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YHM Dil toh pagal hain part 15

Hii friends,
Thanks a tonne for ur lovely comments
hope to make today’s epi more touchy

Recap-Abhi proposes Ishita, iyer family convines her Ishita is unable to say no she agrees abhi makes her wear ring
Ishita is greatful to Iyers n doesn’t wish to hurt them


Morning Time Iyer house
Ishita is taking out dress from cupboard she is distracted by ring in her finger
Ishita’ s pov-I cannot face Raman I cannot go I will leave the group
I cannot

mihika comes there n hugs Ishita from behind
mihika-ishu am so happy
amma appa spoke to panditjii, muharaat is of next month
yuppie u n bhai getting married next month I I I I am so happy

Ishita’ s eyes get moist

mihika-ishu its 12 u r already late for practice n u rnot ready
Ishita-mihika am leaving group
Abhi comes
Abhi-y? ?
Ishita is unable to answer
Abhi holds her hand
Abhi-Ishita finals r in 15 days n our marriage is next month so u can participate
Ishita I want to make ur dreams mine not break them

He looks in her eyes
Abhi-if u will leave group I will feel its because of me so
Ishita-Abhi its couple dance u rnot understanding

Abhi-I dnt mind because I know u r mine n amma has told me about everybody espl Raman so no problem ishu
now get ready

Abhi n mihika leave

Ishita looks at ganpati idol confused

Raman is looking at door
Raman-I think she willnot come its 1 already
simmi sees Ishita
Raman sees her n gets excited he rans towards her n hugs her
Raman-Thank god u came, I thought u r angry
Ishita’ s eyes get moist

Abhi comes there
abhi-Raman Ishu, is very sweet she doesn’t get angry

Raman looks on
Abhi (put forths his hand)-Hii am Abhishek Iyer Ishita’ s fiance

Raman is dumbstruck unable to move
Romi, simmi, mihir look on mihir shakes abhi’s hand
Raman excuses himself Ishita notices
Abhi-I thought I must meet u all ishu talks alot about u

Raman is in washroom he is weeping he spills water on face n time they have spend together flashes before his eyes
sad version of dil toh pagal hain plays.

Raman is sobbing

Abhi is talking to Romi
simmi notices Ishita’ s focus is on washroom side (where Raman has gone)

Abhi-Romi u r ishu’s bro I promise to keep ur sister happy always

Romi tries to smile

Raman comes
Abhi-Raman yaar heard lot of praise of ur dancing pl pl would love to see some steps

Raman dances ek duje ke vaaste sad version plays
his dance indicates pain, sorrow
abhi watches
Ishita’ s eyes get moist
Raman dances n dances n finally hits his hand to window
glass breaks
offffffffffooo oooo his hand bleeds profusely
Ishita panics n rushes to his aid
Raman whispers in his ears-Am used to being alone so please u dnt get to worry
goo goo Ishita I dnt need u go

simmi comes n does first aid
Abhi-Bhai so much aggression not good u shd be careful
Mihir to Romi-Bhai today its not his hand thats bleeding its his heart
Ishita overhears them n rushes out weeping

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