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YHM Dil toh pagal hain HAPPY ENDING

Hii friends sorry kept u all waiting actually I wanted to make last epi a perfect one n so was composing it I hope u all will like it
so today my one more spl journey is coming to an end to start with thank u list

Jasmine Rahul thanks alot dear for all ur long comments dear parichary thanks dear for ur comments n predictions regarding next part Lisa dear thanks alot n yes I would comeback with another ff Nivedha,neethu thanks dears veronica, kumud,
reshma,radhikaji akshata, ipsita,
, guru kv, sowmy,
janini thanks am sorry if am
forgetting somebody sorry
every comment meant alot so
thanks a tonne
n my dear silent readers
thanks for ur silent support


So here it goes


Raman is talking on cell a small baby (around two years ) comes crawling near him she holds his trouser
Raman smiles he lifts her n kisses her baby starts crying
Raman(tensed)-Ruhi beta what happened ok please dnt cry I will take u to mumma

Ishita is getting ready she applies sindoor a small baby (around two years) comes crawling n holds her sari Ishita lifts her n kisses her baby starts crying
Ishita-ohhh pihu dnt cry wait bachaa I will take u to papa
Raman goes to Ishita with baby n ishita to Raman
they smile seeing eachother
Raman-ishu take ur ruhi n make her quiet n give me my pihu
They exchange babies n babies smile
Ishita-Raman our daughters r naughty like us
(wink wink yes they r married n blessed with twins ruhi n pihu )
Raman-ishu lets leave now we r already late,mummy papa we r ready

Toshi smiles seeing ishra with daughters mr Bhalla plays with kids

Party Hall

Abhishek welcomes Bhalla family Amma n Appa hug Ishita
Raman-Now mr Abhishek u look perfect (Raman winks)-How was ur suhaagrat bro
Ishita-Raman(She gives him angry look)
Abhi-I will tell u in detail but first let romi, Ashok n Mihir come
Ishita-where is supriya
A beautiful newly wed bride enters in pink sari (she is mona Singh)
Abhi goes to her kisses her hand
Abhi-so here comes my beautiful wife Mrs Supriya Abhishek Iyer
supriya blushes Ishita hugs her
(Abhi is married to supriya )

Ruhi n pihu r playing with balloons A small baby boy comes n kisses Ruhi n then pihu
All look at kids adoringly
Romi n shagun walk hand in hand
Romi-Raman our son is flirting with ur both daughters be careful
shagun smiles Ishita hugs her
(shocked friends shagun n romi r married n that child is their son)
Rinki enters with a small child in lap n Ashok besides her
Rinki-No bhai when my adi will grow up he will flirt more
Ashok-After all he is my son

Romi hugs Ashok n shagun takes Rinki’s baby in lap
(second shock friends Rinki n Ashok r married n have a son too n Romi hugged Ashok keep reading)

Abhi n supriya welcome everybody
supriya-where is my lovely sis in law mihika

mihika enters
mihika-sorry bhabhi actually
Mihir-bhabhi before she lies she as usual took time to get ready
Abhi hugs Mihir n supriya hugs mihika
(third shock what is mihika doing with Mihir what about simmi keep reading friends)

All r sitting on Table
Abhi-Today’s day is so special for all of us 5 years ago


Rithvik (host of dance championship)-N guys hold ur breath winner of dance championship is………

Rsim members r holding hands
ishra have painful eye contact

Rithvik-somebody who made us fall in love with them by showing their love yes it is Rsim from India

Raman sits on floor Ishita hugs him Romi, Mihir n Simmi hug
Abhi, appa amma mihika smile

Remo gives trophy to Raman tears well up in his eyes
mr Bhalla n Toshi stand up
Raman-I I I I cannot believe am holding this trophy something I dreamt of from day I actually started to see dreams but I never knew that my dream will make me so self centred so rigid that I will end up hurting someone who means world to me some one without whom I cannot survive, some one who is my love I dnt think saying sorry would be enough but still (Raman sits on his knees ) Ishita am sorry very sorry (he weeps) I love u Ishita

Ishita runs towards stage she hugs him
Ishita-Raman I love u too
they cry hugging eachother
All clap
Ahhh haan pyaar kar ohhooo pyaar kar la la pyaar kar plays

Shagun is crying inconsolably Romi notices he goes near her
Romi(gently)-shagun what happened
shagun (tear eyed) Am bad very bad I did it all I provoked Abhi lied to him that Raman loves me I took him to Ashok I made this plan but I never get Raman’s love I cannot get anybody’s love nobody can love me am so bad

Romi hugs her
Romi-I love u shagun from day I saw u for first time

shagun is dumb struck

Romi(tear eyed)-I made out that u loved Raman alot so I decided to go away far away from u I kept fighting kept finding fault with u n tried to overcome my feelings but I lost I still love u love u

they hug each other

Rsim members r celebrating Rinki walks hand in hand with Ashok
Romi gets angry n shagun places her hand over his
Ashok-Raman am sorry extremely sorry I should nt have done this u r real champ Romi please please forgive me trust me I was a play boy used to flirt alot but after I met rinki I I I only love her please Romi for Rinki’s happiness accept us please

Rinki folds her hands Romi hugs Ashok n Rinki

******Flashback ends**********

Supriya-Abhishek this sounded like story of film u never proposed me like that like Raman proposed Ishita
Abhi-Madam forgot I proposed u on Canada airport
supriya smiles n hugs him
Mihir is tear eyed mihika places her hand over his
Raman-Mihir we too miss Simmi alot

simmi is shown shopping happily suddenly a bomb blast is shown

Mihir is crying simmi is badly injured
simmi (unable to breathe )-Mihir Mihir pro pro promise me u will marry again pro pro
Mihir tries to nod
Simmi closes her eyes

*****Flashback ends*****

Mihika places hand over stomach
Mihika-we r going to keep our would be baby’s name Simmi

Mihir smiles
Raman whispers in Ishita’ s ears-u r sister is devi like u

he kisses ishita’s cheeks Ishita blushes

pyaar kar is played all couples dance kids too dance (junior Rsim;;) ) n elders smile

N needless to say They lived Happily everafter

So how was it?
How was this ff criticism most welcome
friends any suggestions

waiting eagerly for ur comments would miss u all alot
sorry for any mistakes done
thank you

Tata bye bye ♥♥♥♥

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