhood days their smiling faces, mihika’s excitement, raman’s pain all flashes before her eyes)

She goes to temple n sits there
Ishita to Ganpati idol-Am very very confused bappa help me please

she closes her eyes
Raman n her lip lock is shown Ishita smiles
Ishita-Thanks Bappa I got my ans

Iyer house
Iyers r stunned to see Ishita wet
Ishita sneezes, mihika rushes to get towel.

Ishita goes to her room
Abhi comes with tea .They have tea
Ishita-Thanks (she gives fake smile)
Abhi-ishu please dnt lie, ever since our marriage talks have started u seem disturbed
we r friends first so there shd be no secrets
Ishita-Abhi. …….
Abhi-yes tell me

So friends what will Ishita say?

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