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Yehi hai Ishq (episode 35)

Yehi hai Ishq …(episode 34)

Heeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy…missed me??..
Chalo miss chodo..yaad bhi hai ki Shreya aka Lovely kis dhamaake ka naam hai??

So I don’t think so ki kisi KO last epi yaad hoga..so..

Recap-..Twinkle comes to know that Kunj deliberately scared her and gets cute wala angry..Kunj to ease her..shows her beautiful sunrise.. She smiles.. Kunj and Twinkle after some cute teasing talks had their breakfast made by Chef Kunj Sarna..

So Main bak bak nahi karungi..itna wait karaya hai..toh epi padhlo…I have written a looonnnggg one as a compensation..

(Its still morning)

A Big mansion is shown.. where a man (Kushal tandon) of may be 27 is sitting on couch in his lavish room working on laptop uninterestingly..
“Hay….stop working …enough..”.. He said to the girl in formals..wearing a skinny pencil black skirt just a bit above her knees , a purple shirt…
“.. Not much to do now Jay…”.. The girl said looking at the man (Jay actually)/who was standing irritated… He gave her an angry look..” I meant ..Sir..sorry..”..she corrected.. “..we’ll Have to complete or Malhotra Sir will get angry on you again..”.. She continued..
” Oh God.. C’mon..I am in mood ..don’t talk about Dad now..”..Jay said holding her wrist and pulling her towards him..

“Ooooh…But work”.. The girl said to Jay who untied her bun..
“.. Shut up Scarlet.. Work is never my priority..”.. He said touching her face sensually..
“.. Then what’s your priority?”.. She asked wrapping her arms around his neck..
Jay didn’t replied he just smashed his lips hard on her…He kissed her extremely wildly like a hungry dog…He Bit her lips and she moaned hard..while doing so he was pushing her towards the bed going with her…the reached the edge of the bed..He parted and looked at her with his full of lust eyes.. He in no time opened her skirt..it fell down ..and pushed her on the bed ..
” aah..”..The girl exclaimed before coquettishly opening her shirt’s buttons and then throwing it away…. Jay took off his jacket .. Came to her… sat in front of her…removed all her clothes away and went into her ..he was was biting her front , rubbing and smooching her bare body..and she was rubbing her palms in his hair..
“…Waaaoowww..you are always so amazing..”.. She moaned..
He made her lie on bed ..removed his T-shirt and crashed his body to her bare body…held both her wrists tightly ..pushing them on bed…..and went wildly intimate with her..

The room was filled with hard and heavy moans of Scarlet (the girl)..

After 2 hrs..
(In the same room)
Jay and Scarlet were lying on bed ..Scarlet was lying upon him..covered with blanket.. She was rubbing her palm on his bare chest..Jay was lying keeping his head on his hand and holding her …Scarlet was now kissing his neck when Jay gets a call..
” ya Dad”..he said in a tiring voice..
“..Jay..Dev is getting married.. And you know that ..uske papa aur meri dosti college time se hai..Main chahata hoon ki tum uski marriage attend karne Amritsar vapas jao..”.. (I and his father have always been very good friends.. I want you to depart for Amritsar to attend his marriage).. Said Dev’s Father… (Mr.Malhotra..)

J:..but dad..
M:..I am not asking… You have your flight after 2hrs..that’s final..

He cut the call..

Jay (Thinks):..ohh..Now I’ll have to attend a boring typical Indian marriage.. BUT thanks Dad …I will surely get you s*xydoll..
He smirks..and gets up..
S:..hey..where are you going?
J:..I am not..you are going..
J:..I said ..GO..(he shouted)..
Scarlet tried to gather the blanket to cover herself with a gloomy face…
Jay held the blanket and pulled it..
Went and started smoking..
Scarlet with glassy eyes.. Got up..took her clothes.. Wore them and went..

Next Scene-

At Farmhouse

Twinkle wearing this-

(I really love both of these..and main describe nahi karungi.. Links hi lelo)
She was trying to mix something in the bowl..Kunj came..
Saw her and started coughing..
She kept at look at him at with a W-H-A-T??.. Look..arching her eyebrows..

K:..Pata nahi kyu..tu mujhe cooking karte dikhaayi de rahi hai!..(..I feel I am sick..I am watching that you are cooking!!.. Like seriously!)

T:..Oh hello..I cook really nice..vo toh main zyaada cook nahi karti…(its just I don’t cook much)

K:..oh really??..
T:..yes..tumne vo critters taste liye the naa Jo Maine banaye the..vo best on earth the..( din u tasted those critters which I made?..they were yummy)
K:..mujhe kaise pata..saare tu hi kyaaye jaa rahi thi..tabhi toh main sochu..tu aajkal thodi moti lagne lagi hai..(how would I know?.. You were the one eating them all..Now I know ..why do u look fatty nowadays)

Spoon fell from her hand..she stood shocked. She took some steps back..and looked at herself with glassy eyes..

T:..main..main moti ho gyi!!!..(..I ..I have become fatty?!!!)
She said weeping and muking like a baby..inhaling heavy….

K:..aree..are ..sorry..sorry baba..main mazaak kar raha tha..tujhe pata bhi nahi tera figure kitna hot hai..!!
(..oh..so sorry..I was just kidding.. U don’t even know ..you have such a hot figure)

She stopped at narrowed her gaze..

Kunj realized his words..
K:..acha..tu kar kya Rahi hai…? {Changing the topic)
(What were u doing?)
T:..vo Maine socha naa…kiiiiiii…
T:…ki maa – papa aur uncle aunty ka wedding anniversary cake main banau..and dekh Lena..mera cake best hoga..I am really good in baking cakes..
K:…ohho..best to tab hoga jab koi compete kare..aaivaiyi thode hi koi best ban jaata hai..

He looked at her impishly with his eyebrow arched..as does she..

T:…tum bhi vahi soch rahe ho jo main soch rahi hoon??..
K:..soch le..kahin baat mehengi naa pad jaaye…
T:..Even I warn you Mr..
T&K:..ho jaaye…Main keh deta/deti hoon..main jeetunga/ jeetungi..

Kunj put on his apron… They both took wooden spoons and placed them as swords bringing their faces a bit closer full with cute attitude on their faces.. (Tashane tashane Ishq..plays)..


(Aa bhi jaa mere meherbaan ..by atif aslam plays in BG)

Meri Hi Khatir Bana Hai Tu
Bana Hai Tu
Mujhko Jo Haasil Dua Hai Tu
Dua Hai Tu
Meri Hi Khatir Bana Hai Tu
Bana Hai Tu
Mujhko Jo Haasil Dua Hai Tu
Dua Hai Tu

They hurriedly started gathering things for batter.. Both of their eyes fell on a bowl.. They grabbed it together and started fighting for it pulling it towards themselves..

Tu Raasta Tu Rehguzar
Mere Ishq Ka Hai Pata
Tu Justaju Tu Aarzoo
Dil De Raha Hai Sada

Aa Bhi Ja Mere Mehermaan
Aa Bhi Ja Na Reh Juda
Aa Bhi Ja Mere Mehermaan
Aa Bhi Ja Ohhhh

Twinkle pouted..and made a puppy face..his heart melted a bit resulting in his loose grip…she took the bowl showing him her tongue..he gets miffed and picks up coriander bunch to beat then sees what he picked and starts laughing as does Twinkle…

They had enough of their laugh they took their ingredients and started mixing them in their bowls..while doing so

Twinkle had a look at Kunj ….she was gazing at his nicely built muscles!!!??..his lips..his white cheeks & visible nerves.. She was just looking at him with eyes full of love.. But as Kunj turned towards her she did the most difficult work..that was taking her eyes off him..but caught her doing so and smiled unknowingly..

Twinkle went to take water from refrigerator.. As she took out the water bottle ..she felt two hands encircling her waist slowly… She felt butterflies in her stomach.. She knew it was Kunj..He turned her and came closer to her face and kissed her cheeks making her turn baby pink…

K:..kahan reh gyi Twinkle ..come fast or I will win …

He said smiling , still working and bringing her out of her imagination world…
She realized that she was just imagining all of it and blushed patting her head..she kept the bottle back after drinking water..and came back to slab.. And started pouring the batter in the baking tin..
T (thinks):.. Oh God..Twinkle is tarah ki imagination!!!.. Your brain ..your senses have stopped working.. Tu akhir kya kya sochne lagi hai!!…C’mon..you are not the one…but I really want to be…what???!!!..no no no..don’t think too many of inutiles ..or your brain will stop working vaise bhi tere paas todha hi hai!…oh babaji..main baat bhi usi ki tarah kar rahi hoon…mujhe smbhalo koi..

K:..twinkle.. Concentrate.. Bowl khaali ho chuka hai..kya soch rahi hai..tabse dekh raha hoon..??..zyaada pressure mat daal tera brain handle nahi kar paayega..jaldi kar.. Kanchi aati hi hogi..

He said keeping his cake tins in oven

Twinkle came to senses getting a bit embarrassed..she kept her baking find in the other oven and took out fondant , gum pastes , sugar pastes flower- leaf cutter , Roller pins..and all the cake decorating things..and they both started working.. Twinkle was making red and white roses from gum pastes..but her hair were disturbing her..but her hands were not free..kunj was making something.. He noticed her..

K:..may I help??..

Next scene-

Taneja Mansion..

Le:..Mahi puttar..tainu pata hai Twinkle kahaan hai?

M:..vahi hai jahan hona chahiye.. Kunj ke paas..


M:..are mera matlab office ke kaam se gyi hai..

L:..accha..vaise tainu kuch yaad hai?

M:..kya maa?..aaj kuch special hai kya?

L:..na na puttar kuch nahi..

Leela went out of Mahi’s room..she closed the door..and found someone standing near the balcony door.. She approach it..the person held her wrist and pulled her towards him..

Y:..yes..The Yuvraaj luthra..
M:..pata hai..but tum yahaan kya kar rahe ho..saari preparations ho gyi?
Y:..all done..Kanchi bhi Kunj aur Twinkle ke paas chali gyi..
M:..what??..Tum pagal ho kya?
M:..matlab itni mushkil s etoh dono ko akele time diya taaki dono ko realize ho ki ek doosre se kitna pyaar karte hain..aur tum ho..brainless..
Y:..oh hello.. Sharm nahi aati..apne boyfriend KO koi brainless bolta hai kya..Kanchi zid pakad ke baithi thi..isiliye bheja….vaise are you sure about the fact that they love each other?
M: …Twinkle meri behen hai Yuvraaj.. Bacchi ki tarah hai vo meri…uske Mann main kya hai use pehle main jaan jaati hoon…dil jaanta hai uska ki vo Kunj se kitna pyaar karti hai..par dimaag..baat nahi man raha….and Kunj..uski aankhon main Maine apni bacchi ke liye dher Sara pyaar dekha hai…
Y:..bas meri hi aankon main apne liye pyaar dekhne main itna time lag gya tumhe…
M:..toh kya punish karoge?
Y:..soch toh raha hoon..
M:..fine..punish me..
Y:..fine then kiss me..
Y:..I don’t want talks.. Kiss chahiye…

Mahi grabbed his collars pulled him towards her and smashed her lips on his lip…he happily gave in..
They are now busy in their romance.. Toh ab flashback lelo..all ur confusions will be out


Twinkle , Kunj , Mahi , UV & Kanchi..are sitting on a bed in a circle (after the party at Kunj’s place)

M:.I hope you all remember ki kal maa-papa ki 25th aur uncle- aunty (Mr. & Mrs. Sarna)..ki 27th wedding anniversary hai …
Toh I have a celebration idea..

They discussef their preparation..

K:..but farmhouse ki preparations kaun dekhe ga?
M:..of course tum aur Twinkle…
M:..offo..tum office ke bahane saath reh kar preparations kar sakte ho..its final..baaki kaam main, Kanchi aur Yuvraaj dekhlenge..

Kanchi made a gloomy face as she wanted to be with Kunj but agreed..

All left except Yuhi..
Y:..see my plan worked.. Now they can spend time together..
M:…Ohho..what a brain MY LOVE..
Y:…whh…what did u just said….?…what do u mean?
M:..I mean I LOVE YOU stupid..

Yuvraaj got highly excited.. And hugged her jumping on her ..they both fell on bed
Y:..thank you so much..
M:..Jan koi I love you Bole toh Thanks ki jagah kuch aur kehte hain..
Y:…I love you…I love you …I love you…

He said several times rolling on bed holding her..

–fb ends..

Next scene-

Back to farmhouse-

K:..may I help?
She nodded..
He Tucked her hair behind her ears…but after sometime they again came out..
T:..kunj..mere apron ki pocket main scarf hai..tie it..

K:..yup.. Okay..

He took the scarf came at her back and gathered all her hair.. While doing so his fingers slowly touched her neck… Making her feel snowfall in stomach..she felt giddiness.. He was tieing the scarf.. As he did so..he saw someone standing in front of him…


How was it??
Aaj bak bak nahi karungi.. Okay..bas aap comment kar Dena please…

and Sayoo..abhi ke liye issue zyaada main nahi likh sakti romance.. Itni mushkil se toh epi complete kiya hai..half part translate nahi kiya..sorry..but man nahi tha..bas jaise taise khatm kiya hai..uper se mummy daant rahi hai ki exam chod kar kya kar rahi hai..



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