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Yehi hai Ishq (episode 38)

Yehi hai Ishq (episode 38)

Recap- Jay arrives The Farmhouse..Twinkle fumes seeing him..
All celebrate usha-Manhohar’s & Rameja-Leela’s wedding anniversary.. They sit to see some videos as its a gift prepared by Yuhi and Bubbly..In a video all find A two yeard ..naughty, cute Kunj ..whom Twinkle likes a lot and wishes to kiss the boy..stretching his cheeks..(I forgot to tell the video was of 1992..when Kunj was 2yrs old..)


And you can click the link to see the boy..last time it wasn’t click able

This-  https://encrypted-tbn3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSIQ8Y0JIxEdQTVcW6tCZuDV-mYQIrbVQYUfWg2MlEj_5fk5lBa5w


All were looking at Twinkle with a surprised look
M:..you really don’t know who he is??
T:..yup..Or am I doing timepass here??
Y:..Then sorry we tell you after the vedio ends…
T:..but UV……..okay..
She says moving like a baby..but two eyes were looking at her still completely surprised..

The vedio continues..
Year 1996..

A small girl of about 5yrs(imagine Harshali Malhotra)..she was wearing a long pink-white frock with a crown..
“Hello hello..”.. With full princess style..
” I am a princess.. And you know what everyone loves me ..coz I am so cute..Main papa ki pari hoon..the cutest of all and the smartest of all..do you know who I am??”..

Out of the video..
“Guarantee.. I am 100% sure..yeh siyaapa queen hi hai..” (Guarantee.. I am 100% sure this is this Troubly queen only..).. Kunj said with full confidence..
” absolutely correct Kunj puttar..”..Leela said…
Kunj lifts his collars looking at Twinkle.. She gave him a fake fast clap and said..
“C’mon ..its not so hard to recognize this beauty queen..I am so pretty from childhood anyone can guess that its me..”..
” Oh hello..miss..don’t give do much…. “..Kunj was about to speak further but Twinkle din paid any heed and asked Yuvraaj to tell who the boy was..

Y:..you really can’t guess it out …he Is Kunj….

The moment she heard that he was Kunj ..and whatever she wished flashed in her small brain leading to an expression like this-



Y:..really I mean you could have guessed …it was just so simple.. Jab bhagwaan brain baat rahe the tab kya kar rahi thi???(where were you when God was distributing brains to all??)
K:..kuch nahi..bhagwaan ne kaha ..balike..thoda deemag daldu??..toh isine mana kardiya..kehkar..kya fayeda babaji jaa toh rahi hoon main siyappe hi karne..deemag mere kisi kaam ka…..haina Siyaapa Queen…
(She was doing nothing..when God asked to give her some brains..she only denied saying what’s the use..as I am going to take birth only to do Siyaapas..)

Listening this all bursted into laughter…

T:..whatever…dekho Sadu Sarna..I am a great combo of beauty and brains..and moreover ..I have a name..remember.. Its..
K:..pata hai pata hai..yehi naa…Twinkle mera naam hai timtimana mera kaam hai…
(I know I know..this only .. My name is Twinkle and my work is to Twinkle.. Tim Tim Tim..)..
T:..Kunjjjjjjjj..I am not TIm Tim.. Stop calling me that….

She said getting up to beat him..
Kunj stood to run and Twinkle followed…

T:..Kunj ke bacche..I’ll not leave you.. I swear I’ll kill you..samajhte kya ho khud KO…(what do you think of yourself?)

Kunj was running b/w the chairs and Twinkle was chasing him blabbering.. All were laughing at their childishness..
K:..kuch nahi meri jaan..Main khud KO bas..Kunj Sarna smajta hoon…(nothing.. I just think myself as Kunj Sarna)

T:..you wait..I’ll catch you then will tell..
K:..sorry for the inconvenience.. But main bhooki Siyaapan sherni ke mooh main haath nahi dalunga…tujhe shikar Karna hai toh mehnat kar..(but I am not going to sacrifice myself giving my hand in a Hungary lioness’s mouth.. You wanna catch me..then work for it..)

Saying this he ran out of the hall..but two  souls were not liking all this.. and T&K played their chase & catch in the whole bungalow… In between Twinkle threw..pillows and all but in vain..Kunj saved himself..

Next scene-
He was running in the large garden.. near a low hill ..

Twinkle came running..Kunj stopped at the hill top being exhausted ..Twinkle bumped into him..they entangled their hands to prevent themselves from falling.. But Kunj lost balance at they were on height and Twinkle also bumped… They fell..and in the process.. Their lips met…both were rolling down the grassy hill closing their eyes and their Lips were still stuck to each other…
Kunj on top…Twinkle on top..Kunj on top…Twinkle on top…Kunj on top…Twinkle on top….the cycle went on but both of them din bothered to detach their lips at all…

Precap- Abhi Jo first kiss hua..uspar reaction.. And kuch bohot important…. Uff…stay in the tune..you’ll get next one hopefully very soon..

Heyyy..missed me??..kiya tha naa..I also missed you all a lotttt..I know I wasn’t able to comment on all the ffs..nor was able to read them all…but will now try to …
Now onwards.. I’ll post Yehi hai Ishq ..umm..daily but short episodes and not on the days of the other ones but as an exception will do if I get time.. And if will not be able to then 2 or 3 in one…hope that’s fine with you all..
So how were your exams ..all the scholars like me??..I know you all rocked and I too tried my level best..let’s see what the results are..abhi abhi maths exam de kar aayi hoon…uff

How was the first kiss??..
I know zyaada exciting nahi tha…but situation toh Socho..Twinkle ki wish poori ho gyi…haina….actually only two episodes are left then I’ll cross 40epis..so thought.. Ab apne ff main romance KO sprinkle karne ka time aa gya hai…I hope you all are going to love what’s next….

Doooo comment plz plz plz..

And yes I’ve posted my other two ffs too along with this…do read them if you wish

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I will post OLS-TL on Wednesdays/Thursdays
And ATOL-T on Saturdays/Sundays..from next week
As not much chapters are left for both of them..
Hope you liked the episode…

Love you


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