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Yeh Vaada Raha 23rd September 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 23rd September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Scene 1:
Location: Kartik’s residence
Khushi prays to the lord to save lata, while tai asks them not to be smart, or else he kills lata. kishore and hema put their hands up, while continuously signals khushi. they wait for the right time, and ultimately manage to supercede them, as khushi takes a burning log of wood from the kund, and progresses towards tai. as kishore beats pyare, khushi is in full mood to punish tai, as she didnt want well for lata. kishore meanwhile finds the network jammer, and unplugs it, and calls the police. khushi tells tai, in disguise, that the police shall take them away soon. tai thinks that she cant afford it at all. she throws khushi and she gets hrut. they rush to her. tai along with her accomplices rushes out the house. Later, lata asks her not

to bother so much. hema points out how she is exactly like survi, who cant bear anything on the family. the inspector assures kishore that soon they shall nab them,and salutes khushi for her bravery. khushi remembers the bracelet in tai’s hands.

Scene 2:
Location: Temple
Krishna hands the lady the baby and asks her to take it to the father, but dont leave him here like this. survi is apalled. the lady expresses her helplessness. vikram and kartik hear on. the lady starts her emotional rant, of her poverty and the lord deciding the fate. krishna asks survi for money and she readily gives him. he gives the same to the lady, for the care, and then gives his card to give financial aid, whenever she needs. she blesses them galore, as messenger of God’s and leaves, naming the child kartik, after what he did. krishna is taken aback. survi denies and says that she should name her child as krishna not kartik. krishna is taken aback while the lady is boggled. he denies, but she vehemently assures that she is sure that he is krishna. the lady complies and leaves. vikram tells kartik that krishna shouldnt know that he is alive. survi collapses on her knees and folds her hands. Survi narrates the truth to krishna, and then apologises to her on behalf of lata, for the mistake that she made 30years, and also asks him to accept them as family. krishna is aghast and overwhelmed to hear this. kartik gets emotional too. krishna asks how did she find out. survi says that she knows every move of kartik’s and knew him that he isnt kartik, and hence came here to tell the truth. she narrates the entire plan of tai, and how he fell prey and asks him not to fight against his own family, as the money, the motive which brought him in this plan, is his only. he denies that this cant be. she asks why, as she could have had him arrested long back. when she tells everthing, both the brothers and survi get emotional.she also talks about lata’s torment, torture and the pain she goes through every single day, and justifies why she did what she had to. he is overwhelmed to have had a family. she talks that both the brother’s birthday, it is today, and asks him to come along home, not as kartik, but as krishna, the lost son, brother, uncle and other relations. he gets tensed and says that this isnt easy. kartik is disappointed. krishna rushes out. vikram rushes after him. but by then, krishna gets in the car and drives off. vikram is irritated at kartik for holding him back, as they let a criminal go. she comes and says that he was but he isnt anymore. after so many years, he got his family back, and he just got a little taken aback, at finding out about his family after so llong. kartik places his hand in hers, and thanks her. she asks him to thank the lord. he complies and they both pray and hug each other.

Scene 3:
Location: Kartik’s residence
survi comes back to find khushi hurt. she asks hurriedly whats the matter. hema narrates everything, and survi is shocked as she hears it all. she comes and hugs khushi and asks if she wasnt scared. she denies and says that she had to step up, as her family was in danger, as taught by her. survi smiles through tears. Lata asks her not to tell kartik. survi asks if he is home. lata says that he went with her. survi thinks this means krishna hasnt returned yet. she gives an excuse and then leaves while khushi and lata excitedly get to arrangements and preparations.

Scene 4:
Location: Kartik’s new residence
survi comes and tells kartik and vikram, that this is the truth that he hasnt returned. kartik says that he is sure that krishna didnt do it, and tai is behind this. survi thinks that she doesnt understand why tai is doing this. vikram is vehement that krishna is behind this, and they shouldnt trust him so much. kartik asks how can he be accused, as he hasnt even returned back. vikram lashes and reprimands them for believing a criminal. she denies. he then gives an idea, that if he succeeds, then they shall comply, but if he doesnt, then he shall comply. he narrates the plan and survi tells him that if this is the price she needs to pay, then so be it.

Scene 5:
Location: Kartik’s residence
In the outhouse, tai and pyare discuss that they shall teach everyone a lesson once everything gets in her name. she is tensed that krishna’s blood relation might surface anytime. she also vents out her frustration at khushi, just how survi has been a pain in the a*s. he too fumes at her. she decides to teach kushi a lesson first, and then deal with lata. she says that as far as the secret is concerned, she shall see that it doesnt come out too. the inspector comes yet again and assures them that they shall nab them soon. pyare and tai come along with kalindi. kishore tells everyone that he knew tai and these people were behind this. they hear tensedly. he shows pyare limping to affirm the stance. pyare vehemently denies. tai asks them not to say anything, as their justifications arent needed. a verbal scuffle ensues. tai too fghts with survi. kishore reminds that if he tries to act smart, pyare shall have to pay. the car honks, and hema tells them that kartik has come, and now he shall decide. tai stands tensedly, along with others. the screen freezes on survi’s tensed face.

Precap: Lata prays to the lord, that after years, she feels that her son shall be found, and begs him not to disappoint her. meanwhile krishna arrives at kartik’s doorsteps, while they are emotionally overwhelmed to see him. both the brothers progress towards each other, and hug, as they cry ther hearts out, at such a happy reunion.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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