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Yeh Vaada Raha 9th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 9th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Scene 1:
Location: Kartik’s residence
As all sit tensedly, survi arrives with kartik, and everyone is plesantly surprised. they get tensed though as they didnt see him going out. lata tries to talk and ask, but survi signals her not to. he retires to rest, and leaves, survi stands tensedly. he is about to go, when she stops him. he gets alert. she comes to him, and points to how she wanted to return the bracelet, and reminds him why he gave this to her. he stands boggled. she asks him to keep it with him, for security. she starts untying it, while he watches on. but just then, khushi rushes to keep the diya alight, and survi too. they both prevent it from dousing. meanwhile, kartik takes this oppurtunity to stealthily leave.


Later, at night, survi asks everyone to come,

as its time for arti. As survi alights the diya, she notices someone coming in. it turns out to be kartik’s lover, with her suitcase. she is boggled and asks about her being here. the entire family gathers too. the lady hesitatingly says that kartik called her here. kartik comes and verifies the facts. survi asks how is this possible. he says that her landlord made her vacate the house, and that staying alone and jobless, people try and take advantage. he says that she doesnt have anyone to rely on, and because she saved his life, he decided to repay back the favour, by inviting her. she asks him to atleast have consulte so that she would have sorted a way out. he points out that she is a teacher, and could teach the kids, while she is busy with work. survi stands tensed. the lady starts saying that she feels she shouldnt have come here, as survi didnt like it, and its better that she leaves. she says that she only did what she did for them, out of humanitarian cause, and not for selfish motives. she asks them not to bother, as she shall leave. she turns to go, but he asks her to stop. she turns around, while all are shocked. he denies giving her permission saying that she saved him, and has she not been, he wouldnt have been been and that he could have done this atleast. they smirk at their drama. lata doesnt like this one bit, and signals the same to survi, who is herself boggled. she is tensed but resignedly complies.

Later, while she is working in the kitchen, kartik and the lady take the time, to canoodle each other, unaware that she is progressing to his room. they romance as to how they have been desperately waiting for each other. he continues to suggestively lead her on. he gives her a chain, and she asks if its bought or stolen. he says that its stolen. she is amused to hear that. as she opens the door, Survi is expected to find them both indulging in romance and is shocked. but they maintain their distance, and talk formally, while survi hesitantly gives her water. she asks him to come aside, for some urgent talks. he tells kalindi that he shall be back soon.

In their room, kartik tries to tell survi that he knows he did wrong, but he had no other option. survi says that she wont talk to him on this, and its true she is hurt, but not because she is staying here, but because he didnt bother to tell her even before enacting, and that she doesnt forget anything. she takes him to the drawing room, where khushi starts fidgeting around with stuff. they are all shocked. As the sketch artists finishes her job, he shows it to kartik, and he immediately says that its an old woman. meanwhle kartik nudges and winks at kalindi, that their celebration shall be a blast. she goes and asks the woman too.

survi asks if she remembers the person, whose shadow was seen in the video. he nods. she introduces him to the sketch artist and asks him to help them. survi says that this shall enable to nab down the culprit. survi pesters him to speak up, in a loving manner, so that the sketch artist can start. all wait in anticipation. kalindi is shell shocked and aghast.

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